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Top 10 Best Music Recording Studios In New York City 

Control Room of one of the studios at Platinum Sound Recording Studios in New York City.
Source : facebook

New York City hosts some of the best recording studios in the USA. Grammy Award winners and top-rated artists have all recorded in NYC at least once.

Recording studios play a crucial role in making beautiful songs and music, they are one of the determining factors for the success of the music. While bigger names with deals with record labels enjoy state-of-the-art studios from the label, independent studios are also not far behind in terms of quality.

There are a few things to consider while choosing the right recording studios. Choosing the location that suits you the best is one of the major factors as you won't like traveling hours for just one session at the studio, and moreover, the studios in the outskirts of NYC offer cheaper rates.

Similarly, make sure the studio has the right equipment to cater to your needs. Furthermore, some studios specialize in specific genres and types of music. Another crucial aspect is the budget, as some popular and sophisticated studio charge far more than the simpler ones.

Considering all the factors, we have listed some of the best recording studios in and around New York City.

Music Recording Studios In New York

Name of the Recording StudioAddress
1. Penthouse Recording Studios723 7th Avenue Penthouse Floor, 723 7th Ave, New York
2. Platinum Sound Recording Studios122 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001
3. The Cutting Room Studios14 East 4th Street, Suite #602, New York, NY, 10012.
4. Electric Lady Studios52 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011
5. Threshold Recording Studios NYC517 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036
6. JAMBOX Entertainment Studios352 Seventh Ave, New York, New York
7. Quad Recording Studios723 7th Ave 10th floor, New York, NY 10019
8. Flux Studios NYC154 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10009
9. The Engine Room42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004
10. Mirrortone Studios146 W 29th St Suite 11R, New York, NY 10001

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1. Penthouse Recording Studios

Penthouse Recording Studios sits in the heart of Manhattan near the famous Time Square. The world-class studio offers a complete package.

The studio is not the best recording studio in NYC because of its exquisite location but of its services and equipment. The selected clients of the studio include Drake, DJ Khaled, Ashanti, Ty Dolla $ign, and many more.

Beautifully decorated control room at Penthouse Recording Studios
Source : facebook

Selected List of Equipment

  • Pro Tools HDX system
  • Avodart s3 control surface
  • All kinds of musical instruments, both modern and vintage.
  • Professional recording gears.

Services of Penthouse Recording Studios

  • Recording, mixing, and mastering.
  • Songwriting, music production, and original compositions.
  • Video production and podcast production.
  • Showcase and event space.

What Makes It The Best?

If the A-List clients and the equipment offered are not enough to convenience you then the carefully designed acoustic hall might do the job.

The studios and mastering rooms are all remodeled to perfect the tuning for acoustics. Moreover, besides the technical specification, the staffs and management are warm and accommodating and cater to all kinds of needs for the customers.

2. Platinum Sound Recording Studios

Platinum Sound Recording Studios was founded in the year 2000 and has since produced countless Grammy Award-winning records and albums.

The studio is the brainchild of Jerry ‘Wonda’ Duplessis and Wyclef Jean who came together to create a sound-perfect studio for artists to bring out their creativity and record their next big hit.

Artists including Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Chris Brown, and many more have recorded with the studio and produced some of their greatest hits.

Control Room of Studio C at Platinum Sound Recording Studios
Source : facebook

Selected List of Equipment

  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Neve 88R Console
  • Avid HD I/O
  • Neumann U87, U47, and U67 Microphones
  • AKG C414 Microphones
  • API 512c Preamps

Services Offered

  • Recording Sessions
  • Mixing/Mastering
  • Dolby Atmos Mix
  • Music Production
  • Video Shoots

Hot Take On Platinum Sound Recording Studios

The studio stands second in our list of best recording studios in NYC because of its advanced equipment and recording studios.

Moreover, the A-List clientele consisting of multi-Grammy Award winners have found the studio up to their marks making it one of the well-known studios in NYC.

3. The Cutting Room Studios

The Cutting Room Studios is another recording studio located in Manhattan. The facility has served Grammy Award winners and other artists for the past three decades.

The studio was founded in 1995 by David Crafa when he was a student at New York University. The studio is dedicated to providing a one-stop solution for recording, mixing, and postproduction of music for artists from all stages in their careers.

Cutting-edge equipment seen at The Cutting Room Studios
Source : facebook


  • SSL Duality
  • Neve 8816
  • ADAM Audio S5X
  • Silvertone Model 1983
  • Neumann u67
  • Manley Reference Cardioid
  • Yamaha C5 Grand Piano
  • Fender Rhodes
  • Howard Roberts Fusion

Services Offered

  • Recording and Mixing
  • Music Production
  • Mastering
  • ADR and VoiceOvers

Hot Take On The Cutting Room Studios

The Cutting Room Studios makes it to the third of our list for its incredible gear and services offered.

Although most of the studios in our list have advanced gears and technical specifications, only a few variables set them apart including their years of expertise and professional employees.

The Cutting Room Studios offers both, well-trained and experienced employees to help artists and bands throughout the process.

4. Electric Lady Studios

Electric Lady Studios is the oldest continuously running and thriving studio in New York City. The studio was established by Jimi Hendrix in 1970.

The legacy of the studio alone is enough to put it on the list of best recording studios in New York City but the facility is equally impressive in terms of equipment and professionalism.

The facility offers four studios each equipped with different tools and equipment.

The relaxed and vintage setting seen at Electric Lady Studios.
Source : lofficielusa

Equipment Available

  • ADR F760X-RS Compressor/Limiter
  • Eventide Instant Flanger FL201
  • 2 x dbx 160VU Compressor/Limiter
  • 4 x HD I/O - 64 In / 64 Out Analog
  • Antelope Trinity Master Clock
  • Sync HD
  • ProAc Studio 100
  • Yamaha C7 Grand Piano


  • Music Recording
  • Post Production
  • Mastering and many more

What Makes It The Best?

Well, the legacy of the studio is a hard one to oversee as artists like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, and David Bowie, among others have used the facility.

However, it's worth noting the legacy is not enough to make the studio the best in NYC. The Electric Lady offers astonishing acoustics and sound qualities and the gears and equipment get regular upgrades to meet the demand for modern artists and music.

5. Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Threshold Recording Studios NYC is located in the Hell's Kitchen section of New York City. The facility has advanced gear and equipment on offer.

The studio was founded by James Walsh nearly three decades ago and the facility is directly overseen by the owner himself ensuring every booking and artist are well attended to and satisfied with their time at the studio.

Classic and relaxed setting at one of the recording rooms at Threshold Recording Studios NYC
Source : thresholdstudios

Equipment Offered

  • Neve VR60 console
  • API 1608 console
  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Neumann U87, U47, and U67 microphones
  • The Baldwin 7′ Acoustic Grand Piano
  • Wide selection of guitars, basses, drums, vintage and modern synthesizers

Services Offered

  • Recording, Mixing, and Mastering
  • Consultation
  • Voiceovers and Podcasts
  • Off-site Recording
  • Original Music Production

Hot Take on Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Threshold Recording Studios NYC has advanced and sophisticated equipment and space available for clients to explore just like any other good studio in NYC.

However, what sets Threshold Recording Studio apart from others is the customer experience and expertise. As owner James directly oversees the operations, he is focused on giving the optimal experience to every artist and bookings as far as possible.

6. JAMBOX Entertainment Studios

JAMBOX Entertainment Studios located in Chelsea, New York, is one of the top-rated studios for the past two and a half decades.

The studio is the one-stop solution for all the recording, mixing, and mastering needs of artists and corporates. The facility offers three studios loaded with modern equipment and designed for the best acoustics.

A  dark themed control room at JAMBOX Entertainment Studios in NYC.
Source : facebook

Equipment offered by JAMBOX

  • Manley “Variable-Mu” Pre-amp & Channel Strip Manley
  • Lexicon MPX-1 Multi-effects Processors
  • Manley “SLAM” Stereo Limiter
  • Neumann TLM103
  • Neumann TLM49

Services Offered

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Music and Audio Mastering
  • Old Audio Transfer
  • Listening Sessions
  • Vidoe Productions

What Sets JAMBOX Apart?

JAMBOX is different from other similar studios for its wide range of budget services available for all types of artists from the ones starting their careers to those at the top of their careers.

They have exclusive clientele including artists such as Meghan Trainor, Travis Scott, George Lamond, and Cyndi Lauper. The family-like atmosphere at the studio with friendly and experienced staffs is also a drawing factor for new and seasoned artists alike.

7. Quad Recording Studios

Quad Recording Studios offers five different studio rooms loaded with a variety of equipment to cater to all genres and artists.

The studio sits in the heart of Manhattan, just 10 blocks south of Central Park on 7th Avenue. The studio has been catering to all kinds of needs for artists and bands since its inception in 1978 and offers state-of-the-art technology and gear.

Cutting-edge equipment and gears seen at Quad Recording Studios.
Source : facebook

Equipment At Quad Recording Studios

  • Neve Genesys Black 64Ch
  • Digidesign D-command 24ch
  • Digidesign D-command
  • Augspurger Duo 8
  • Digidesign ICON 32Ch
  • Chandler 16 x 2 Mini Rack Mixer
  • Dual 43” Raven system

Services Offered

  • Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.
  • Production
  • Songwriting
  • Sound Design and Post-Production
  • Equipment Rentals and Rehearsal Venue.

Final Thoughts

The studio has hosted some of the most iconic artists including Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and the Rolling Stones.

The equipment and gears are all advanced and of professional level but the engineers and staff helping clients thought their recording sessions are also friendly and warm making the experience much better.

8. Flux Studios NYC

Flux Studios NYC is a massive six-room studio sitting in the heart of New York City. The facility has 10,000 square feet of studio space to offer.

One of the largest establishments in NYC, Flux Studio has six recording rooms named Dangerous Room, Duengon Room, Transporter Room, Fabulous Room, Inspiration Room, and Revolution Room.

A grand piano sitting at the middle of a cozy room at Flux Studios NYC
Source : fluxstudios

List of Equipment

  • ADR F760X-RS COMPEX Stereo Compressor/Expander
  • Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Focal SM9 Pair
  • Multiple choice of Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, and Amps

Services Offered by Flux Studios

  • Recording, Mixing, and Mastering
  • Complete Post-production

What Makes Flux Studios Great?

Flux Studios provide a well-equipped space with talented engineers and producers.

If you do not believe us then artists like Sir Paul McCartney, David Crosby, Cyrille Aimée, and Ryan West among others have written great reviews praising the studio.

9. The Engine Room

The Engine Room is a hidden gem located in the old financial district of New York City. The studio specializes in recording and mastering music.

The studio is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as the record-setting idea can strike any time of the day. While they do not provide a wide range of services and are limited to recording, mixing, and mastering, they do the job like no others.

A huge mixing board seen at The Engine Room in New York City.
Source : facebook

Selected Equipment List

  • SSL 4064 G+ Console with Total Recall and Ultimation
  • AKG 414, 451, 460, Pro 37R
  • AKG 330 BT, D112
  • Beyerdynamic M160 (2), M260
  • Altec V1567 tube mic pre-mixer
  • Alesis Midiverb II
  • Apogee PSX 100 AD/DA Converters
  • Yamaha C-5 Grand Piano

Services Offered

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Hot Take On The Engine Room

The Engine Room offers arguably the best rooster of engineers and producers in all of NYC. They also have cutting-edge equipment and studio rooms as well.

Moreover, they have worked with numerous famed artists and bands including Kay Flock, Calboy, Mr. Probz, and many others. However, what brings their client back to the studio is their proven ability to mix and master music.

10. Mirrortone Studios

Mirrortone Studios caters to both famed artists and independent musicians alike. They are housed in Manhattan, New York.

The studio was co-founded by award-winning composer Jason Rothman and award-winning composer Roman Molino Dunn. The studio does not only serve music needs but also provides services for corporations for all kinds of audio needs.

A cozy control room perfect for intimate recording session at Mirrortone Studios
Source : mirrortone

List of Equipment

  • Trident 65 Analog Console
  • Dynaudio BM5A MKII Monitor Pair
  • Pro Tools
  • Universal Audio Apollo 16
  • UAD 1176 and UAD LA-2A
  • Ampex 601 Tube Preamp (Vintage 1950s)
  • Yamaha U1 Upright Piano


  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Artist and Album recording
  • Original Music Composition
  • Track Production
  • Professional Score Recording

Why Is Mirrortone Studios Among The Best?

Mirrortone Studios is among the best recording studio not for its cutting-edge gears and instruments but due to its management.

The artist-run and operated studio caters to the needs of multi-award-winning singers and independent musicians alike and everyone has nothing but good reviews for the studio.