What Happened To Michael Stenger? Security At Arms In Charge Of Jan 6 Riot Passed Away Recently

Michael Stenger death has taken over the internet, as the cause of death has not been revealed. ( Source : Thesun )

Michael Stenger was the former Senate Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. Senate and was pronounced dead on Monday morning, 27th June. His death is getting the attention of the nation. 

Stenger, who worked as U.S. secret service officer for over 35 years. Following his demise, people are sending prayers and condolences to his family. 

No further details following his passing have surfaced on the web. As a result, netizens are trying to learn what caused his death. Some are building the conspiracy that his uncertain demise might be related to the Capitol riot that happened on 6th January 2021. 

What Happened To Michael Stenger? His Cause Of Death 

Multiple sources have confirmed Michael Stenger's death and Chad Pregram was the one that tweeted the news of his demise.

Stenger was the former Senate Sergeant at Arms in charge of Senate security on the day of the Capitol riot. 

He passed away on 27th June on Monday morning while his cause of death is still unrevealed to the public.

According to the Independent, Michael worked very closely with the government serving in various positions.

Following his death, many conspiracies are getting speculated all over the web. Some are even hypothesizing his sudden death might be some cover-up for his involvement in the Capitol riots. 

He has served his country by staying in United States Marine Corps. Furthermore, he served in the US Secret Service for 35 years. Also, he was appointed as Assistant Director for the USSS Office of Government and Public Affairs in 2008. 

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Michael Stenger Was In Charge Of Security At Arms In The 6th January Riot

Michael resigned from the In Charge of Security at Arms after the 6th January riot in the Capitol.

The violent storm of the people was causing physical and symbolic harm for over more than hours. The assistance of the national guard was repeatedly refused by Stenger and House Sergeant arms Paul Irving.

As a result, the mob breached the security lapses and occupied the Capitol. Thus, he resigned from the post of Senate Sergeant at Arms.

The same day two more security officials also stepped down from the post, US Capitol Police chief Steven Sund and House and House Sergeant at Arms Paul D. Irving. 

Axios stated that the day a group of violent protesters stormed the Capitol, Mitch McConnell "asked and accepted" his resignation. Members of Congress heavily criticized Stenger for handling security on the day of the riot.

He began serving as the United States Senate's Sergeant at Arms in 2011. First, he was appointed as Assitant Sergeant at Arms. Later he got nominated as the 41st Sergeant at Arms. 

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Obituary For Michael Stenger By Wife And Family On Facebook 

Michael's obituary regarding his wife and family is being searched on the web and other social media. But no official record is noted about his family, although being documented on Wikipedia. 

But as a prominent public officer, it is obvious that he should not reveal his personal details and more about his family. It might put his life and family at risk. 

Stenger served as a captain in the US Marine Corps before enlisting in the US Secret Service. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.