Melanie Martinez K-12 Songs In Order

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Melanie Martinez K-12 Songs In Order are 1. Wheels on the Bus 2. Class Fight 3. The Principal and ten others. Recess is the last track.

Melanie Martinez is a 28-year-old American singer and songwriter. She was born on April 28, 1995. Her debut studio album is Cry Baby which is certified double-platinum by RIAA.

Martinez released a K-12 studio album after Cry Baby through Atlantic Records. She also wrote and directed K-12 in 2019 where she played the main 'Cry Baby' character in the fantasy horror film.

K-12 Melanie Martinez Songs are listed below:

Melanie Martinez K-12 Songs In Order

Wheels on the Bus3 minutes and 40 seconds
Class Fight2 minutes and 41 seconds
The Principal2 minutes and 56 seconds
Show & Tell3 minutes and 35 seconds
Nurse's Office3 minutes and 22 seconds
Drama Club3 minutes and 45 seconds
Strawberry Shortcake3 minutes and 4 seconds
Lunchbox Friends2 minutes and 49 seconds
Orange Juice3 minutes and 37 seconds
Detention3 minutes and 56 seconds
Teacher's Pet4 minutes and 1 seconds
High School Sweethearts5 minutes and 11 seconds
Recess3 minutes and 50 seconds

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1. Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the Bus is the first track on the K-12 Album. It was written by Melanie Matinez, Michael Keenan, and Emily Warren.

Melanie Martinez's Wheels On The Bus is of length 3 minutes and 40 seconds produced by Keenan. This song talks about a bus driver who sees all the wrong behaviors happening in the surroundings but prefers to do nothing to stop it.

Cry Baby, Matinez's character in the K-12 movie sees unusual actions like students smoking illegal substances, and stripping clothes, and also how people having power choose to overlook the fact.

The lyrics start with ' I'm just looking out the window and it's cold outside and the most famous part of the song is:

No one's watching us‚ don't give a f**k
Wheels on the bus
I'm holding it down up in the front
Wheels on the bus
Ooh‚ ooh, ooh
Wheels on the bus

2. Class Fight

Class Fight is another track from the K-12 sophomore album. Its length is 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

Melanie Martinez Class Fight is the shortest song in the album under the standard edition. It is also written by Melanie Martinez and Michael Keenan, and the producer is Keenan.

This song is about the main character's crush and her jealousy when her crush is in a relationship with another character.

There is an imaginary conversation in the chorus part of the song. It is between the main character, Cry Baby, and her parents. It was released on September 6th, 2019.

This song genre is alternative pop, trip-hop, experimental pop, and electropop. It was released by Atlantic Records. During the music video, Melanie draws many bunnies.

3. The Principal

The Principal is the third song in K-12 Album Songs and the fourth track in K-12 Movie.

This song was recorded in early 2017 but released on September 6th, 2019. Its genre is alternative pop, experimental pop, and indie pop.

The length of this song is 2 minutes and 56 seconds released by Atlantic Records. This song is a comparison with the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The Principal song shows people's views who are affected by the rulers who only care about themselves and wealth. The music video shows how Cry Baby knows about The Principal using pills to control his students and how she insults him for his wrong actions.

4. Show & Tell

Show & Tell is written by Melanie Martinez and Michael Keenan, and produced by Michael Keenan. Its length is 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

Melanie Matinez's K-12 songs are mostly about the school and teachers as well as people's behavior in society. This show & tell song is about celebrities, their personal and public life, and how they are treated in the music industry and outer world.

The song's snippet was released on July 2019 whereas it was officially released on September 6th, 2019. Its genre is Alternative pop and electropop.

She also talks about feelings of isolation and mistreatment by human beings.

5. Nurse's Office

Nurse's Office song by Melanie Matinez is the fifth track on her K-12 album. It was released on 6th September 2019 as the standard edition.

The genre is alternative pop, indie pop, and trip-pop with a length of 3 minutes and 22 seconds. It was released by Atlantic Records.

The theme of this song is school bullying and teacher's reaction to bullies. The Nurse's Office Lyrics start with:

Don't cut me, punch me, just let me go
Into the nurse's office where I float away

In this song, the main character, Cry Baby fake sick to go to the Nurse's Office so that she can get out of class and protect herself from bad bullying.

6. Drama Club

Melanie Martinez's K-12 Songs include Drama Club as the sixth track on her album, K-12. Its co-writers are Melanie Martinez, Kinetics, and One Love.

This song is produced by One Love. The track length is 3 minutes and 45 seconds where lyrics start with:

Everyone's so soft, everyone's so sensitive
Do I offend you? You're hanging on my sentences

There are a number of versions but the final and original one was released on September 6th, 2019. It's an alternative pop genre and talks about how the main character is being pressured by her peers to do things they don't want for popularity.

The line Drama Club is used many times throughout the song.

7. Strawberry Shortcake

Melanie Martinez's Song Strawberry Shortcake was recorded in late 2015 but was released on September 6th, 2019.

This seventh track on the K-12 album is about the value of girls and their insecurities about how they look.

She also indicates the efforts of girls to be attractive to men to fit in society's standards. She points out harassment and victims of such actions.

The song's lyrics start with:

Feeling unsure of my naked body
Stand back, watch it taking shape
Wondering why I don't look like Barbie
They say boys like girls with a tiny waist

where the singer is pointing out her insecurities about her own body. The artist also stated that this song is partially based on her own experiences during her childhood and as a female artist in the music industry.

8. Lunchbox Friends

Lunchbox Friends song is the eighth song on the K-12 album which was released on January 10th, 2020.

The length of this Melanie Martinez K-12 Song is 2 minutes and 49 seconds released by Atlantic Records. 

This song is all about school friends, high standards friends, and gossip. It talks about how one has to maintain high standards to be considered a friend. One's appearance and connection matter to be a Lunchbox friend.

Melanie also expresses her want to have a true, long-lasting, loyal, and supportive friend rather than a 'lunchbox friend'. The post-chorus part of this song explains it.

No lunchbox friends, no oh
No lunchbox friends
Come to my, come to my
Friendship that would last forever

9. Orange Juice

Orange Juice is featured as the ninth track on the K-12 album. It was released by Atlantic Records on September 6th, 2019.

This song is of length 3 minutes and 37 seconds and is of alternative pop, experimental pop, and electropop. It was produced by Michael Keenan.

The song's lyrics begin with:

Oh, oh, stick it down your throat
I'm watching from the bathroom
Making sure I don't choke, choke
From the words you spoke when you're screamin' at the mirror

This song is related to the struggle of the main character's friend to maintain a specific image to continue the friendship with the high-standard student. It talks about her eating disorder.

10. Detention

Detention is the tenth song of the K-12 album which was recorded in 2016 and released in 2019.

This song was released by Atlantic Records which is of 3 minutes and 56 seconds.

Detention refers to the punishment of being kept in school after hours. In this song, the writers express the feeling of suppression to maintain the perfect image in public eyes just because you belong to the music industry and you are an artist.

The first verse of the song is 

I'm not a bad guy
So don't treat me bad if I'm feeling sad, alright?
Please don't be mad if I don't smile back, alright?
If I f**k up my words, don't think I'm absurd, alright?

Here, the writer is showing how Cry Baby is requesting not to criticize her even in a bad situation.

11. Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet was recorded in 2016-2017 and released in 2019 by Atlantic Records.

Martinez's song Teacher's Pet emphasizes teacher-student relationships.

The first verse of the song is:

Caught the teacher giving his eyes to a student
Pouty, pretty, cute and she bit her lip back to him
Chewing on her nails and her pens while she's dreaming of him
And he's f**king in sin (You know he is)

Melanie speaks on the main character's best friend and best friend's relationship with her teacher. She questions the secrecy of the relationship between student and teacher.

This song was certified gold by the RIAA which is the first track from K-12 to get such certification.

12. High School Sweethearts

High School Sweethearts is the longest track of the K-12 album with a time of 5 minutes and 11 seconds. This song was released by Atlantic Records.

This twelfth song was released in 2019 even though its recording started in 2016. It is related to Cry Baby's lover and the characteristics that she wants from her lover.

This song shows that the character wants a serious long-term relationship which seems like a possible callback to Cry Baby's toxic relationship in Cry Baby Album. This song is an Alternative pop and trip-hop genre.

13. Recess

Recess is the last track on the standard edition of the K-12 Album. It is of R&B and baroque pop genre.

This song's length is 3 minutes and 50 seconds recorded in 2016 and released on September 6, 2019.

The song focuses on maintaining your mental health when times are tough and distancing plus letting go of the harmful people who are harming your mental status.

The pre-chorus of this song is:

People gonna say
If you need a break, someone'll take your place
People gonna try
To tell you that you're fine with dollars in their eyes
(Just remember)

This chorus is about the situation where an artist takes fewer breaks and overwork and the moment they stop working another person will replace them.