What Does Kaw Mean On Tiktok? Urban Dictionary and New Slang Explained

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Social media, including TikTok, has become a platform for making new phrases and taking them to the trends. KAW is currently getting viral and used as hashtags. 

Hashtag Kaw is going viral all over the internet. It is mostly seen in the reels. To be very precise, videos uploaded on the TikTok can be seen with the hashtag. Many users all over the web have followed the trend. As a result, it has become a matter of interest to the netizens. 

What Does Kaw Mean On Tiktok?

Kaw is one of the top trends on social media, TikTok at the time, which is getting viral on other platforms such as Insta and Snapchat. Therefore, it has been a matter of interest to many as they seek the main root of where it started and what it means. 

However, it has several meanings and is searched for its meaning in the dictionary. 

According to the web, Kaw is a new phrase introduced in the remark of another word, "KAM," which means "Kill all males." This term was introduced on YouTube by Jenny McDermott, which also went viral. 

During that time, McDermott introduced KAM, and her Twitter bio included that she was a trans-loving feminist. Additionally, she also mentioned being a secular humanist. Then she also talked about how she was tired of being a baby factory. She also added women generate more guys who will take the lead over them in the future and tries to control them. 

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Is There A Kaw Meaning From TikTok In Urban Dictionary? 

Unlike the TikTok Kaw meaning in the Urban dictionary denotes something. It is an American dance musician from the United States who lives in Vancouver. He composed the music for the games. Nevertheless, he also has his own ReRave. 

TikTok user posting regarding KAW and KAM
TikTok user posting regarding KAW and KAM

Furthermore, there are no specific meanings for the word in the dictionary. However, in the context of TikTok, some people are making entertaining videos and using hashtags to get more viewers. But others have misunderstood it and keep pointing to the inappropriate term "Kill all women."

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Kaw New Slang In TikTok Explained 

Thus Kaw is trending on all social media, including Instagram and Snapchat, besides Tiktok. People might even take it as slang and if it is getting more viral, then, in no time, the word can be heard used by individuals in the streets. 

Also, the word is understood in two ways, firstly as a sound of a bird crow and secondly as the phrase "Kill All Women." But the trend is being used by groups of people to earn more viewers for their videos. At the same time, another set of individuals have been criticizing hashtags but misunderstanding them.