What Happened To Lady Victoria Hervey? More Details On The Model's Health

Lady Victoria Is Suffering From Illness ( Source : Independent )

Lady Victoria Hervey is an aristocrat, socialite, and English model who is rumored to suffer from an illness affecting her face and mouth.

Before her parents moved into tax exile in Monaco, Hervey spent the first two years of her childhood at Ickworth House, the family property in Suffolk. When her father died in 1985, the family lived in Monte Carlo, but they still had a butler and a maid.

Hervey's mother discontinued her allowances when she turned down a seat to study French and History of Art, and she unwillingly became a receptionist for Michael Winner, a renowned professor.

Hervey began her career as a part-time catwalk model, hoping that it would lead to a career in television presenting. Still, with her slender 6-foot height, she went full-time, eventually modeling for Christian Dior.

In December 2003, Hervey landed a brief role as a dinner waitress opposite Colin Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks, in the movie RX.

What Happened To Lady Victoria Hervey? Lady Victoria Hervey Illness

It is widely reported and believed that Lady Victoria Hervey is currently suffering from an illness known as Bell Palsy, which is a situation that affects a specific part of the body.

Hervey is said to have had a stroke, according to hearsay. Her admirers are involved since she has received several messages on social media.

This information, however, does not appear to be correct. Victoria is still active on Instagram and out and about in the city. Hervey seems to be alright at the moment.

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What Happened To Lady Victoria Hervey Face And Mouth? Health Update

Lady Victoria Hervey is thought to have a health condition that affects her face and mouth. The condition is called Face Drop, aka Bell Palsy.

Many people believe this because people noticed that her mouth had dropped by almost 1 cm. Bell's palsy is a condition that causes muscular weakness on one side of the face.

Although Hervey has yet to remark on the topic, the truth of this report is uncertain. Even if she is suffering from the condition, in most situations, the weakness is transient and recovers considerably over a few weeks. Because of the weakness, half of the face seems to droop. Smiles are one-sided, and the afflicted eye refuses to close.

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Lady Victoria Hervey Has A Net Worth Of $15 Million

Lady Victoria Hervey has a net worth of $15 million. She is an English model, aristocrat, and socialite.

Lady Victoria is the eldest daughter who is thought to have had a net worth of approximately $100 million at one point. Their net worth has deteriorated over time, partly due to Lady Victoria and her brother's spending habits.

She grew up at Ickworth House, her family's house. On the other hand, her parents went into tax exile and relocated to Monaco. She went on to study at the Beneden School before spending a year in Florence, Italy.