Did Kelly Mi Li Plastic Surgery? Here Is Why The Bling Empire Star Looks So Different Now

Picture of Bling Empire Kelly Mi Li by Frazer Harrison in an article by People.
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Kelly Mi Li is an actress who has become famous for her role in Netflix's hit show Bling Empire. 

The Chinese-American entrepreneur Kelly is also an investor who has produced many films and is even the executive producer for the Bling Empire. 

The 36-years-old actress Kelly is a global sensation who had an influential background even before her fame from Bling Empire. 

Apart from her acting career, she is a talented businesswoman with more than $5 million in net worth, owning to her many business sources, as Heart.Co.UK reported. Including her fame and earnings as an actress, her wealth has only increased in the past few years.

Making her acting debut in the TV Series "The Swing Of Things," Kelly became famous after the show had its global release. She also worked with many other shows, such as Bling Empire, Entertainment Tonight, The Netflix Afterparty, and A Celebrity Family Feud.

Some Quick Facts About Kelly Mi Li

Name Kelly Mi Li
Age 36, Born On November 13, 1985.
BirthdayNovember 13, 1985
BirthplaceKunming, China
Net WorthEst. $5 million
Husband Lin Miao (Divorced 2015)
Ex-Boyfriend Andrew Gray
Relationship StatusTaken By Mystery Partner
Children No

Kelly Mi Li with her  mother and grandmother

Did Kelly Mi Li From Bling Empire Ever Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Bling Empire's most prominent actress Kelly Mi Li and her plastic surgery assumptions has been a constant topic of discussion among fans. 

With pictures of Kelly highlighting the changes in her cheeks and lips, the rumors have kept her fans in confusion for a long time.

In light of such claims, the actress has never confirmed the matter, nor did she give any hints of making changes to her face. Unless proven, any news about her going under the needle is a hoax created by fans' imagination. 

Kelly From Bling Empire is under plastic surgery rumors based on before and after photos comparison.
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When asked about plastic surgery in an interview with Tattler Asia, Kelly said that modifying the appearance is a personal choice of each individual, depending on their situation. She added that one should opt for it if it provides self-confidence and not do it without much consideration and research.

On the other hand, her co-star Kane Lim has openly talked about his surgery to reconstruct his skin after his weight loss transformation. He confirmed removing the excess skin after he became thin, transforming from a massive 100kg body. Tatler Asia further revealed his experience and viewpoints on the matter as they asked for his opinion on the process. He suggested that doing some botox to maintain a celebrity appearance is the norm and should not be judged.

Kelly Mi Li Before And After Picture Comparisons Are Exaggerated

Since Kelly Mi Li did not attest to any plastic surgery rumors, the before and after comparisons of her pictures seem to be pure speculation made by fans. 

While she has made much progress in her acting career, her make-up and other touch-ups in appearance have improved and evolved with time. Hence, compared to her looks from the past, her recent appearance has some apparent changes. 

Bling Empire Kelly Mi Li nose job and lip surgery speculations based on her change in appearance.
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Compared to her cheeks and lips from the past, people have speculated that she has a chubby face and fuller lips in recent photos. Since there are no confirmations or valid proof about her making any changes, it could be because of the camera angle and other factors.

Kelly Mi Li And Her Parents Have Asian Ethnicity

The Asian-American actress Kelly Mi Li, and her family, have their origin in China and have an Asian ethnic background. 

Kelly was born to her parents on November 13, 1985, in Kunming, China. Later, she moved to the United States with her mother to pursue a better future for her. 

Kelly Mi dedicated a post to her mother siting Women empowerment, highlighting her as the strongest woman of her life.
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According to her Instagram Post, she was raised by her mother as a single parent, and her father was never present in her life. She has repeatedly highlighted her mom's hard work and dedication through her social media. 

Another post from January 14, 2021, revealed that her mother made multiple sacrifices for her and even left behind a high-position medical career in China for her future. Moving to The United States, she left behind a lavish lifestyle in China just so that Kelly could get more opportunities in The United States in the future. 

Kelly Mi Li credits her successfull career to her mother and grandmother, who have been there for her always.
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Thus, Kelly credits all her success to her mother and grandmother, who have always supported her decisions. They fully supported her decision when she wanted to pursue finance and leave medical studies. 

Similarly, Kelly grew up in a Christian household, with her mother and grandmother being her only family members. Even though they never understood what she did, they did not ever stop her from pursuing her vision, which led her to become a successful businesswoman today.

Kelly Mi Li Married Life With Ex-Husband Lin Miao

Before Kelly became an actress, she was married to a Chinese businessman named Lin Miao. 

According to the article by, Kelly's ex-husband was a CEO of a texting company, and she lived a lavish lifestyle for some years, spending more than $400,000 each month, with no limits to their expenses. They owned seven cars and four horses during those days.

Kelly Mi Li Ex-husband Lin Miao was arrested by FBI for charges of cyber scam worth multi-million dollars.
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Later, her husband got arrested by the FBI for leading one of the biggest cyber scams in American history. Federal Trade Commission reported that Lin and his partners scammed their customers by charging them for services without notifying them and billing them without their consent. 
Shortly after that, she filed for divorce in 2014, which was finalized a year later. 

Kelly Mi Li New Boyfriend And Relationship Update

While the Chinese-American entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li refrained from sharing anything about her love life for some time now, she recently hinted at a new boyfriend on her Instagram. 

CheatSheet mentioned that she could have dated the new mystery partner for more than a year as she posted an anniversary post on her account. 

After her split with her long-time companion Andrew Gray, she was skeptical about making love decisions. 

Bling Empire Co-Stars Kelly Mi Li and her boyfriend Andrew Gray had Split up After 5 Years of dating each other
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Stating her feelings for the new mystery man, she said that she had never felt such support, love, and care, making her feel fulfilled, and she even doubted if such kind of love was possible. 

Celebrating their anniversary, she complimented her bae and best friend about how happy she was to have him in her life. 

Kelly Mi Li and her mysterious new boyfriend and best friend, whom she dedicated an anniversary post recently.
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At the moment, Kelly has kept his name and details to herself, but we can expect her to reveal it soon in the coming days as she has already talked about him to her fans.