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Joel Justus And His Wife Hannah Brown Justus Are Expecting Baby Daughter In 2023

Joel and Hannah celebrating Christmas in Corbin, Kentucky on December 26, 2022
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Joel Justus wife Hannah Brown Justus got married to the basketball coach on May 2022. Joel is expecting a baby girl in February 2023.

Hannah teaches yoga and loves to keep fit by practicing various yoga poses and fitness activities. Joel is currently an Assistant Coach of Men's Basketball at North Carolina State University.

Joel was born on November 29, 1981, in North Carolina, United States, to John Justus and Mary Ann Justus. Mary was an administrative assistant for men's and women's basketball at Wake Forest Institution. His father was a Demon Deacons' sports information director.

He also has experience working as an assistant coach at various Universities like Arizona State University, the University of Kentucky, and Elon University. 

Joel was also the Head Boys' Basketball Coach at Davidson Day School. Before working at Davidson, he was also an assistant director of admissions and head boys, a basketball coach at Woodberry Forest School.

Joel And Hannah Married Life

Joel and Hannah seem to be dating since 2017. Hannah is originally from Corbin, Kentucky and the couple first met in the same city. 

Joel and Hannah during their wedding photoshoot in Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale
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Joel posted a beautiful picture on his Twitter @CoachJustusNCSU on August 12, 2021, expressing his love for his then-girlfriend Hannah. Similarly, she posted some pictures including the one flaunting her diamond ring with Joel on her Instagram.

The Justus couple's wedding took place in Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale.

Joel could not be happier as he is becoming a dad soon after his marriage.

Joel was previously married to Emily Chesney Justus and has a son named Deacon with her. Emily is currently a Vice president at Reine Digital and Consulting. She can be found on Instagram as @emilyjustus. 

Joel And Hannah Are Expecting Baby On February

The baby girl is expected to be born soon, in February 2023, as Hannah is in her third trimester.

The couple shared a post on Instagram on August 17, 2022, announcing Hannah's pregnancy. 

The Justus couple revealed the news that they are expecting baby after 3 months of pregnancy on August 2022.
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Joel's first son Deacon Archer Justus was born on April 10, 2013. Deacon is also close to Hannah and enjoys playing with the pet dog.

On December 26, 2022, the Justus couple celebrated Christmas in Corbin, Kentucky, and posted pictures celebrating Christmas on Instagram.

Hannah Is A Yoga Instructor

Hannah is a professional yoga instructor at Creative Yoga, Lexington, Kentucky. 

Yoga instructors Hannah and her mother Penny doing yoga pose
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Practicing as well as teaching yoga is a part of her healthy lifestyle. She posts pictures on her Instagram practicing various yoga poses and can be found on her Instagram as @hanbrown.

Hannah's mother, Penny Brown, is also a yoga instructor. Meanwhile, her father is a lawyer with offices in Corbin and Colorado. 

Hannah is living a happy life with her husband Joel. Every year on the 18th of September, she celebrates her birthday. On September 18, 2019, she posted a picture celebrating her 28th birthday.