20 Different Mohawk Haircuts To Try In 2023

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A Mohawk is an iconic haircut to try if you are looking to completely change your appearance. From Punks to Rockstars have tried and tested this amazing style.

However, what many might not know is that there are different types, styles, and layers to the Mohawk, each to suit your taste and personality. As such, this article explores 20 different, unique and trendy variations for your next bold hair transformation.

From the classic spikes to a more textured look, or even subtle fades and bold colors, get ready to turn heads and stand out with these daring hairstyles in 2023.

1. Classic Mohawk

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A Classic Mohawk is perhaps one of the most iconic and non-conformist hairstyles in existence. Originating from the Native American tribe of the same name, it can be recognized by the shaved sides and the strip of longer hair in the center.

This longer hair is often styled into a vertical spike or ridge, but can be styled in a different way. The classic style is usually spiky. However, what doesn't change is that this haircut represents rebellion, individuality, and a strong sense of self.

2. Faux Hawk

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A Faux Hawk is where the hair is styled to resemble a mohawk but the sides aren't shaved. Also, the strip of hair in the middle is usually not as long as a classic Mohawk.

However, this hairstyle is a great choice for those who don't want to go all the way with the boldness, but still want to embrace a trendier choice when it comes to haircuts. In fact, the Faux Hawk can be styled better with other sorts of looks because of its normalcy compared to a classic mohawk, plus it is low maintenance.

3. Mini Mohawk

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As the name suggests, a Mini Mohawk is just the shorter and smaller version of a Mohawk. What separates it from the Faux Hawk is the fact that the sides are shaved, and the strip of hair in the middle is noticeably spikier.

This hairstyle has all the versatile styling choices and low maintenance of the Faux Hawk whilst being as bold and individualistic as any Mohawk needs to be. Plus, it is a refreshing look that is appealing and attractive for anyone looking for the sort of confidence boost that only a truly stand-out haircut can bring.

4. Curly Mohawk

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Simply put, a Curly Mohawk is where the strip of hair in the middle is curly instead of the classic straight, spiky style. More often than not, this style is worn by people who have naturally curly hair and either don't want to or don't care to straighten their hair.

In fact, this insistence has birthed a haircut that is as iconic and good-looking as its more traditional version, brings a greater contrast between the shaved sides and the hair in the middle. Its gotten to the point where even people who don't have curly hair are getting this cut, and why shouldn't they? It looks amazing.

5. Braided Mohawk

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A Braided Mohwak is the result of a unique combination of shaved sides and braided hair down the middle. It is also a great spin on the Mohawk and a refutation for those who think that the Mohawk is a set style. In fact, this haircut is very versatile.

Not only can you customize this grooming choice to suit your personal style, but you can also be sure that whatever way you choose to wear it, the end result is bound to be fun, adventurous, and a sure-fire way to switch up your hair game in 2023.

6. Colored Mohawk

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The Colored Mohawk emerged in the 1980s during the Punk explosion in the UK and the US as a way to further add a sense of individuality and rebellion to an already counter-culture hairstyle. As the name suggests, the wearer colors their mohawk in various unconventional shades like Neon green, pink, blue, etc.

Since then, this haircut has only grown as a symbol of youthful exuberance and non-confirmity to be used by any, from models, actors, musicians, to teenagers. If you are truly trying to stand out and make a bold statement, you can never go wrong with a Colored Mohawk.

7. Spiky Mohawk

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A Spiky Mohawk is the image that comes to most people's minds when they think of the hairstyle. As with its colored version, this haircut was also popularized by the Punk subculture of the late 20th century and owes a lot to that period and its people for its popularity.

This style usually features shaved sides with the strip of hair in the middle being completely spiky through the use of gels and various other haircare products. The spikes can either be one long spectrum or different spikes, but all going down the middle. Though it requires a fair bit of maintenance, nothing says cool, confident and non-conformity like the Spiky Mohawk.

8. Punk Mohawk

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Stylistically, a Punk Mohawk is no different than the previous types of mohawks already listed, but is more about the aesthetic than anything. Nowadays, any mohawk that goes above and beyond the average standard, to become as audacious as possible, can be classified as a Punk Mohawk.

It can be spiky, long, uneven, sides-shaved, or curly, it doesn't matter. As long as its out-there, bold, non-conforming, and most importantly, PUNK, it comes under this categorization. If anything, choosing to get a Punk Mohawk is a license to get as weird and strange as possible.

9. Undercut Mohawk

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The Undercut Mohawk marries the classic mohawk with a modern twist in the form of an undercut with the shaved sides being under a cut, as the name suggests. This particular style of the mohawk has proved successful with both men and women.

This success has been due to the edginess and trendiness of the look as well as how it has been used to make a statement. As stated many times in this article, the mohawk is a look with a lot of history, and with just an undercut, people have been able to make this style their own in a bold and daring way.

10. Mohawk with Shaved Sides

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A Mohawk with Shaved Sides is a tried and true way of wearing this hair cut and for good reason. With the sides shaved, one can bring more attention to the strip of hair in the middle, be it long or short.

But why shave the sides? If you are going to get a mohawk, you have already made a decision to stand out boldly, and this grooming choice is a great way to not only do that but to truly accentuate your haircut. Plus, it just looks very clean and very cool.

11. Mohawk with Designs

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A Mohawk with Designs is a great way to further personalize your mohawk by adding funny designs on the side of your head. These are usually done by shaving different types of cuts on an already shaved side.

These cuts can be an undercut or type of an undercut or as creative as the wearer wants to get. Since a person wanting to get a mohawk is alredy someone looking for a way to showcase their individuality and boldness, a design is just another way to further bolster that step and/or decision.

12. Mohawk with Bangs

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A Mohawk with bangs is an edgy hairstyle that combines the signature shaved sides of a traditional Mohawk with the addition of long, sweeping bangs in the front. What works about with this cut is the contrast between the spiked hair and the face-framing bangs.

The spiked hair of the traditional mohawk is a classically masculine look while the face-framing bangs are a more feminine touch, and this combination makes the wearer look both trendy but also gender non-conforming, which has become more and more fashionable in the modern day.

13. Mohawk with Mohawk Braid

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A Mohawk with Mohawk Braid, in contrast to the Braided Mohawk, is simply a mohawk with a braid in the middle, instead of the middle itself being braided. Though its easy enough to confuse the two in theory, when looked at they are very different.

The mohawk braid is usually accompanied by completely shaved sides, and even a shaved back, to truly accentuate the braid itself. This cut is a great variation of the Mohawk as it brings something completely new to the conversation, and is perfect for those who want to try something new, bold, and daring.

14. Mohawk with Twists

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The Mohawk with twists is a look that features shaved sides, leaving a strip of longer hair in the middle that can be styled into twists. The twists are usually achieved by sectioning the hair and twisting each section tightly.

This look is another is our list that combines the bold mohawk with another hairstyle to bring forth a combination that is both wild, stylish, and trendy. This is not only a great way to become fashionable or switch up your looks, but also to stand out and showcase your personality in a daring way.

15. Mohawk with Cornrows

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Mohawk with cornrows combines the iconic shaved sides of a traditional Mohawk with intricate cornrow braids along the center of the head. It is a striking look due largely in part to this combination and the versatility therein.

The cornrow has always been a grooming choice that invites awe as it not only looks good but can be styled alongside anything, be it hair or clothes. With the addition of the Mohawk's starkness, you are sure to stand out and look amazing while doing so.

16. Mohawk with Fade

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The Mohawk with Fade haircut features the traditional strip of longer hair running down the center of the head combined with a shaved or faded side and back. Though not as outrageous as other picks on this list, this haircut has long been a reliable and popular look.

The main reason behind this popularity is the fact that the longer hair can be styled in a variety of ways from a spiked look to a sleek, slicked back look, which the fade always adds to and accentuates. A Mohawk with Fade is bold, trendy and best of all, cool.

17. Mohawk with Tapered Sides

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The Mohawk with tapered sides combines the classic Mohawk with shaved or closely cropped sides that gradually fade into a longer strip of hair on top. This modern twist is another reinvention of this tried and true look that is sure to turn heads in 2023.

Here too, you can see a haircut that allows for versatility and various styling options that lend themselves well to experimenting with one's apeparances. Plus, the stylish appeal of rebelliousness that comes naturally with the mohawk goes a long way to make this a look to try this year.

18. Mohawk with Bun

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A Mohawk with Bun is the result of tying up the long hair in the middle of shaved sides into a bun. It is a great, low maintenance look that has been transformed into a style all of its own, and is a testament to this genre of hair's versatility.

The long hair in the middle is a standard for any kind of Mohawk, but often times it takes not only hours of energy but also loads of hair products to straighten it. So, a great solution is to simply tie it into a bun, and be done with it. Plus, the bun can then be stylized into whatever mode you choose, adding a lot of versatility to the look.

19. Mohawk with Ponytail

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As with the bun, a Mohawk with Ponytail is a great look that can be created by simply tying up the long hair everpresent in a Mohawk. However, as with the name suggests, one simply needs to tie it up to a ponytail.

Sometimes simple is better, and sometimes lazy is stylish, and this look is both. Combine the fearless daring of the mohawk with the lazy grandeur of the ponytail and you will never have to worry about layering and/or hair care and maintenance. A great look for the year.

20. Buzzcut Mohawk

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Last but not the least the Buzz Cut Mohawk is a style of Mohawk that can be categorized as the most low maintenance look on this list. Here, you simply have a strip of hair down the middle and the sides completely shaved.

As the name suggests, the key indicator here is the buzz cut look in the middle. Though this cut is only nominally related to the mohawk, it still looks as cool as any other look on this list. And with this, our list of 20 Mohawk styles to look out for comes to an end.