Untold Truths About Former World No 5 Tennis Player Jo Durie's Love Life

Jo Durie is one of the most recognized female tennis player ( Source : Thetimes )

Jo Durie is a former world No. 5 tennis player from the United Kingdom. 

At a time when women were hardly involved in athletics, she was the only British woman to reach to the semifinals of a Grand Slam competition.

The tennis pro had established a worldwide reputation before she had to quit the beautiful game due to ongoing injuries. Additionally, the public is continually ready to learn everything there is to know about her because of her legacy.

She is a massive supporter of Football along with Tennis. We can see her celebrating England's Women's Euro win.

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Jo Durie Partner- Did The Former Tennis Player Ever Get Married To Anyone?

The legacy of Jo Durie has led to many speculations among the fans. After she denied revealing her romantic life during her career and retirement, her followers became impatient and started to dig out any possible details.

Anyone could believe that she might be a lesbian in secret, given her single status and the absence of a male in her life. This assertion, however, cannot be supported because the former athlete has never referred to a female partner.

On the other hand, she has also never refuted it. Anything is thus feasible.

More Speculation Rises about Jo's Relationship
More Speculation Rises about Jo's Relationship ( Source : Scotsman )

In all reality, it is impossible to rule out the chance that she has a secret male or female partner, husband, or both. Unfortunately, the athlete has been silent on the subject, so we can only assume her marital status.

Her social media accounts are all filled with various sports and her job.

Jo Durie Relation With Duncan Norvelle And Bob Champion From Pointless Celebrities

Jo Durie, Duncan Norvelle, and Bob Champions were part of the famous Tv show Pointless Celebrities. The 1980s aired in October 2019.

Ducan stole the show with his humor and mispronounced answer. Jo and Ducan were not much affiliated with each other as she did with Bob, who was on the same team.

On Pointless Celebrities: In the 1980s, Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman hosted many celebrities.

Jo Durie and Bob Champion partner in Pointless Celebrities 2019
Jo Durie and Bob Champion partner in Pointless Celebrities 2019 ( Source : Express )

However, some viewers weren't happy when comedian Duncan Norvelle was informed that he had given a wrong answer in the first round of the BBC quiz show since they believed he had just mispronounced the correct name and deserved to move on to the next round.

Bob and Jo made a pretty good run, too. They both belonged to sports backgrounds, Bob being a former Jockey player.

Besides this, she does not share any relationships with any of the celebrities.

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