Who Is James Anastasio From Staten Island NY? Fans Arrested In Assault Charges During Rangers Game

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A fan from New York Rangers sucker-punched a fan from Tampa after a Game 5 Loss. The Internet is buzzing about the fan whose name is disclosed to be James Anastasio from Staten Island. 

Tampa Lightning scored twice in the last five minutes, which sealed their victory with 3-1 over the NY Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Tampa was able to take the lead of 3-2 on the scoreboard of the Eastern Conference final series. 

The game was close between Tampa and New York Rangers as both of them were in the score of 1-1 with each other, but Tampa Bay's players were able to make the last two goals just under the last five minutes, which brought disappointment to NY Ranger's fans. 

Who Is James Anastasio From Staten Island NY? 

James Anastasio is New York Rangers fan who faced a disappointing loss after his team lost the game with Tampa. James was verbally arguing with NY Rangers fan when their argument escalated, and the NY fan sucker-punched a Tampa fan. 

After the punch, the Tampa fan was knocked out and unresponsive to the people trying to wake him up. Also, his assailant calmly walked out towards the stadium exit without a care in his mind. 

Likewise, a witness tried to stop the assailant, but he assaulted the witness and moved towards existence. The whole altercation was recorded on a smartphone, and the individual shared the video on Twitter. The video has more than 1.5 million views as well. 

Nonetheless, he was identified, and James was arrested on Staten Island while he was still at MSG. Cops arrested the assailant but denied the charges; thus, he is still in due process for his crimes. 

Assault Charges During Rangers Game, Is He In Jail?

James was arrested in Madison Square Garden and thus was charged with assault by the police department, and he was taken into custody. Should the prompt bail not be organized, then Anastasio will likely remain in the police jail for the weekend. 

NY Ranger's goalie saving the attack from Tampa Bay's striker.
NY Ranger's goalie saving the attack from Tampa Bay's striker.

Moreover, James had shown his pent-up anger by punching the rival team's fan and knocking him out in the cold. He was chased and asked to stop by various NY fans due to his assault towards 

Moreover, the 29-year-old is taken into custody; the fan of NY Rangers was responsible for two assaults where he has evaded the law but was caught by the authorities within MSG.