The Roku Channel Original Meet Me in Paris Cast and Release Date

Meet Me In Paris begins streaming on Roku Channel in 2023
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Meet Me in Paris cast includes Danielle Matteo, Mimi Shou, and Jasmine Fleet in lead roles. The program is catered to single women. 

The Roku original series follows three real women as they reach the city of lights and star in their romantic comedy.

The documentary-style flick had a mash of drama, emotions, and romance as they searched for what they had always wanted.

According to the trailer, it is a first-of-its-kind reality rom-com produced by the collaboration between Hello Sunshine and Cinestar.

The movie will be available for streaming on The Roku Channel starting February 10.

Meet Me in Paris Roku Cast

Meet Me in Paris cast Danielle Matteo, Mimi Shou, and Jasmine Fleet will fly to Paris for the show. The three women are friends.

There are potential love interests that graced the screen, but they have yet to make their identities public.

Since the show follows a reality show format, they do not have to reenact someone else's emotions but remain true to their feelings. 

Danielle Matteo

Danielle is a part of the Basketball Beauties. The apparel store manager rooted in Los Angeles wanted to give a platform to women from all walks of life.

Danielle with her kids in Nov 2022
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Previously, she worked as an influencer Marketing Specialist for MVMT, a watches, eyewear, and premium accessories store.

Last July, she got promoted to Senior Influencer Marketing Manager on their ninth anniversary.

Her creativity blossomed over the years, and she got opportunities to meet phenomenal minds across the table.  In addition, she is a mother of two, a boy and a girl, who are her priority. 

Mimi Shou

Mimi Shou is an influencer on Instagram, with over 22.5 thousand people watching her every step.

She capitalized on her reach by opening a shop of her name, catered for girls who love themselves.

The products include rings that range from 600 dollars to diamond neckless worth three grand. 

Shou always had a knack for self-made accessories, selling handmade designs to boutiques and friends at fifteen.

Her business shifted online until her senior year of college at Georgetown University. Her degree in Marketing and Psychology seemed like a better bet as she left her passion behind.

Mimi at SoHo on Dec 2022
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Soon after, she got appointed in retail at Bloomingdale’s, where she became an Assistant Buyer in the Diamonds department.

The spark soon became an obsession as she strived to bring women a new sense of confidence and individuality through her store. 

Jasmine Fleet

Jasmine Fleet is the last one of the group of friends and the most mysterious.

In the trailer, she talked about tearfully wanting to find love as she had everything else. She seemed to be working as an influencer like her friends and recently graduated with a degree in 2022.

Jasmine at New Orleans, Louisiana to attend Miss Universe 2023
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In January, she graced the stage for Miss Universe 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana, with the other two ladies by her side. 

When Is Meet Me In Paris Release Date?

Meet Me In Paris will release on February 10, 2023. The show is a Roku exclusive and thus can only be streamed on Roku Channel.

The network remains based on the Web, iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, and select Samsung TVs with no prescriptions.

It is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, with premium services only for the United States.

Meet Me In Paris releases on Feb 10, 2023
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The channel boasts 350 live television and kids' entertainment so the viewers would not remain bored while waiting for their favorite program to air.

The audience has high hopes for the series, getting three thousand views in less than ten days on its trailer on Youtube.

Besides, the comments are positive, with many adding it to their lists for the coming month. 

The Roku Original Has A Fresh Concept

Roku is pushing the boundaries for reality television with its new show with the fresh concept of Meet Me in Paris.

With Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine and Zoe Saldana's Cinestar production companies as their backbone, the show ensures success no matter what. 

Meet Me In Paris is a joint venture by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine and Zoe Saldana's Cinestar
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According to sources, three ladies, who have remained lifelong friends, got selected to travel to Paris for two weeks in search of love.

They meet their potential love interests at the Luxembourg Gardens and stroll through the tree-lined Champs-Élysées. 

Although their dates may end on a happy note, they must take their next step with caution as their happy ending may disappear in a snap of their fingers.

They may have to follow a script, but they have free will to write their endings.