Malia Obama New Boyfriend Dawit Eklund Is A Record Producer- Facts To Know About Him

Malia Obama and her new man are showing they are a real couple ( Source : Finance )

After two trips in which they kept a proper distance from one another while strolling through Los Angeles, Malia Obama and her new boyfriend are exhibiting that they are a real pair.

The couple was spotted together for the third time in the past nine days when they visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Thursday morning.

Moreover, her outfit consisted of loose-fitting green pants and a crop top that showed off her trim midsection. Dawit wore a pink t-shirt, green shorts, and a pair of shorts featuring the late Bob Marley.

Additionally, the two have been seen strolling closely together twice in the past week. On July 26, they were first spotted getting takeout, and then on August 2, they were spotted out on a stroll.

Who Is Malia Obama New Boyfriend Dawit Eklund? Wikipedia Bio

Dawit Eklund, Malia Obama's new boyfriend, is an established producer in Washington, D.C., and he creates music that is fit for a basement rave.

Eklund, a mainstay of the city's electronic label and collective 1432 R, is an expert at creating beats that appear simple but are rather complex.

Malia and Dawit made no attempt to hide their feelings for each other on Thursday
Malia and Dawit made no attempt to hide their feelings for each other on Thursday ( Source : Dailymail )

In "New Life," the lead track on Eklund's 2018 Corona E.P., he delivers the perfect ode to clammy mornings spent dancing.

The track's major components are chattering polyrhythms and flowing synth. Still, Eklund also snuck in a few good tidbits that give it a substantial, homemade feel: A voice that sounds like it could be from a radiator valve or a bell screeches joyfully as a bell rings and a hi-hat sizzles.

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Malia Ahn Obama And Dawit Eklund Age Difference- How Old Is He?

Malia, who turned 24 on July 4, is nine years younger than Dawit Eklund, who turns 33 next week.

In addition to looking like a younger version of Barack Obama, he smokes like the 44th president, a vice that Obama has frequently said was brutal for him to kick.

Record Producer Dawit Eklund Net Worth In 2022- Wealth Explored

The 33-year-old music producer's profession may have brought in a sizable wealth, and it's reasonable to assume that he has a net worth of at least $1 million.

But the following is just a supposition based on his professional background. His precise net worth and earnings remain a mystery.

Malia is all smiles as Dawit places his hand on her bare back as they visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Malia is all smiles as Dawit places his hand on her bare back as they visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art ( Source : Dailymail )

The Ethiopian music label 1432 R, with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., was co-founded by Dawit. He also has a Democratic registration, which is perhaps not surprising.

Further, the label was profiled in a Washington Post article in 2016: "Their music smoothly pulls together house music grooves, the stutter of U.K. garage, an unsettling electronic ambiance, and - maybe most importantly - Ethiopian folk music."

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Dawit Eklund Parents And Family Origins 

Reflecting on his family background, Dawit Eklund is the son of Jon Eklund, a retired State Department official who served at several U.S. embassies in Africa, and his wife, Yeshi, an Ethiopian, who is 66 years old.

One of four children born to his parents, Dawit also goes by the name David, which is the Anglicized form of his name.

Apart from this, he received his education at the International Community School in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia, before enrolling at George Washington University to pursue a degree in international development in Africa.