Klara Spilkova Boyfriend Sean Davison Often Caddie For Her During Major Championships

Klara Spilkova and Sean Davidson at Dromoland Castle Hotel & Country Club after winning the cup.
Source : facebook

Klara Spilkova boyfriend Sean Davidson first met at a golf court in the Czech Republic. Sean and Klara began their relationship journey in early 2020. 

While Davidson is a professor, he often caddies for his dear partner at LPGA events. Furthermore, he is counted among the best golfers who assisted Spilkova in the final event of the Ladies European Tour.

Since their relationship began, Davidson has assisted the Czech number one player Klara on many golf tours. Notably, one of them was the LPGA tournament in Gainbridge where she finished ninth, taking the top 10 ranks.

She also competed in the Olympic competition in Tokyo, where she finished 23rd, considerably improving her score from Rio de Janeiro.

Klara Spilkova Fiancee Sean Davison Often Caddies For Her

Klara Spilkova boyfriend Sean Davidson is a native of Princeton New York. Sean has been living in Prague for 15 years as he is professionally a teacher.   

Denik states that he has worked at Charles University's Faculty of Law, under the Department of Languages for the past fourteen years. Similarly, he teaches legal English, sports law, and other disciplines.

Davidson accompanying Spilkova while she represented Czech Olympic team in Velká Chuchle, Hlavní Město Praha
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Aside from that, he serves as a caddy for Klara, who has characterized him as a terrific golfer who can read heels and understands her golf style. She was sure about him when choosing a caddy for the Tokyo Olympics since she wanted someone close to her.

The two appeared to be rather close on the course at Kasumigaseki Country Club, and their synchronization was also excellent. Spilkova took his advice while Davidson put her at ease. Essentially, the couple usually plays golf together.

Davidson as Spilkova caddie at Kasumigaseki Golf Club in August 2021
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Amid this, the website also claimed Davison to be 43 years old and has a mother with Italian citizenship who also speaks Spanish. Based on age alone, he is fifteen years older than Spilkova, turning 28 this December. 

Klara And Sean First Met At A Golf Court

Klara and Sean crossed paths during a golf tournament. The couple got closer when Davidson served as a caddie in Gainbridge LPGA at Boca Rio.

Possibly their relationship started in early 2020 as they posted a couple of photos from their brief vacation to Modravského Potok. The Instagram post was revealed in November of the same year.

Spilkova and Davidson trip to Černé a Čertovo jezero in November 2020
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The duo had a nature trip before heading back to Florida. Well, weeks later, Spilkova celebrated her birthday in Lido Beach with her soon-to-be-husband.

Their First Christmas As A Couple

Spilkova and Davidson celebrated their 2020 Christmas in Greenville, South Carolina. The golfer posted some images in front of a decorated Christmas tree.

They celebrated the 2020 Christmas in Greenville, South Carolina
Source : instagram

Likewise, they spent their weekend in North Carolina and toasted the new year of 2021. While in North Carolina, the pair had multiple golfing moments and brief getaways to the mountains.

The Couple Officially Got Engaged In July 2022

Davidson proposed to his gorgeous girlfriend while they were in Carolina. The golfer was visiting the city for an event when Sean took the chance to pop the question.

Klara said yes to his proposal and shared the news on Instagram, with a video of her flashing the ring on her hand.

In addition, Splikova noted in the caption that the pair had been engaged for a couple of months. They were excited to share the news with their friends and family.

Due to their hectic summer travel schedule and competing, the pair could not relay the news. However, in the video, she blended the reactions of her loved ones as she showed them her engagement ring.

The pair is getting married soon and has begun to arrange their spectacular wedding, which will most likely take place in the upcoming year.