Lori Milliron - Lawrence Rudolph Mistress: Did Dentist Kill His Wife Bianca?

Lawrence Rudolph is charged with foreign murder and mail fraud ( Source : Facebook )

On Wednesday, a well-to-do dentist claimed to jurors that his wife's 2016 death at the end of an African safari trip was a terrible accident rather than the result of him executing her so he could be with his mistress.

At the time of the alleged murder, Lawrence Rodolph, 67, had a $15 million net worth after setting up a successful franchise in Pittsburgh.

Per the federal prosecutors, on October 11, 2016, Rudolph, a big-game hunter, fatally shot his wife, Bianca, at the end of a safari expedition in Zambia.

However, in a legal case involving dentist Lawrence "Larry" Rudolph and his late wife Bianca Rudolph, a third party, Lori Milliron, has also been present in the courtroom with a separate counsel. Who is she?

Who Is Lori Milliron? Facts To Know About Lawrence Rudolph Mistress

The 64-year-old Lori Milliron got to know Larry Rudolph for the first time in 2003 when she began working for Three Rivers Dental. It is the Dental Clinic located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that he owns and operates.

Starting in 2004, the two of them set out on a world tour. According to the opening statement of Milliron's attorney, which the Denver Gazette recounted, they used to travel "at least 65 days a year" but halted in 2009.

Wealthy dentist Lawrence Rudolph is accused of murder his wife so he could run off with his mistress
Wealthy dentist Lawrence Rudolph is accused of murder his wife so he could run off with his mistress ( Source : Facebook )

Though Rudolph reportedly labeled Milliron as his good friend, shortly after his wife's death, the two began seeing each other "consistently," as per the Gazette.

The publication further quoted him stating, "I called and asked her to spend time with me, and she did." In her testimony, she clarified that her relationship with Larry Rudolph was "occasionally" physical. 

Moreover, several news outlets have described her as his "mistress" (Out Here Colorado), "longtime girlfriend" (Washington Post), and "alleged mistress" (Fox News).

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Did The Dentist Lawrence Rudolph Kill His Wife Bianca?

A jury is weighing the guilt of Lawrence Rudolph's allegedly shooting his wife in the heart while they were on a 2016 safari in Africa so he could be with his longtime lover.

The stakes are high for the 67-year-old, who may be sentenced to death if the jury of six men and six women finds him guilty of killing his 34-year-old wife, Bianca Rudolph.

Bianca and Lawrence
Bianca and Lawrence "Larry" Rudolph are pictured on a trip before her October 2016 murder in Zambia. ( Source : Facebook )

Following the closing arguments from both sides, the case was handed to the jury in U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado, on Friday.

The couple, who loved big-game hunting, were closing up a vacation to Zambia's Kafue National Park on October 11, 2016, when she was shot in the heart with a hunting rifle, Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Fields stated to the jury.

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Where Is Lori Milliron Now Today? 

Lawrence Rudolph and Lori Milliron are both being tried concurrently. The prosecution claimed throughout the trial that Rudolph said, "I killed my wife for you" at a Phoenix steakhouse during a dispute with her in 2020.

Furthermore, he revealed that he and Milliron had an economic argument about how the COVID-19 outbreak might harm his lucrative Pennsylvania dentistry business.

Rodolph further clarified that he had been misquoted, stating, "Now they're saying I killed my wife for you."

Plus, he also spoke about his open marriage to Bianca during his testimony. He asserted that in 2000, following two near-divorces, he and his wife—who were also parents—agreed to keep their marriage intact while engaging in sexual interactions with other individuals.