What Illness Was John Visentin Suffering With And How Did He Die? Xerox CEO Passed Away At 59

Xerox's CEO, John Visentin, dies at age 59. ( Source : Twitter )

CEO John Visentin unexpectedly died at the age of 59, according to a statement issued by Xerox Holdings Corp on 30 June.

At a period when there was a decline in the market for printed papers and ink, John Visentin served as the business's chief executive and guided the photocopying and technology company through a turbulent phase.

Before that, Icahn had also recruited him as a consultant to aid in his campaign against Xerox, when he pressed the corporation to consider strategic alternatives.

What Illness Did John Visentin Have? Xerox CEO Dies At 59

Mr. Visentin, who took over as CEO in May 2018 and served as vice chairman, passed away after complications from an extended illness.

A Xerox official declined to comment on the specifics of that sickness or if Mr. Visentin informed the business of it.

Announcing that Steve Bandrowczak, president and chief operating officer, will serve as temporary CEO, the company described Visentin's passing as unexpected.

Mr. Bandrowczak released a statement that read, "John's vision was clear, and the Xerox team will continue realizing it - not only deliver on our promises to our shareholders, customers, and partners but also to pursue John's legacy."

He was a passionate and innovative person who had a strong link with everyone; thus his untimely passing stunned everyone.

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John Visentin Net Worth & Career Earnings

At the time of his passing, John Visentin had a net worth of $25.2 million, which he acquired from his work as CEO and other pursuits.

As per his LinkedIn page, he started his work at IBM after graduating from Concordia University in Montreal. He remained there for more than 20 years before switching to HP.

Visentin's salary was nearly $12,418,877. Before holding the top job at Xerox, Mr. Visentin had a strong background in both business and technology.

He served as the chairman's advisor at the automation company Exela Technologies. Furthermore, he worked as an operating partner with the private equity company Advent International.

John was also associated with Apollo Global Management LLC as an advisor. Also, he served at L2 Think Tankas a member of the Advisory Board.

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Updates On John Visentin Wife & Married Life 

It was said that Xerox's CEO John Visentin was married. Additionally, he had five daughters. But up until now, his wife's identity has remained a secret.

Mrs. Visentin has been incredibly committed to him and has never left his side, no matter what.

John's family is going through some difficulties as a result of his passing. His loved ones and friends are paying him respect on social media.

He will always be remembered as a kind, sympathetic, and generous man. In this trying time, his supporters are sending their condolences to the mourning family and praying God to grant the deceased's soul peaceful rest.

John Visentin Weight Loss Due To Sickness

John Visentin had recently experienced a massive weight loss. It must be related to his prolonged struggle with an unidentified sickness.

His followers were worried for him since they noticed him having a significant weight drop. Sadly, he is no more with us.

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