Who is Kathy Laurinaitis? John Laurinaitis Wife Details As He Is Accused of Affair

Kathy Laurinaitis, the managing partner of JBN & Associates recruiting firm, recently had an affair with her former employee. 

Kathy is the managing partner of JBN & Associates and the first winner of the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona's (BIAAZ) Woman of Courage Award and is a self-described chicken.

Laurinaitis's natural ability to bounce back after a setback has benefited her well enough in her personal life during the last two years. She had surgery in June 2020 to remove a blueberry-sized tumor from her brain stem that had been misdiagnosed as Bell's Palsy.

Who Is Kathy Laurinaitis? 

Colace was born on October 19, 1964, in Los Angeles, California, and is well-known for various reasons. To begin with, Kathy is a successful businesswoman in her own right, better known for the success of her "JBN & Associates Company." Therefore, an inspirational image of success for all businesswomen. At the same time, her children are also celebrities, and her husband is no less well-known.

Kathy was born into a family led by her businessman father, the creator of "Colace Bros," a booming produce firm, proving that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

Kathy Colace along with her twin daughters.
Kathy Colace along with her twin daughters.

Laurinaitis and her four siblings followed in her father's footsteps to become who she is today. She received her schooling at the University of San Diego, where she graduated in 1983.

Colace has a reputation for being a diligent worker since she started working for her father's California-based firm in her seventh school, mostly sorting cantaloupes in a resourced facility in El Centro, California.

Her knowledge grew over the years, and she ultimately got to a point where she had 18 years of staff recruiting under her belt. In June 1999, Colace sought to capitalize on her experience and founded "JBN & Associates, LLC."

Laurinaitis's company's primary goal was to support and guide new businesses, clearing the road for inexperienced newcomers to the business world.

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Who Is Kathy Colace Husband John Laurinaitis? Their Kids Explored

Since March 24, 2016, Kathy Colace has married John Laurinaitis. In a private ceremony, the pair exchanged vows. She was formerly wedded to Jon Garcia. JJ Garcia is the couple's son, while Brie and Nikki Bella are their twin daughters.

Kathy's daughters might have pursued in their mother's footsteps and started their own business, but the twins signed a deal with the WWE firm as early as June 2007.

Since then, they've been running strong in the wrestling world. It's also worth noting that Nikki Bella is involved in a romantic relationship with John Cena, one of WWE's icons.

Colace is very close to her daughters, and they have an outstanding bond. She has always been supportive of their career. She has been proud of their accomplishments so far in their career.

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Kathy Colace Affair With Her Employee Revealed

Vince McMahon, the creator, and CEO of WWE is being probed by his board of directors after allegedly paying a former employee, Kathy, hush money following an affair.

The Wall Street Journal published a bombshell piece on Wednesday, June 15, alleging that WWE's board of directors received an email detailing a workplace affair McMahon had with a now-former WWE paralegal & the following payments paid in exchange for the unnamed person's quiet.

According to the email, the female assistant was recruited on a $100,000-per-year contract, but her pay increased once she started a sexual connection with McMahon. When McMahon stopped his relationship with the former WWE employee, he allegedly "handed her like a gift" to John Laurinaitis, the company's general manager of talent relations.

According to the WSJ, the board's inquiry began in April and has resulted in the discovery of multiple non-disclosure agreements relating to claims of wrongdoing lodged against McMahon and Laurinaitis.