Is Lola Tung Korean? Meet The 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Actress

Lola Tung has received an amazing reaction from her fans all over the world. ( Source : Instagram )

A question has arisen among the fans of Lola Tung regarding her nationality. Some suspect her family is originally from Korea as she looks Asian.

Tung is gaining more fans after releasing a nine-episode drama, a romance television series by Amazon Prime, The Summer I Turned Pretty. The love triangle between a girl and two brothers aired its first episode on 17 June 2022. 

The show has received a 7.7 rating on the IMDb platform. Additionally, the first chapter of the series received an 8.5 rating out of ten. Thus, it is gaining popularity among the netizens. 

Lola Tung's Ethnicity: Is She Korean?

Lola Tung fans are interested in her ethnicity as she looks Asian. Some believe she might be Korean, but the rising star has not much revealed about herself to the media. 

She is well known for her appearance in the Television series Burning Question, released in 2021. As an emerging actress, she has already gained over 502k followers on her social media, and with her new project recently on air, she is getting more fame worldwide. 

People love her role in The Summer I Turned Pretty. The Amazon Prime television series was released on 17 June 2022. Further, it is getting an outstanding response and has achieved a 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb. 

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Know The Family Origin Of Lola Tung And Her Nationality

Lola has always kept her lip tight regarding her family and more personal details like origin and more. The young actress has gained fame, and her fans are eagerly waiting to be introduced to her family and nationality. 

As she is not documented on Wiki, netizens are trying to gather as much possible information about her. Nevertheless, she might be waiting for the right time to introduce her family to her fans. Nonetheless, she has uploaded some images with her mother as well from her personal Insta account. 

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More Details About Lola Tung's Mom Pia Tung

Lola was born to her mother, Pia Tung, on 28 October 2002. Unlike most of her family members, she has shared some images of her mother on her social media on International Women's Day. 

Also, the 19-year-old has tagged her mother on social media, but unlike her public account, her mom has kept her Instagram handle privately. But compared to the actress, her mother seems more active on the handle as she has over 293 posts. 

This is the only image shared by Lola Tung of her mother Pia on social media. She has also tagged her in the image.
This is the only image shared by Lola Tung of her mother Pia on social media. She has also tagged her in the image. ( Source : Instagram )

Additionally, the mother-daughter duo might be in touch and could be living together, but looking at the picture she uploaded, they do not seem to have pictures together recently. 

Pia's career details are unavailable on the web, and she has not revealed herself in the limelight of her daughter's stardom. But we are sure she might be very proud of what she has achieved. Also, Lola might have inherited her look from her mother as Sr. Tung also looks Asian.