What Is Kumalala vs Savesta Guy Meme? New Manga Trend Takes Over On Tiktok

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Kumalala Vs Savesta Guy meme is the current viral sound on the Internet.

TikTok is a platform that has the capacity to give any normal person overnight fame just on the basis of small viral content. This is the same thing that happened to a TikToker kervo.dolo. 

While everyone is talking about the new trend, a group of people is curious about its origin and reality.

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What Is Kumalala vs Savesta Guy Meme? 

Kumalala Vs Savesta Guy meme is a song created by a TikTok user called @kervo.dolo. 

The TikTok star released a comedy titled "How men be getting bullied in jail" on January 16th, 2022, in which his character gets harassed by his cellmate in a variety of ways. The bully character urges Kervo.dolo at 00:36 minutes to, do that song he was singing the other day night.

"Imma smack 'em in the chest with Nigga's craziness. Oh, nanana savesata, nanana savesata, nanana savesata" The video earned around 33.7 million views and 4.5 million likes over the period of four months.

On January 19th, 2022, mackdaddy.andy, a music producer and TikToker, released a TikTok showing him turning kervo.dolo's "Kumala Savesta" into a song. The movie contained screen recordings of them in the studio taken from Instagram over a period of a week.

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Kumalala Savesta Manga Trend On Tiktok

Now that the particular song has gotten so viral on TikTok due to its catchy music and phrase, people have started compiling witty pictures, and social media conversations with the song. Most famous out of all is the manga series. 

Anime characters and their conversations are made out in a thread and the song is synced to it. This has helped the meme to get another high. Basically, it has hooked people left-right, and center. 

One of the examples is the poster of Naruto where 'Bruh Come on Bruh' is written and the Kumalala Savesta song has been used. This video has also garnered the proper popularity among netizens. 

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Kumalala vs Savesta Guy Meme Reactions And Compilations

A TikTok user @fwtoby put out the song Kumalala Vs Savesta while he is vibing to it in the car. While just after that the frame changes and the other guy can be seen dancing to it. 

Similarly, another one has written a text on his face 'Me: I finally have free time to play video games. My abusive drunk father came from home'. all this while the catchy lyrics were playing in the background.