Macarena Achaga Pareja Actual - Here Is What You Need To Know About The Wrath of God Cast

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Macarena Achaga is a very renowned Mexican model & actress, and her partner's name is Juanpa Zurita.

She is a model, singer, actress, & television presenter from Argentina. She has developed a great career throughout her years in the entertainment sector.

Achaga also has a sizable fan base across all her social media platforms, with many people adoring her work. She began her modeling career at 15 and has since worked as a model for several leading publications in her nation.

Macarena Achaga Pareja Explored

In 2014, Macarena Achaga began dating Juanpa Zurita. They became close friends & enjoyed spending time together, but due to misunderstandings and conflicts, they decided to split up at the end of 2014; however, they can still visit each other.

However, their love for one other managed to pull them back together, and they chose to restart their romance and are again happily dating. They continue to post lovely and cute images of themselves together on the internet, and their admirers like seeing them together.

Both Macarena and Juanpa have often posted pictures of them together on their social media accounts. Juanpa Zurita is a model, actress, and social media influencer from Mexico. He rose to prominence in 2013 due to his Vine comedy videos.

Juanpa broadened his horizons by posting vlogs & entertainment videos on YouTube, and most recently, he launched his water corporation during a drought, utilizing his own country's resources.

Zurita ran several initiatives to support humanitarian help, including one in which he gathered 25 million Mexican pesos from contributions to build houses for numerous victims of a September 2017 earthquake in Mexico City.

He started modeling for major houses such as Pull&Bear, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Calvin Klein in 2016. Considering that both Macarena and Juanpa are into modeling, they must have a lot in common and are a good-looking couple. 

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Macarena Achaga Family And Ethnicity Explored

Achaga was raised in Argentina's Mar Del Plata. Her parents were also excellent architects, and their work was well-liked. She came from a wealthy household.

Macarena is her parents' eldest child. Her younger brother is eight years her junior. Achaga began her modeling career at age 15, traveling up to five hours weekly by bus via Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires in search of work.


In Buenos Aires, she joined Pink Model Management. The Spanish model eventually signed to Mulittalient Agency, a Buenos Aires-based agency. She traveled to Buenos Aires at 18 to continue her modeling career.

Her family has always supported her career, and they are very proud of what she has accomplished throughout her career. 

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Explore Macarena Achaga Net Worth 

Macarena's exact estimated net worth is still under review at the moment. However, considering she has worked in different fields throughout her life, Achaga must earn a decent living.

Macarena's money sources are brand partnerships, modeling, acting, music, & social media advertising are all Macarena's money sources. These factors play a significant role in deciding your overall earnings.


Judging from the Spanish model's life, Achaga seems to be living a lavish life consisting of several vacations, parties, and a lot of traveling. So it is evident that the model is living a lavish life with her career earnings.