Who Is Megan Falater And Where Is She Now? Scott Falater Daughter On ABC/2020

The 1990s saw dramatic headlines about Falater's defense of sleepwalking ( Source : Abc15 )

Megan Falater, Scott Falater's daughter, attested to how wonderful a father he has been and expressed a desire to keep in touch with him.

Scott Falater has told the story of how he murdered his wife, Yarmila Falater, several times. The officers who responded, the investigators, and the court proceedings have all provided him with graphic details about how he attacked her multiple times in the family's backyard and dumped her body in their swimming pool.

Plus, a neighbor who claims to have witnessed some of the crime has also testified in court. Despite being found guilty of first-degree murder and receiving a life term in jail in 2000, Falater continues to insist that he has no recollection of carrying out the crime.

In contrast, the theory put forth by his defense has always been that Fataler killed his wife while sleepwalking, which at the time led to spectacular headlines claiming that he was the "sleepwalking" murderer.

But after nearly 24 years, his kids visited him in jail, and online searches for more details about them started to rise.

Who Is Scott Falater's Daughter, Megan Falater?

Scott Falater's daughter Megan, then a freshman at the University of Chicago, was an 18-year-old teenager at the time of his arrest.

Additionally, she is the older of Scott and Yarmila's two children.

Megan, who was born in Florida, lived there in the 1980s with her parents and brother. The family even briefly resided in Minnesota before moving to Phoenix, Arizona, where they established an apparently secure and long-term residence.

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Where Is Megan Falater Now? 

Megan Falater, who is thought to be in her early 40s, may have started a family with a husband and kids as of today.

But since she has avoided the spotlight, it is only a supposition. Her brother, Michael, on the other hand, is rumored to be married and have four kids.

Additionally, according to Scott Falater's prison records from the Arizona Department of Corrections, he is currently held at the Arizona State Prison Complex - Yuma near San Luis. He also carries the lowest internal risk rating.

Regarding "20/20," Despite admitting that he had nothing to gain from his wife's murder, Scott insisted that "there is nobody else I can pin the burden." I acknowledge that the responsibility is mine, and I must proceed."

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Megan Falater And Brother Michael's Testimony

Both Megan Falater and her brother Michael testified that Scott was a wonderful father and that they wanted to keep in touch with him.

Yarmila's mother, who goes by the name Yarmila, conveyed to the judge her desire for Scott to be a part of her grandchildren's lives, even if it meant that he would be incarcerated.

Scott and his wife Yarmila Falater were high school sweethearts
Scott and his wife Yarmila Falater were high school sweethearts ( Source : Abcnews )

Judge Ronald Reinstein of the Maricopa County Superior Court chose not to execute Scott and instead sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of release after taking into account the children's evidence that the Falaters had a peaceful marriage free of violence.

Plus, defense attorney Mike Kimerer acknowledged the difficulty of the sleepwalking claim while maintaining his trust in Scott's innocence.

"You would adore having a significantly different defense," Kimerer added. "We were at a loss for alternatives."