Where Was Hallmark's Love In Glacier National Park Filmed?

 Love In Glacier National Park is an upcoming Hallmark movie directed by Christie Will Wolf
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Love In Glacier National Park was filmed in Fernie British Columbia at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort. Love in Glacier National is an upcoming Hallmark project.

The premise follows an avalanche forecasting expert who wanted to bring her ideas to Glacier National Park. The story gains momentum when she butts heads with the Director of Mountain Rescue, who is not so welcoming of newcomers on his property. 

Actors Ashley Newbrough and Stephen Huszar play the leading parts, with celebrated director Christie Will Wolf taking the reigns.

Audiences cannot wait for January 28, 2023, to come fast enough and begin streaming the new concept romance comedy on the Hallmark Network.

Where Was Love In Glacier National Park Filmed?

Love In Glacier National Park was filmed at Fernie and Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort, British Columbia. It is set in the fictional snowy mountains.

The cast and crew was told to bring their warmest winter coats as they were about to be around snow for a long time. The director Christie Will Wolf and her cinematographers were the first at the scene, with their first assistant director and second assistant director arriving by plane. 

Director Christie Will Wolf with her daughter on Feburary 2022
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Fernie, British Columbia

Since November of last year, the Canadian government has lifted all pandemic restrictions that plagued Fernie, British Columbia.

The lack of vaccination mandates and generous accommodations made it a winter paradise for families and couples alike. The location is famous for its powder town with over 30 feet of annual snow, with Fernie Alpine Resort, a world-class ski and snowboard destination. 

It's not a wonder the cinematographer picked the snow peaks as its primary site. The Fernie Fix magazine was the first to promote its preview on its Facebook page, giving them much-needed promotions. 

Besides, the area gets recognized for opening its doors for entertainment with the 2010 Hot Tub Time Machine, 2019 Cold Pursuit, 2012 Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups, and others dropping in for a winter-themed feel.

The Fernie Fix Magazine conducted a Elk Valley Streak challenge on the first month of 2023
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Last November, the officials alerted the residents that 2nd Avenue between 4th and 6th Street would remain reserved for shooting a TV movie from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

They requested for there to be minimal disruption to vehicle and pedestrian traffic, with business being allowed to per usual.

Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort

The Whistler Blackcomb ski resort is a primary shooting location in British Columbia, where the temperature reaches the negatives. 

Before applying for a permit, the official page asked producers, directors, or photographers to consider restrictions and rules. While there is access to stores and restaurants, the pedestrian malls cannot be closed as it may impact their business. 

Whistler Blackcomb is one of the largest and most impressive ski resorts in North America
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The Whistler Village is a unique area with a pedestrian-only town center that combines the old-world alpine village with a level of modern sophistication.

The Village North and Upper Village prove essential places for lodgings, with Whistler Interpretive Forest providing trees, a suspension bridge, and biking trails. 

Love In Glacier National Park Release Date

Love In Glacier National Park premieres on the Hallmark Network on January 28, 2023, in the United States.

On Sunday at 8 o'clock Eastern or 7 o'clock Central time, viewers can tune in to the network and get entertained for the following hour. 

Previously, the director announced her upcoming project in late November with a picture of her and her daughter in the mountains. 

Although she had made her share of holiday movies, this one was exceptional, as her child was one of the primary cast members.

She wrote in the captions that there were many humans and aspects of her current film that she loved, but the one thing she treasured the most was spending time with one of her little ones. 

Director Christie Will Wolf with her daughter on Nov 2022
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It was the fourth movie she had directed and executive produced that year, but it made her time away from home much sweeter when one of her daughters became part of the magic she, along with her colleagues, was created on screen.

Meet The Starring Cast And Crew For The Hallmark Movie

Ashley Newbrough and Stephen Huszar are the leading cast of the Hallmark movie.

Canadian film and television actor Stephen Huszar plays the director of the mountain rescue. He is a stone-cold man who wants nothing but the best for his business and often gets deemed grumpy.

His professionalism often gets mistaken for rudeness, but he does not care as long as he gets things done.

Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance premieres on Saturday, Jan 28
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Meanwhile, his significant other is the cheerful and smiling Ashley Newbrough, who plays Hannah. Her goal is to introduce new technology to the primitive resort, but she is open to finding new love interests.

Her infectious smile melts his tough exterior as he actively begins seeking her company. 

We cannot forget Amelie Will Wolf, the director's kid, who also has a significant role in the series. It was more like a vacation for her as she and her mother had the time of their lives while filming.

Amélie Will Wolf with her mom on Feb 2022
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Her days were spent taking multiple rides on the lift as she got the hang of things by the time the project got completed.