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Jet Tila Siblings and Parents Have Thai Immigrants Roots

Jet Tila showing off his Tattoo on national Tattoo day
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Jet Tila siblings and parents have Thai immigrant roots. Jet Tila family consists of his wife Allison and two children.

The celebrity chef and Food Network personality has a strong industry foundation and is well-established in the sort of art he is most passionate about telling stories with food.

His culinary expertise is extensive, and the Royal Thai Consul-General has appointed him the first Culinary Ambassador of Thai Cuisine.

Tila's extensive television career includes becoming the new floor reporter on Iron Chef America, Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Beat Bobby Flay, Guy's Grocery Games, and the Today Show, in addition to a long list of honors and accomplishments.

In addition, he hosts the Ready Jet Cook program on Food Network and is a past recipient of the Mayor of Los Angeles' annual Dream of Los Angeles Award.

Jet Tila Sibling Mike Tila Is A Police Officer

Jet Tila sibling Mike Tila is a policeman who works for the LAPD. Jet is the culinary ambassador in Thailand.

He posted a picture of himself and his LAPD-employed brother on Twitter in 2016. He captioned the image, "One brother makes a difference and the other creates Pad Thai."

After introducing a new series with Ben & Jerry's, renowned for being outspoken about their stance on law enforcement in the United States, he became embroiled in a debate with many of his devoted fans. Fans of Tila were perplexed by the fact that his brother works as a police officer.

The brothers during a LAPD function with their wife
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Many of Tila's admirers have expressed amusement over the fact that he comes from a family of police enforcement, something he has previously shared on Facebook with pride.

The Tila family is incredibly supportive of one another and posts about each other's accomplishments on social media.

His Parents Are Thai Immigrant

Jet Tila parents are Pramorte Tila and Mary Tila. His family roots back in the island province of Hainan in southern China.

Two of these strangers from Thailand came to Southern California in 1966 eventually crossed paths and had a kid named Jet. His parents immigrated to America in the 1960s when there was a considerable amount of Thai people immigration happening.

Tila, who prefers to go by his last name of Tilakamonkul, struggled to possess his parents' ambition, who were first-generation immigrants.

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As a result of his inability to concentrate in class, he left high school in his final year and obtained a GED. After that, he floated around for a while, working odd jobs like a security guard, alarm installer, and deckhand for fishing excursions.

His profession as a chef may be attributed to his family and their line of work. After finding it difficult to locate products from their own country a few years after relocating to the U.S., Tila's parents decided to create a genuine Thai grocery store.

Tila's parents arrived in Los Angeles separately in the 1960s as part of the first sizable wave of immigrants from Southeast Asia into the country. His family would open Hollywood's first Thai food market, Bangkok Market, in 1972.

The business served as a much-needed hub for the young community. After that, Tila would labor there for years, sweeping the floors, boxing groceries, and operating the band saw for the butcher.

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Jet Tila family opened what is regarded to be West Los Angeles's first Thai restaurant less than ten years after opening the store.

The Royal Thai Cuisine restaurant was erected at Pico Boulevard and Overland Avenue to draw wealthy Americans, including the personnel of the nearby 21st Century Fox studios.

Jet Tila And Allison Tila Are Both Chef

Jet Tila married Allison Tila who is a pastry chef and Television host. Jet and Allison both share a passion for food.

Since 2011, the couple has been wed to chef Jet. On their anniversary this year, her husband shared photos from their wedding day on his Instagram. In the comments, their admirers wished them a happy anniversary.

Jet talked to Long Island Weekly about how they met and how cuisine brought them together. They first connected while he was giving cooking lessons more than ten years ago, and they haven't stopped since. We are educators and cooks, and this book combines our two loves," he continued.

He and his wife during their wedding photoshoot
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They work collaboratively and have a shared love of food. While preparing custard from a Mickey Mouse cookbook when she was seven, Allison developed a love for cooking.

She assists her husband in running their vast culinary company thanks to her extensive industry experience. Together, they co-own and run eateries in Dallas and Los Angeles, a profitable culinary consulting company, and a nationwide fast-casual brand.

Allison Is A Media Personality 

Like her spouse, Allison is a media personality. Her famous chef-partner is a regular on Food Network and has appeared on shows including Guy's Grocery Game, Chopped, and Beat Bobby Flay.

She also served as one of the judges for the most recent Ben & Jerry's: Clash of the Cones cooking competition on the Food Network. Charles Rivard and Jet served as the joint judges.

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In addition, she and her spouse have produced the popular live-streaming series #EatLikeaPro, which instructs viewers on how to order and consume food in ethnic restaurants. She is one of the authors of 101 Epic Dishes: Recipes That Show You How to Improve on the Classics. It is the first book that she and her husband co-wrote.

After their fans began to want one after following them on social media for years and watching them cook, they made the decision to create a book together. They explained to Long Island Weekly how their skill sets are complementary.

Jet And Allison Have Two Kids

On Father's Day, Allison wished her father a happy day on Instagram with a photo of them with children Amaya and Ren. He has two kids and is a well-known author and chef.

They make wonderful parents, and their kids are fortunate to have two chefs living in the same home. When preparing meals for their children, their parents occasionally compete with one another to see whose cuisine the children prefer.

Jet Tila children love being around their parents as they cook very delicious meals for them. They also have fond of helping their parents with little things while they cook together.

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Their Daughter Is Amaya

The couple's firstborn child is Amaya. On November 17, 2017, they formally welcomed her into the world. She is six years old now and is attending school with her brother.

When she and her family are on vacation, she is frequently pictured with her parents on their social media accounts.

They Have A Son Named Ren

The couple welcomed their daughter shortly after giving birth to their son on June 16, 2018. Ren Tila is his name. He occasionally appears in his parents' social media posts or videos.