Mark Schwarzer and Wife Paloma Schwarzer Share A Son Julian Schwarzer Who Is Also A Footballer

 Australian former professional soccer player Mark Schwarzer with his partner Paloma in Washington DC.
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Mark Schwarzer and wife Paloma Schwarzer have a son named Julian Schwarzer. Mark has been married for 24 years.

The couple has been famous for their charity and philanthropy and for being a well-known football couple. They are still seen in the award functions. Moreover, after Mark's retirement, they had a lot of time to spend together, which was difficult during his footballing career.

The couple currently lives in England after Schwarzer entered the broadcasting industry and is employed by the BBC on their 5 Live radio program and Football Focus program as a match analyst and commentator. He also works as a correspondent for Optus Sport, an Australian sports network.

Mark, a retired goalkeeper for the Australian national soccer team, does not need an introduction to football fans. He served as Australia's international player From 1993 until 2013 and was chosen to play in the 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cups. So, who is the woman that has stayed with this football icon for the past 24 years?

Mark Schwarzer Wife Paloma Schwarzer

Mark Schwarzer and his wife Paloma Schwarzer have been living in England since his playing career.

The love birds are still there after Mark pursued his pundit career.

According to People, Mark Schwarzer and Paloma Schwarzer have been married since June 1998.

She never had it as easy as a love of a professional football player. Paloma has claimed that it is tough to cope with soccer players' regular and frequent traveling.

Moreover, she admitted that it is challenging for their children as well.

The Schwarzer couple poses for a photograph on the red carpet during the Australian Football Awards at the Hilton Hotel on June 11, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.
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Paloma claims that despite the challenges, she and Mark's kids recognize and appreciate the temporary nature of his profession. She explains that it will end eventually, making you value it much more.

Independent claims that Mrs. Schwarzer is native to Asia, and her family chose to leave the Philipines rather than live under the Marcos regime. Instead, they went to Australia, where she met the love of her life, Mark.

Paloma Garcia is a Filipina who moved to Australia together with her family. Paloma's father is Arturo Garcia, a former De La Salle University football player in Manila. Moreover, she is also Albert M.G. Garcia's granddaughter, a former member of the Philippines' national team in the 1960s.

Paloma is active on Instagram under the username @paloma_garciamartin, with nearly two hundred followers and over six hundred posts. Unfortunately, she has chosen to keep her account private.

Inside Their Married Life

The couple has been married for twenty-four years and dating for nearly a decade.

His first post together dates back to 2017; The former player updated his Instagram with an image of his partner and her friend on July 16, 2017.

He posted another picture the same year at Albert Einstein Memorial, a monumental bronze statue by sculptor Robert Berks, depicting Albert Einstein seated with manuscript papers in hand. It was during their visit to Washington, DC, in 2017. 

Mark and his partner Paloma during their visit to Albert Einstein Memorial in 2017.
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Similarly, they went to the Presidential House on October 6, 2017, and he jokingly said that they knocked, but no one was at home. They then went for some adventure in 2018 when the couple was skiing in the Montjoux Megeve mountains. He posted a picture of the couple on January 28, 2018.

The Schwarzer couple was also on the red carpet during the Australian Football Awards at the Hilton Hotel on June 11, 2009, in Sydney, Australia.

Mark Schwarzer Son Julian Is A Football Player

Mark Schwarzer has a son named Julian Schwarzer, who plays football. His firstborn has followed Mark's footsteps and is established as a good player.

Julian is a professional football player who competes for the Philippines national team and Azkals DT of the Philippines Football League as a goalkeeper. Schwarzer was born in Harrogate, England, to a Filipino mother of Spanish heritage and an Australian father of German ancestry.

Mark Schwarzer son Julian during his time at Fulham.
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Schwarzer joined the Azkals Development Team of the Philippine Football League. He made his debut for ADT against Kaya F.C.–Iloilo.

Schwarzer joined the U18 team and signed a two-year scholarship contract with Fulham in 2016. He didn't play a single game in his first year with the U18 squad. However, the following year, he played his first game for Fulham U18 against Norwich U18.

Julian's International Career 

The 23-year-old player has agreed to a deal with The Philippine Football Federation since 2019. He had been selected to play for the U23 national squad in the Southeast Asian Games in 2019 and 2021. However, he could not compete because he needed to obtain a Philippine passport but failed to do so on time.

Julian Schwarzer is under contract with the Philippine Football Federation since 2019.
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Moreover, Schwarzer is qualified to represent Australia, England, Germany, the Philippines, and Spain internationally due to his parent's background and place of birth.