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Lil Durk Ex Wife Nicole Covone Is Now A Businesswoman

The rapper and and Nicole broke up after the birth of their second child
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Lil Durk ex wife Nicole Covone is the CEO of Credit Clique. Nicole works in tax services and financial stability.

The American rapper is the leader and creator of the group and record label Only The Family (OTF). With studio albums like 2X (2016) and Remember My Name, he established his status in the entertainment sector (2015).

In 2011, Durk started taking music seriously as a career and the rest is among his fans as he is one of the most happening singers that came from having nothing.

His former partner became the CEO of this business Credit Clique which helps when clients require tax services, help with correcting their credit, or want to achieve financial stability.

Lil Durk Ex Wife Nicole Covone Owns A Business

Lil Durk ex wife Nicole Covone is the owner and CEO of Credit Clique. Lil Durk and Nicole fell in love while they were teenagers.

Now, Nicole Covone works for a company that is 100 percent owned by women. Her company offers industry-leading credit repair services and first-rate customer support to assist clients in establishing solid financial foundations and achieving their credit goals.

Nicole is the COO of the finance company Credit Clique
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Only two of the company's 21 employees who are pictured on its website are men.

The business's philosophy is mentioned on Instagram which claims that your mind is your most valuable asset and promises results in 30 to 45 days.

Despite the breakdown of her marriage to the rapper, Her career is unquestionably on the rise. She comes across as a smart, unstoppable force for her children.

Covone is a tremendous example of a survivor in the fact that even after her marriage ended she handled herself very well.

Lil Durk And Nicole Covone Were Teenage Lovers

Lil Durk and Nicole Covone were high school sweethearts. They started dating in 2008.

They gave birth to a baby called Angelo on November 28, 2011, three years into their romance. Soon after, they got married, and on July 18, 2013, they had a daughter they called Bella.

The couple's circumstances were favorable for a while. Unfortunately for Covone, her artist husband kept a damaging secret from her that would eventually destroy their marriage.

His infidelity to his wife with another lady was revealed to cause the separation.

The couple in their teenage when recently moved in together
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Nicole could not stand the idea of his lying. So, only a few months after Bella was born, she and Durk divorced.

Now he is dating India Royale, with whom he has a daughter named Willow Banks.

However, we don't know whether Covone is in a relationship or not but we are sure that she has moved on in her life.

Fans are aware that he can support his children's daily requirements and that he is a generally excellent father to all of his children. 

He stated on his Instagram in 2016 that he desired to remove all of his children from their mothers so that he could raise them. However, he acknowledged that the mothers of his children were "perfect."

Lil Durk Is Father To Six Children

Lil Durk is the father to six beautiful children with different women. He had his first child Angelo Banks in 2011 when he was very young.

Durk was also in his struggling days when he started dating Nicole Covone in 2008. They had a very tuff time taking care of their first child.

Shortly after they gave birth to a daughter, Bella in 2013, the couple decided to part ways because he was seeing another woman and cheating with Nicole.

He became a father to his third child Zayden Banks a few months after the birth of his second child. However, it is not known who the mother is.

The same goes for his fourth child Du’mier Banks as his fans only know his name and not his mother.

His two children Angelo and Bella when they were visiting to the Disney World
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Skyler Banks is his fifth child and fans believe that Tameka Kute is her mother but there is no exact information from both of them on this matter.

Recently, Durk and India Royale began dating in 2017, and in October 2018 they welcomed Willow Banks, his sixth kid and her second.

She shares many pictures of her daughter on Instagram and fans think they both look the same. Royale also calls her twin and her best friend, as she was born when the time was rough for her.