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Who Are Jena Frumes Parents Mickey Frumes And Jayne Mansfield? Meet Jason Derulo's Ex Family

Jena Frumes is a stunning model.
Source : instagram

Jena Frumes is a fitness personality, gorgeous model, and social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram.

Jena's success on social media has led to her involvement in television shows and made-for-TV movies.

Meet Jena Frumes Parents: Mickey Frumes & Jayne Mansfield

Jena Frumes was born in Union Beach, New Jersey, to Mickey Frumes and Jayne Mansfield. She grew up in a strict family, and both of her parents, Mickey and Jayne, initially rejected her career as a model and in show business.

Jena's mother, Jayne, is an entrepreneur who spends most of her time at work. Jayne is also an active grandmother to Frumes' only child. Mickey Jen's father is a successful businessman based in the United States.


Her parents' behavior and attitude left a significant imprint on her ability to be a loving mother to his son.

Because of her glamour, good physical body, and expressive appearance, she is hired as a sexy model by every high-end brand. Frumes had to persuade her parents to support her career choice because her parents are pretty conservative in that regard.

The stunning model hasn't revealed much about her parents in the media yet. She prefers to keep the information to herself for the time being.

Frumes' parents may now be pleased with Frumes' modeling career after witnessing her success, and they may also be proud of her.

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What Is Jena Frumes Ethnicity? Her Nationality

Jena Frumes is of mixed race. Jena's family is of French, Native American, and African descent. Frumes was born in New Jersey, USA, and is a US citizen.

Looking into her social media posts, Jena is very concerned about the environment, for a good reason. Jena enjoys posing for photos with animals.


The model is a huge fan of nature, and one of her most popular tweets on Twitter is a plea to people to reduce their use of plastic products, as they may end up harming the seas.

Even as a child, Jena has always wanted to be an actress and model. Frumes decided to follow her dreams and is now very successful in her social media fame and modeling appearances.

But Frumes also wanted to be an actual professional model, so she created a portfolio and began visiting various modeling agencies in the hopes of starting a career. It allowed Jena to endorse numerous products and brands from these agencies, transforming her into a modeling expert.

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Info On Jena Frumes Family 

Jena Frumes had a relationship with Jason Derulo. In August, Jason told People magazine that he and Jena met at the gym just before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Soon after, the two began dating, and Jena has been a regular feature on Jason's Instagram and TikTok, where he has nearly 50 million followers.

On May 8, 2021, the couple welcomed a baby boy named Jason King. Derulo and Frumes have called it quits four months after welcoming their first child together.

In July, Jena shared a heartfelt update about their relationship and family on Instagram.

"We have everything when we have each other," she wrote. "Baby boy is now two months old... He's the best, most smiley, squirmy, happy baby ever, and he loves spending time outside. We're completely in love with him."

Frumes has one younger sister, but she hasn't revealed anything about her siblings to the public yet.

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