Julianna Pena Boyfriend Luis Alejandre Is A Jiu Jitsu Trainer

MMA fighter Julianna Pena and Luis Alejandre are dating and share a child.
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Julianna Pena is dating boyfriend Luis Alejandre who is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trainer. Pena and Alejandre share a daughter named Issa Cruz.

The former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion proudly represents herself as an accomplished mommy in the octagon.

She faced much backlash in 2021 for calling herself a 'mom champ' since she gave 'birth' to her daughter, contrary to her LGBT femme opponent Amanda Nunes, who became a mother after her wife gave birth.

Despite the incident, Pena continues to cherish her motherhood.

Julianna Pena Relationship and Married Life

Known as the Venezuelan Vixen, Pena is in a relationship with Alejandre, an MMA trainer.

Julianna Pena and Luis Alejandre are yet to get married.

After a losing rematch against Amanda for the UFC Women's Bantamweight title at UFC 277, she is currently out of fighting and training for another comeback. 

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old is busy with her duty as an English language announcer on DAZN's Combate Americas'.

Thus, she has yet to consider marrying and leading a balanced married life. She will soon come back at the octagon fighting for a winning result.

MMA fighter Julianna has remained out of marital duties while she enjoying her motherhood.
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Julianna Pena Boyfriend

The UFC fighter Julianna Pena's boyfriend Alejandre is also an MMA trainer.

She has tried her best to keep her love life under wraps.

Pena has dedicated her life to her days as a parent, aside from fulfilling her work requirements on the UFC cage and TV.

Likewise, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt's social media handles, including her Facebook and Instagram, only features snaps from her work sites and memorable moments with her family.

Who Is Luis Alejandre?

Julianna's baby daddy is the BJJ Blackbelt Luis Alejandre, the owner of Stronghold Jiu-Jitsu Academy.
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BJJ Professor Luis Alejandre is a Jitsu fighter and training instructor from Brazil.

Alejandre is the father of Pena's daughter and a partner of the fellow fighter. He owns Stronghold Jiu-Jitsu Academy, located at Nashville Ave, Chicago, Illinois.

The school aims to teach martial arts specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to everyone, including adults, police, and kids and also provides women's self-defense and Judo classes.

The idea of starting the academy came to his mind when Isabella was born to bond and share his passion for Jiu-Jitsu with the little one, on top of teaching her self-defense.

Alejandre also provides classes as he has been a BJJ veteran since he was nineteen, having learned the art from his master Adem Redzovic, a student of Eddie Redzovic.

The Redzovics' BJJ lineage traces back to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's famed and primary developers, Grandmaster Carlos Gracie Sr.

Alejandre and Issa celebrated  the 2021 Valentine's Day with a formal dinner outside their home.
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Luis received his Blackbelt in November 2016 and his first degree in November 2019, having trained in Brazil, Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.

He then provided his knowledge as a head defensive tactics instructor for numerous police agencies, the 100 Club, and the United States Army.

Apart from his vast martial art mastery, Prof. Luis is a loving father to Issa and supportive of Pena.

Julianna Pena Daughter

Pens and Alejandre co-parent their lovely daughter, Isabella Alejandre, also known as Boss Baby.

Issa was born in January 2018, and as Stronghold Academy confirms, she was raised on mats since she was just a few months old.

Interestingly, the four-year-old owns the martial arts school with her papa and trains under him, having started her Jiu-Jitsu journey at two.

It all started when the two-year-old had asked her dad if she wanted to wear a Gi too. Thus, her lessons started during playtime, and the little fighter had already received a second stripe on her belt.

Julianna often shares pictures of her with Issa on her Instagram, be it selfies or photoshoots.
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Issa continues to be inspired by both her parents' connection with jiu-jitsu, while Prof. Luis was inspired to start the academy due to her. Moreover, the academy's baby gorilla logo represents her journey from a baby gorilla to a strong gorilla.

The little one has garnered much love and fighting knowledge from her birth givers that she has grown up to be fearless in front of her mother's UFC opponents.

Her picture of striking a fighting pose resembling her mom during the face-off between Pane and Nunes for their rematch at UFC 277 had gone viral among the UFC fanbase.

Julianna and Issa struck the same pose against Amanda Nunes at the face-off before their rematch at UFC 277.
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Many users have positively reacted to her Pena's photo on Instagram, citing that Ms. Alejandre possessed a protective nature for her family and a bright future in MMA, like her.

As Pane is busy with her training and TV schedule, she makes sure to spend each loving moment with her. Meanwhile, Isabella mainly spends time with her father at the BJJ academy as she trains there full-time.

The young lady has brought her birth givers closer than ever in a loving home.

Julianna Pena Family Life

Julianna hails from a Mexican mother and a Venezuelan father, prompting her to go by her alias, "The Venezuelan Vixen."

She is also the youngest child of her household, started by Ernie and Pamela Pena. Her sister is the former KREM 2 reporter and meteorologist Grace Peña.

Elder sister Grace worked as a Morning weather anchor for the media company and later married her colleague and weekend sports anchor Chris Bach in Spokane.


As the first woman winner of "The Ultimate Fighter," the 33-year-old is proud to share her accomplishments with her extended clan.

Meanwhile, she also maintains a familial environment for a healthy upbringing of Issa; hence, she and Prof. Luis often come together to celebrate their oneness.

The BJJ Blackbelt dad looks after his four-year princess whenever they attend a UFC event. Likewise, the trio also comes together to share pictures with fellow MMA celebrities as a family.

Julianna, Isabella, and Luis at backstage of an UFC main event in June 2019 with the UFC President.
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While Ms. Pena has been supporting her only child's jiu-jitsu journey, an Instagram post revealed that she does not want her little one to be a professional fighter like her.

She learned the harsh truth of suffering from injuries and scars of fights and did not want Isa to go through the same phase.

However, the 2019 post further clarified that she supports the idea of self-defense and may only go through the little Alejnadre's choice of pursuing an MMA career when the time comes.

With much to think about and look out for in the future, Pena and the Alenjandre duo are living their lives to the fullest.