20 Best Long Hairstyles For Men

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Long hairstyles for men offer a distinct and attractive look. The appeal of lengthy locks lies in their versatility and the sense of freedom they provide.

However, they also demand a different level of care and maintenance, and finding the perfect long hairstyle that balances style and manageability can be a unique challenge.

While medium-length and short-length hairstyles have their perks, long hairstyles offer a unique canvas for self-expression. From the flowing surfer look to the classic ponytail or the rugged Viking braid, long hairstyles allow for a range of styles and possibilities.

Here, we've curated a list of 20 long hairstyles for men that offer both style and ease of maintenance. Explore these options to find the perfect long hairstyle that suits your personality and grooming routine.

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1. Long Straight Hair

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Long straight hair is a classic and timeless hairstyle for men. The hairstyle is both versatile and sophisticated at the same time.

The style features hair grown out evenly, with no dramatic layers or waves. This sleek and polished look complements a variety of face shapes and can be worn confidently on any occasion.

Men with long straight hair can easily maintain their locks with regular trims to prevent split ends and promote healthy growth. It is highly recommended to use hair-care products to keep your hair tangle-free and flowing.

2. Long Surfer Hair

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Long surfer hair is a popular and effortlessly cool hairstyle for men with long hair. This laid-back style is synonymous with the carefree spirit of beach culture. 

One of the biggest advantages of this hairstyle is its low-maintenance appeal and the loose, tousled waves that exude a relaxed and sun-kissed vibe. It's a versatile choice that suits a wide range of face shapes and personal styles.

To maintain your long surfer hair, occasional trims to prevent split ends are usually all that's needed. Long surfer hair provides a natural and effortlessly stylish appearance that's perfect for both casual outings and special occasions.

3. Shag Cut

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The shag cut is a timeless and versatile hairstyle known for its distinctive appearance, characterized by layers of varying lengths.

The cut starts shorter at the crown and gradually lengthens towards the ends, creating a tousled, textured look that's effortlessly chic. This style adds volume and movement to the hair, making it a favorite among those seeking a dynamic appearance.

Shag cut can use styling products to accentuate the layers and texture or opt for a natural air-dried appearance. Regular trims every 6-8 weeks are key to maintaining the shape and preventing split ends, keeping the shag cut looking fresh.

4. Long Layered Hair

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Long-layered hair is a timeless and versatile choice for men who prefer to keep their locks on the lengthier side. This hairstyle strikes a balance between rugged and refined, offering a look that's effortlessly chic.

Achieving this style involves maintaining longer hair while incorporating layers that add texture and movement. The layers can be strategically placed to frame the face or create volume, giving you the flexibility to tailor the look to your preferences.

Taking care of the style can get tricky as the long hairs with numerous layers add complications of tangling. However, with proper styling creams or haircare product, layered hair will retain its charm.

5. Man Bun

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Man Bun style is one of the favorite long hairstyles for men. The versatile haircut combines practicality with panache.

The essence of the Man Bun lies in its simplicity. The sides and back are typically trimmed short, while the hair atop the head is grown long enough to be tied into a bun. The bun can be positioned at various heights, offering room for personal style.

Man Bun stands out for its unique blend of low-maintenance appeal and fashion-forward flair. While it doesn't demand extensive grooming, a touch of hair wax or other styling products can help in crafting a polished bun.

6. Top Knot

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The Top Knot is a popular and contemporary men's hairstyle that offers a unique blend of fashion and functionality.

This style is defined by its distinct feature which is a bun or knot of hair positioned at the top of the head. While the sides and back are typically shorter, the hair on top is left long enough to be gathered into the knot. 

It's a hairstyle that is a trendy and polished look that doesn't require extensive upkeep. For those who wish to add an extra touch of flair, a bit of hair product can help in styling the knot to perfection.

7. Ponytail

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Ponytail is a fantastic hairstyle choice for those looking for a versatile and appealing look. This classic style not only adds a touch of sophistication but also highlights the hair's natural texture.

The Men's Ponytail has a unique charm, offering a confident and put-together appearance while maintaining an effortlessly relaxed vibe. Regardless of your face shape, this hairstyle is incredibly adaptable, suiting various facial features with ease.

With shorter sides and longer hair neatly pulled back into a ponytail, keeping this look sharp requires minimal effort. Furthermore, it doesn't demand a plethora of haircare products, making it a practical choice for those seeking a stylish yet low-maintenance grooming routine.

8. Messy Flowing Locks

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Messy Flowing Locks are a timeless masterpiece that effortlessly blends casual and sophisticated styles.

This style embraces the natural beauty of long, flowing hair, allowing it to cascade freely for a relaxed yet stylish appearance. Unlike other hairstyles, messy flowing locks prioritize the tousled texture and movement, enhancing the hair's intrinsic charm.

Maintenance for messy-flowing locks is surprisingly easy. Regular trims help prevent split ends and maintain the shape, ensuring your locks continue to flow effortlessly. With minimal product usage, you won't find yourself spending endless hours on grooming.

9. Slicked Back

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Long Slicked Back hair is a timeless masterpiece that seamlessly merges casual and sophisticated styles.

This classic hairstyle pays homage to the allure of long hair, elegantly combed back for a polished yet relaxed appearance. Unlike other styles, Long Slicked Back emphasizes sleekness and neatness, highlighting the natural shine of the hair.

Maintaining Long slicked-back hair is refreshingly straightforward. Consistent trims are essential to ward off split ends and retain the shape, ensuring your locks remain sleek and refined. The beauty of this style lies in its simplicity, demanding minimal product usage, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate an effortlessly sophisticated look.

10. Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks are on the bucket list of every man growing their hair long. The style requires dedication and commitment for the result.

Although the creation part of deadlock style can take up to a year people first need to grow their hair to about 6 inches long, then slowly and steadily form dreads and leave it to tighten and mature. However, the wait is worth the result and style.

Techniques such as palm rolling and interlocking help maintain the shape, while natural oils or specialized products can enhance their sheen. Although dreadlocks require more dedication than some styles, the result is a powerful and striking look.

11. Long Tousled Curls

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Long tousled curls are a coveted style for many men growing their hair long. The style demands patience and dedication, but the outcome is truly rewarding.

The style requires long hair before the journey of forming and nurturing the curls begins. It's a gradual process, much like dreadlocks, where you allow your hair to naturally take shape and tighten over time.

Styling long tousled curls involves techniques such as gentle finger combing and using specialized products to enhance texture and shine. Regular trims may be necessary to maintain the desired shape.

12. Undercut with Long Hair

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The Undercut with Long Hair is iconic and versatile for those favoring a longer mane. This unique hairstyle combines the best of both worlds, featuring extended locks on top and a sharply faded undercut.

the style offers an effortless blend of sophistication and edginess making it Ideal for those with long hair aspirations. The undercut, with its neatly trimmed sides, creates a striking contrast with the flowing long hair on top, making for an eye-catching and fashionable look.

While styling the Undercut with Long Hair is relatively simple, requiring only short sides and maintenance of the top and back. Regular use of quality hair products, such as conditioners and styling aids, is essential to keep the locks looking their best. Brushing and detangling are also vital steps in the maintenance routine.

13. Braided Man Bun

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The Braided Man Bun is a blend of two iconic hairstyles. The braids are tied to form a bun giving it a unique and sophisticated style.

The style can be achieved by letting your hair reach the appropriate length before you start to style it as a braid. Then, all the different braids are pulled together to form a bun at the top, you can customize the position of the bun as desired.

Although the style is suited for most face types and looks great on almost everyone, it is hard to maintain. The long hair requires constant care and trimming of the ends to get rid of the splits and ensure growth. Haircare products are also a must to retain the softness and shine.

14. Long Mohawk

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The Long Mohawk is a bold blend of two iconic hairstyles, creating a distinctive and edgy look.

To achieve this striking style, your hair needs to reach an appropriate length. Once achieved, the sides are usually shaved or closely cropped, leaving a central strip of long hair extending from the forehead to the nape of the neck. You can customize the central strip's height and width to suit your style.

While the Long Mohawk suits various face shapes and makes a head-turning choice, maintenance can be challenging. The long central section requires regular trimming to prevent split ends and ensure healthy growth. Haircare products are essential for maintaining softness and shine, keeping your Long Mohawk looking its best.

15. Long Viking Braid

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The Long Viking Braid, like the Braided Man Bun, combines two iconic hairstyles into a distinctive and powerful look.

To achieve the style after your hair reaches the desired length, start braiding it into a single, long Viking braid. You have the flexibility to customize the positioning and thickness of the braid to match your unique style and preferences. The sides and back are shaved for this hairstyle.

However, keeping the lengthy braid in top condition requires consistent care, including regular trimming to prevent split ends and promote healthy growth. Additionally, the use of quality haircare products is essential to maintain softness and shine, ensuring your hair remains a powerful and striking statement of style.

16. Long Afro

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Long Afro is a bold hairstyle for men with long dense curls. The hairstyle is timeless and perfect for men with round faces.

However, for a long curly afro to work, the hair must be strategically trimmed which might not be a problem for a skilled and talented barber. Moreover, the hairstyle also needs constant attention they may start to get wind together really fast.

On the bright side, a long curly afro is for sure a showstopper and worth all the struggles to get the hair perfect.

17. Long Faux Hawk

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The Long Faux Hawk is a captivating hairstyle among men with long hair. Faux Hawk can be styled in any hair length making it versatile.

It's an ideal choice for those with slightly curly hair, offering a unique texture. This style typically involves a low-taper fade on the sides and back, leaving an extended central section from above the forehead to the neck. This central section is styled to create a distinctive faux hawk look with spikes forming a triangular shape.

Achieving and maintaining this style may require some haircare products to secure the central section, but it doesn't demand frequent trimming. This makes it a practical choice for those seeking a bold and eye-catching look without the hassle of constant upkeep.

18. Long Tapered Cornrows

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Long Tapered Cornrows is a timeless hairstyle with enduring appeal. It incorporates cornrows and taper fade to create a new style.

This style is particularly well-suited for individuals with longer hair, involving intricate cornrows that transition from tightly braided near the forehead to looser and longer as they extend backward. The sides are taper faded to highlight the longer top part.

Achieving and maintaining this style primarily requires precision during the braiding process, and routine care with minimal hair products to keep the look intact. It's an excellent choice for those seeking an eye-catching and enduring hairstyle with manageable upkeep.

19. Long Natural Waves

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Long Natural Waves never goes out of fashion. The natural hairstyle means less chopping and trimming.

This style is a classic choice for individuals with long hair, characterized by the natural waves that flow gracefully down the length. It celebrates the beauty of naturally wavy hair, requiring little to no styling or manipulation.

Long Natural Waves complement a variety of face shapes and offer a laid-back yet sophisticated appearance. The best part is that this style is incredibly low-maintenance. You don't need to fuss with extensive styling or hair products. Regular trims to maintain the health of the hair and prevent split ends are usually sufficient.

20. Long Side Part

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The Long Side Part is a classic and timeless hairstyle that continues to make a statement.

This style features a distinctive side part that adds an element of sophistication to the overall look. It's a versatile hairstyle that can be adapted to various face shapes and personal preferences.

Long Side Part hairstyles are known for their simplicity and low maintenance. They don't require extensive styling or the use of many hair products. Regular trims are typically enough to keep the hair in good condition and maintain the desired length and shape.