Who Are Station 11 Actress Matilda Lawler Parents? Her Politician Father And Mother

Image of Matilda Lawler ( Source : Indiewire )

American actress Matilda Lawler is well known for her leading performances in Station Eleven, Flora & Ulysses, and two HBO Max mini-series.

The actress has also made her appearances in The Block Island Sound, Good Grief in 2020, and Evil in 2019. Lawler started her acting career and played her first acting part in a stage show of Jack and Annie at Hoboken Children's Theater.

Born on September 8, 2008, Matilda is a Los Angeles Native. She has a verified Instagram account under the username @matildalawleractor with more than 7k followers and 32 posts. 

Who Are Matilda Lawler's Parents? Father And Mother Info

Matilda Lawler's parents are Matthew Lawler and Mara Lawler. 

Matthew is a well-known actor who has shown his exceptional acting abilities in several films and television programs, including ABC's The Family. He has passionately served as an actor for the past 23 years. His appearance in the mystery drama TV series The Family is his best performance to date. 

Similarly, Mara Lawler is also an actor and has appeared in the 2014 film Coward.

Seeing both her parents in the acting line, Matilda got greatly inspired to pursue the same line, going for her first audition at the age of eight. 

Matilda Lawler Is The Daughter Of Matthew Lawler 

Matilda Lawler is thought to be the daughter of Matthew Lawler, who, although he has the same name as a politician, is not one himself. 

Likewise, he is an actor who appeared in many films and is currently working in theatre. He has completed 42 movies to date. 

Matthew has always been supportive of her daughter, and they share a special bond. Matilda's father always appreciates her for her incredible work. 

When Matilda was impressed by one of her father's theatrical performances, she decided that she wanted to pursue acting. Therefore, she entered Hollywood at the age of 10, and since then, Matthew has always been her fan and has supported her in every step.

Matilda Lawler's Mother And Matthew Lawler's Wife, Mara

Matilda Lawler's mother is Mara Lawler, who is also an actress in Hollywood.

She is very close to her daughter and is very loving and gentle. She has shared several pictures of her daughter on her Instagram account. 

Matilda is thought to have a joyful aura from her mother. She is always joyful and never fails to put a smile on her face. It is very clear from Mara's social media platform that she is very proud of her daughter's work and has always been on her side. 

Matilda is very secretive about any further personal information about her and her family. So, there seems to be very little information about her mother.