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Martin Lukeman wife Melanie Lukeman and Inside His Family Life

Professional English darts player Martin with his partner Melaine during her sister's wedding.
Source : facebook

Martin Lukeman and wife Melanie Lukeman live in Watford. Martin Lukeman has a daughter named Tiana Lukeman in the family.

Melanie is a massive fan of darts, as she is present in every game of her husband. The couple has been together for over a decade, as their daughter is currently 12.

Martin competes in Professional Darts Corporation tournaments as a professional English darts player. He is an expert marksman and likes to shoot clay pigeons.

The Lukeman couple had been together before Martin started to make his mark in the darts world.

Martin Lukeman Wife Melanie Lukeman

Darts player Martin Lukeman wife Melanie Lukeman is an animal lover. 

Melanie has been living with her husband for over a decade now.

Martin's spouse is a massive fan of darts and has made a big name in this beautiful game despite not playing it professionally. She rose to prominence and gained fame after her partner Martin became successful in PDC.

She is active on Facebook and shares pictures and posts about her husband, daughter, and, most importantly, her fur babies. Based on her Facebook bio, she is a homemaker and a lovely mother.

Melanie occassionally attends the darts games to watch Martin play
Source : facebook

The couple recently went on a two-week holiday to Melanie's hometown to attend her sister's wedding in early May. He thanked his love's family for the invitation, and the love birds took the opportunity to celebrate her mother's birthday too.

The parents of one also enjoyed a week fishing on the river banks while enjoying the wildlife.

Melanie has a passion for Darts

Melaine is a great supporter of her husband in the PDC crowd. Her Facebook pictures and reaction during her husband's games speak up for themselves. 

Martin uploaded a picture on October 5 when his love was in the front row watching the game. Similarly, Melaine has also posted many pictures to show her support for her partner. For instance, she posted a photo of her husband with his competitor on December 17. She also made headlines after her reaction to her husband's game in early October.

Melaine Lukman is a huge supporter of her husband a massive fan of darts.
Source : facebook

Melaine could not believe it when Martin made a mistake on a match dart at the World Grand Prix. But, according to dailystar, Lukeman won the most important match of his darts career and advanced to the World Grand Prix quarterfinals after a thrilling leg against Ross Smith.

The audience gasped in surprise at the blunder, and his partner, who was in the crowd, gave the audience a look of total disbelief. However, Lukeman, who at first appeared confused, soon became calm and maintained his composure to win the match.

Martin Has A Pet Dog Named Mason

Moreover, Martin also updated a status thanking everyone that had supported him this year, and it has his wife's name too. 

Melaine also has an immense love for pet dogs, along with her family and darts. She has four fur babies.

She has named two of them, Mason and Coco. In addition, she uploads many pictures of her dogs and keeps her Facebook friends updated about them. Moreover, the dogs have maintained a strong bond with their daughter, as seen in some photos.

Melaine has four fur babies in her family.
Source : facebook

According to the status posted by Melaine in September, Mason ran away from their home, causing a massive stir in the family. Fortunately, he was found by the police and returned safely. She thanked her friends, relatives, and the police for their help.

Martin Lukeman Daughter Tiana

Martin Lukeman has a daughter Tiana Lukeman with his spouse. 

Tiana was born on September 7, 2010, and has been living with her parents. Currently, she is 12 years old. She has developed a passion for darts from a young age and watches her father play on Television.

Melaine with her daughter Tiana in their home after the PDC tournament.
Source : facebook

Tiana is the only child of Watford-based English parents. Although she has never been in a dart tournament, she seems to watch every game based on the Facebook of her mother. Moreover, Tiana is seen playing with her dogs when her parents are not around. 

She was at her aunt's wedding looking beautiful in a light dress, and the only daughter of Martin can also be seen in a Tottenham Hotspurs jersey, in one of her picture hinting she is also a football fan.