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Where Is Jelena Dokic Boyfriend Tin Bikic Today? Recent Instagram Post Indicating Anxiety In The Tennis Champ

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Jelena Dokic is a former expert tennis player, tennis trainer, reporter, and writer from Australia. 

In August 2002, she was ranked No. 4 as a tennis player. Throughout her career, she won WTA Tour events on all surfaces.

Dokie's fans were concerned when she disappeared from her social media accounts for an extended period. After returning to the stage, she surprised her fans with shocking news about her long-time relationship with Tin Bikic.

Where Is Jelena Dokic Boyfriend Tin Bikic Today? 

Tin Bikic was the boyfriend of Jelena Dokic. After nearly 19 years together, Jelena Dokic openly revealed her separation from long-term partner Tin Bikic in a close-to-home Instagram post.

The former World No. 4 tennis player met Tin in their twenties and had a long-distance romance for years.


Before the couple settled in Melbourne with the hopes of marrying and having children, they went on numerous vacations throughout Australia and Serbia, Tin's home country.

Tin Bikic is living his own life right now. Although there is not much information regarding what he is currently doing, he must be living his own life separately. It must've been hard to live all by oneself after 19 years of a relationship. 

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Tin Bikic Wikipedia & Nationality

Tin Bikic doesn't have a Wikipedia page. Similarly, he has yet to discover his calling. Therefore we have no idea what kind of employment he does to make ends meet.

Tin Bikic is also originally from Serbia and is a Serbian by nationality. Regarding his relationship, he has been with his ex-girlfriend, Jelena, for 19 years. As of yet, two or three have not discovered any new information concerning their marriage or children.

He became truly popular when he got into a long-distance romance with tennis legend Jelena Dokie. When they were in their twenties, the two started dating.

Tin Bikic Age: How Old is Tim Bikic?

Tin Dokic appears to be in his 40s or 45s at the moment. For the time being, his exact birthdate and month are kept private. He seems to keep his personal life confidential.


Tin Dokic is now unavailable on Instagram. After that, we couldn't find his profile on other social networking sites. Dokic appears to have maintained a low profile and kept his personal life hidden from the public.

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