Who Is Josef Schuetz? Wikipedia Bio Of 101 Year Old Nazi Prison Guard Arrested For Murder Assist

Josef Schuetz has always kept his face covered while appearing in the trial. ( Source : Ndtv )

Germany has sentenced a 101 year Nazi camp guard to jail for five years. He worked for a concentration camp in World War II. 

Josef Schuetz, 101 years old, is the oldest to be convicted. He is a Nazi war criminal from the Second World War. Although the suspect insisted he had done nothing, the German court sentenced him to jail. 

The case was opened in October last year. He was found guilty of serving in the concentration camp near Berling from 1942 to 1945. In addition, he was found guilty of his involvement in the mass murder as the prison guard. 

Who Is Josef Schuetz? Wikipedia Bio Of 101-Year Old Nazi Prison Guard

Josef Schuetz is the pensioner and the oldest person to go on a trial as he got accounted for the Nazi war crimes.

Although the aged war criminal denied working as an SS guard at the Oraneienburg-based notorious camp, the German court sentenced him to five years in jail. 

The old lad said he was aware of all the horrific acts inside the camp. However, while appearing in the court, he also said, "I don't know why I am here," as reported by The Times.


He is convicted as an accessory to the murder of the prisoners at the WW2 camp of North of Berlin. 3158 captives were massacred. But because of his age, he is very unlikely to serve time in prison. He was found guilty of working as a prison guard at the Sachsenhausen camp. 

Additionally, more than 200,00 people were detained, including Jews, opponents regime, Roma, and even gay people, from 1936 until 1945. 

His name was stated in several official records, which acted as evidence of his involvement. However, he has continuously told his attorney that he has never visited a Sachsenhausen camp. 

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Why Is Josef Schuetz Arrested? 

Josef is now the oldest person to face the trial for Nazis crimes. He got arrested at age 101, and the German court sentenced him to five years in jail, as per the news on Tuesday. 

However, because of his age, he might be very unlikely to be jailed. But according to Daily Mail, he will go through some physical tests, which would then assure if he will get prisoned or not. He was Lithuanian-born and currently lives in Brandenburg state. 

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Who Are Josef Schuetz Family And Kids? 

Netizens are searching more on the Schuetz family and kids, but there is no proper detail on the web. As mentioned by some sources, his mother, father, and siblings' details were found in the Central Immigration Office date 1941.

Nevertheless, a few generations of war criminals might have already been born. They might not like what he is going through at this age. He must have siblings, who are all expected to be either dead or at very old age.

More into his family, no one has yet stepped up and spoken in the media as of now. People are very eager to learn more about the former Nazi guard family. But with all the evidence, the German court has already announced five years in prison.