Who Is Luciana Ofman On Tiktok? Fans Applaud The Teen Criticizing The Government Over Multiple Reasons

Luciana Ofman is currently trending on Tiktok after she put the federal government in the blast and its insurance policies. We have all the scoop about Luciana here.

Luciana Ofman has recently been trending on every social media platform, especially TikTok after her content started going viral.

Luciana is a young Ukrainian lady who has set the internet by storm after posting a series of videos calling out the federal government as well as the insurance policies.

Ofman has been sharing her videos through her TikTok account and the videos have been circulating faster than anticipated.

Who Is Luciana Ofman On Tiktok? 

Luciana Ofman who also goes by Reina Polenta is a 23-year-old Ukrainian woman.

Luciana's videos have been gaining recognition because she talks about the struggle and tackles of her nation's insurance policy and up-to-date struggles.

Ofman goes under the handle @luliofman on her Tiktok account. She has over 88k followers at the moment and her followers are only increasing here onwards.

She often uploads similarly styled videos in the same setup where her hair is parted sideways and she is wearing bright red lipstick. She has been very consistent with her videos and her contents are coming up every other day.

Instagram Account Of The Teen Criticizing The Government Over Videos

Luciana Ofman has also expanded her content towards Instagram.

She first started off from TikTok and after she got viral, she also started preaching about her content on her Instagram account. 

Luciana's Instagram handle goes under @luliofman. She has already garnered about 12.6k following on her Instagram account but she only follows back about 25 people.

She reposts the same content she posts on her TikTok account on her Instagram profile. Fans have been very supportive of her voicing her opinion through Instagram and they have been praising her for it.

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Luciana Ofman Video Contents

Most of Luciana Ofman's video content consists of her slandering the government for their insurance policies.

Luciana also recently has mentioned and talked about topics such as the Congress, The re-election, The Violent Nature of War and Troops, the Invasion, and the policies. 

However, Ofman makes videos in her own Langauge. People have started coming forward and translating her videos in English so it gets a greater reach of the public's attention.

Nonetheless, Luciana has become the recent internet sensation and she has been praised as a hero by many. 

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