Who Are Joshua And Carol Martin? Meet Marsai Martin Parents And Her Siblings

Marsai Martin with her family ( Source : Instagram )

Marsai Martin is a young talent who was cast as Callie Coleman in a film titled Fantasy Football (2022).

Her excellent acting abilities have made her one of Hollywood's biggest stars. She is also the epitome of youthful Black greatness.

At the age of five, Martin appeared in her first national advertisement. Then, she secured a national commercial alongside Meineke to launch her career in the entertainment sector.

Martin became a household name thanks to her high-profile comedic movie, which garnered international attention.

Marsai Martin Parents: Who Are Joshua And Carol Martin? Her Siblings In The Family

"Fun Mom Dinner" actress Marsai Martin is the daughter of Joshua and Carol Martin. Her parents' encouragement has greatly influenced her remarkable profession.

Marsai's father, Joshua, is a businessman who founded Genius Production, creating intriguing tales that emphasize the artistic abilities of young black children.

Childhood photograph of Marsai Martin with her mother Carolb Martin
Childhood photograph of Marsai Martin with her mother Carolb Martin ( Source : Instagram )

On the other hand, her mother presently serves with companies like Hilton and American Airlines.

Also, she is the vice president of Genius Productions, the production business she co-founded with her daughter, Marsai Martin, and her spouse, Joshua Martin.

Regarding her siblings, Cydni Martin is her younger sister. Her parents raised them in Gardana Hills, California.

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Marsai Martin Ethnicity & Family Origin

Coming to Marsai Martin's ethnicity, the actress is African American. She originally hails from Plano, Texas, the United States.

Nevertheless, her father is from Carson, California. In contrast, his mom is a native of Denver, Colorado.

The coolest father-daughter duo
The coolest father-daughter duo ( Source : Instagram )

The "Black-Ish" star collaborates with the American eyewear manufacturer Essilor of America to educate parents about single vision patients and Women in Optometry.

Their partnership emphasizes the importance of comprehensive vision care for children's developing eye needs.

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Marsai Martin Age: How Old Is She Now?

Actress Marsai Martin is presently 18 years of age. She was born to her parents in 2004.

She started her profession after appearing in a glossy magazine. In 2013, Martin's family relocated to Los Angeles so she could consider her acting career.

Martin has set a high standard for peers who achieved historical milestones at such a young age, but she is still in the early stages of her career.

Marsai Martin Net Worth & Career Earnings

As of June 2022, Marsai Martin has accumulated a net worth of $1.5 Million, thanks to earnings from movies and TV shows.

According to Teen Vogue, Martin made an immense sensation last year as the first 14-year-old in Hollywood to produce and star in a big-budget film.

At the 2020 NAACP Image Awards, she was honored for her exceptional contribution to Hollywood.

Actress Marsai Martin during the premiere of NWH
Actress Marsai Martin during the premiere of NWH ( Source : Instagram )

According to HuffPost, she won four awards for her effort in the 2019 film "Little," including Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Performance by a Youth for ABC's "Black-ish," as well as Outstanding Breakthrough Performance in a Motion Picture.

The youngster also contributed to history by serving as the impetus for the establishment of Genius Productions, her own production company.

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