John Mosley From Last Chance U Is Now Coaching East Los Angeles College

ELCA coach John is appearing in his second season of Last Chance U: Basketball.
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John Mosley is now coaching the East Los Angeles College basketball team. Mosley became a household name after his story in Last Chance U.

He has been the head coach of the Huskies since 2012-13 seasons and has managed the team for over a decade as of 2022. In addition, he gained a lot of fame after his outstanding role in the famous series Last Chance U: Basketball.

Despite his fame in the reel life, he had not quit his role in real life. He is one of the most successful managers in State basketball. But as the series' new season comes, the Huskies fans are worried if the talented coach will still lead the team to another successful season.

Where Is John Mosley From Last Chance U Now?

John Mosley has been successful in Last Chance U for his excellent performance. Moreover, he is still the coach of East Los Angeles College.

However, John's success in the sitcom questions his role as the coach at East Los Angeles College. He has one of the best win ratios in state-level basketball, with a record of 214-55, leading them to nine straight play-offs. It was and still is one of the college's best accomplishments.

The basketball coach has not updated his Instagram bio, which states he is the Men's Basketball Coach at East Los Angeles College. He has uploaded many posts of the trailer and teaser of the new season of the drama. This means he values both of his works and is working hard to succeed.

The Men's Basketball page on the ELAC Athletics website features Mosley still serving as the team's head coach and also includes the motto "Once a Husky, always a Husky."  

It was unclear whether Coach Mosley would continue to lead the ELAC Huskies, but it has been made clear that he will do so for the 2022–2023 campaign. Therefore, he will enter the team for the 2022-23 season, which might be more successful than his previous seasons at the team.

Coach John enjoying the end of 2021-22 season with his squad.
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Despite the success of ELAC now, many people were shocked when he accepted the position as the coach in the college in 2012, asking why anyone would take the task of managing the team. 

Mosley has overcome the critics' doubts, as seen by the Huskies' impressive performance under his leadership. Indeed, it appears like Coach Mosley, and his team will probably pick up even more victories this year.

Who Is Coach John Mosley?

John Mosley is initially from California and currently lives in Los Angels. He has been in his hometown for most of his life.

At age 47, Mosley celebrates his birthday on June 9 every year.

 The coach is married to La Shaunda Mosley. The couple exchanged vows and tied the knot on July 15, 2001, and has been together for more than two decades.

John Moshley exchanged the vow and tied the knot with on July 15, 2001.
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The couple's three children are Jackson, Moriah, and Leah Mosley, who are married to LaShaunda Pierce Mosley.

His Personal Life

Leah has picked a different sport to excel at than her siblings. She plays baseball for So Cal Choppers-Fausett and is a committed player. 

Moriah follows in her father's footsteps and plays basketball. Moriah Mosley plays basketball for the Verdugo Hills High School team as a junior and will graduate in 2024.

John with his wife and three children, Jackson, Moriah and Leah.
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Her squad won the 2021–2022 Division II Basketball Champions championship in the Californian city of Los Angeles in February 2022. She is coached by Kevin James Peterson Henry, and the 2022–2023 season will undoubtedly bring her further recognition.

Moreover, his son, Jackson, also plays basketball at the college level. Jackson attends St. Francis High School in La Canada Flintridge, California, where he plays basketball for the school team and aims to succeed as a senior.

John Mosley Career On And Off The Court

John Mosley has made an incredible career as one of the best college basketball coaches. He also has his share of success outside the court.

According to his LinkedIn profile, He is currently the Head Coach of Men's Basketball at East Los Angeles College. He has gathered an experience of over ten years starting from July 2016. He has also worked as Kinesiology Instructor at the same institute and handled the Director- Male Leadership role, designed to facilitate the successful transition of Male students to ELAC.

According to thesun, Mosley spent five years as an assistant basketball coach at California State before taking the ELAC job. Earlier in his career, he also worked in marketing and taught kinesiology.

John Mosley has been coaching ELAC for the last ten years.
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He has also worked as Career Coach-Career Gameplan Advisor at Athletes to Business, a privately owned company dedicated to coaching, counseling, and placing highly talented student-athletes into the corporate world.

He has worked for two other universities, including California State University, Bakersfield, and the Master's University as assistant men's coach and Kinesiology Instructor.

John has made a promising career outside the court as well. He is a famous actor who has played the coach role in two seasons of the series named Last Chance U: Basketball.