How Much Weight Did Morgan Stewart Lose? Here Are Before And After Pictures

Morgan is an American reality TV host as well as an entrepreneur ( Source : Sheknows )

Morgan Stewart is an American TV personality and entrepreneur famous for the reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

This television star was born in Beverly Hills, California, on May 22, 1988. She completed her high school education at a local private school in her hometown, attended Pace University, and completed her bachelor's degree at this university. 

Stewart has loved fashion style since her childhood. In 2017, she launched her clothing line called Morgan Stewart Sport. During the COVID-19 fight, the actress donated 7500 medical masks from her clothing studio.

Besides a reality show, she has also played in TV series like What the fashion, and Have you been paying attention, E!, Night Pop. She is also famous as a social media influencer, fashion blogger, creative director, and entrepreneur. 

A 33 years old actress is married to Jordan McGraw, and they have two children, one daughter and one son, together, living happily now. The couple got married on December 29, 2020, after Morgan got divorced from Brendan Fitzpatrick.

Morgan Stewart Weight Loss: Before And After Pictures

After giving birth to a baby boy in February, Morgan Stewart started losing her postpartum weight. 

The TV host lost around 50 to 100 pounds of weight after giving birth to her second child. As the Night pop host gained weight during the pregnancy and post-pregnancy, she started thinking about her figure and losing weight.

Morgan Stewart after lossing some pounds weight
Morgan Stewart after lossing some pounds weight ( Source : Pinterest )

After six weeks postpartum, Stewart was seen in a black bikini enjoying a spa day as she posted the story on her Instagram with a heart emoji. From that photo, fans assumed that she had maintained her body quickly after the delivery.

She is working out daily and following the diet plan to lose a few pounds of weight from her body and get the size two body she had before the pregnancy. 

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What Dieting plans and Workouts Did Morgan Stewart Follow To Loss Weight?

Morgan Stewart strictly follows her diet plans and workout schedules to lose her post-pregnancy weight. 

For weight loss, the diet plan is an essential part. So, a mother of two children, Stewart is also following the diet plan recommended by the dietitian to lose the weight she gained during the pregnancy.

Stewart drinks around three liters of water daily to get healthy skin, hair, and organs. She is avoiding junk foods, sugars, and carbohydrates and focusing on eating only green veggies and proteins as her diet plan to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Moreover, she is working out daily as she has joined gym and yoga classes to lose weight and maintain her body figure like she used to have before pregnancy. 

Morgan admitted that she had a hard time getting up for the workout, but after starting the workout sessions, she felt great and energetic. 

Did Morgan Steward Get Plastic Surgery?

Morgan Steward, to look beautiful, has done facial surgery as she undergoes lip enhancement surgery.

Morgan Stewart after undergoing painfull upper lip plastic surgery
Morgan Stewart after undergoing painfull upper lip plastic surgery ( Source : Eonline )

According to Morgan, she did a painful right upper lip surgery by injecting it with no numbing cream. Also, she revealed that she underwent the plumping process to have an evenly sized lip.

After the surgery, the blonde beauty admitted that she had learned her lesson from that surgery. She doesn't want more lip enhancements or fillers injections to make her face beautiful unless a specialist recommends it. 

The TV host of Night Pop regrets her decision to undergo plastic surgery as her lips were deflated with each passing day which led her to dissolve all of the filler. 

Jordan's wife had now learned that she does not have to change a thing about herself to look beautiful as the outer body doesn't matter if a person is good from their heart. 

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