Who Is Lucciana Beynon? Wes Nelson Girlfriend Is Travers Beynon's Daughter, Find Her Instagram Details

Lucciana Beynon is a Venezuelan-Australian model, and people know her as the girlfriend of Wes Nelson and the daughter of Travers Beynon.

Lucciana Beynon is setting the temperature of the modeling world high just at the age of 20 through the breathtaking pictures that she shares online.

Her father is famous as a tobacco tycoon in Australia. He often throws the party in his residence for celebrities, where she flaunts her beauty along with other lovely ladies.

Who Is Lucciana Beynon? Meet The Girlfriend Of Wes Nelson 

Lucciana Beynon is often found together with Wes Nelson, romantically spending time, suggesting that she is his girlfriend.

We are yet to find out how long this fashion model has been dating the singer and TV personality, Wes, as there is no exact timeline for their relationship. But they look adorable together as a couple, and we can find a few photos of them having good times with each other.

Lucciana seems to have been in a relationship with several other people in the past, but she says that she is yet to find her soul mate. She believes that people have their significant another half for a lifetime with whom one can spend their life together. Likewise, she seems to try to work out the best in her every relationship and might have always wanted to take it in the right direction.

Furthermore, we can say that she loves to be around Wes, and she might have thought about having a beautiful relationship with him for a longer time.

Is Lucciana Beynon The Daughter Of Travers Beynon?

Lucciana Beynon was born to Australian businessman Travers Beynon and a Venezuelan model Ninibeth Leal, and she is proud to be known as their daughter.

Her millionaire father has always been taking good care of her, and they often get together during holidays and other events, along with her brother Valentino. As her parents separated back in 2008, there is not much information about her, although Wikipedia says she is also active as a businesswoman.

We can say that she carries the beauty and grace from her model mother and might have inherited the business skills from her father. It might be why she is close with both her parents despite their separation.

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Let Us Explore The Instagram Details Of Lucciana Beynon 

Lucciana Beynon is present on Instagram @lucianabeynon, and she has got more than 150 thousand people following her on it.

She flaunts her grace with such confidence that it has caught the eye of several modeling agencies and other business houses, and they often approach her to work with her. We can find her endorsing some products through which she has been making good money.

Furthermore, we can find the pictures she takes with her family members too through her Instagram, and through this, we came to know she involves herself in different parties very often.

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