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10 Best Music Schools In New York City In 2023

Juilliard School at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center in Manhattan, New York.
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New York City is one of the best destinations for sprouting musical talents to fulfill their dreams. The Big Apple has many prestigious music schools to offer.

Singers, musicians, instrumentalists, and sound engineers, all have a dream of attending a prestigious school for polishing their talents with a professional degree in music.

New York is filled with exceptional centers and institutions for learning music. The Big Apple hosts some of the best schools for training in numerous types of music and offers a variety of degrees including The Julliard School.

Choosing the correct institution to get a professional degree or attending the right music school for private lessons can be determining factors for a talent's career trajectory and life.

We have collected the ten best music schools and colleges in and around New York City to help you decide your next move.

Best Music Schools In New York City

Name of SchoolLocation
Manhattan School Of Music130 Claremont Ave, New York, NY 10027, United States
The Julliard School60 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023, United States
Brooklyn College2900 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11210, United States
Brooklyn Music School126 St. Felix Street. Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
Bronx School for Music3348 Perry Ave, Bronx, NY 10467, United States
Bronx Conservatory of MusicW. 181st St. and University Avenue Bronx, NY 10453, United States
Aaron Copland School of Music65-30 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY 11367, United States
Further Music School - Forest Hills108-10 72nd Ave 3rd floor, Queens, NY 11375, United States
Staten Island Conservatory of Music1000 Richmond Terrace Bldg F, Staten Island, NY 10301, United States
Music Institute of Long Island (MILI)Community Reformed Church, 90 Plandome Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030, United States

1. Manhattan School Of Music

Manhattan School of Music is one of the leading Music Schools In Manhattan. Manhattan School of Music offers programs in Jazz and Contemporary music.

The school was founded in 1917 and currently sits on the western upper side of Manhattan on Claremont Avenue in Morningside Heights. The institution offers Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral programs in Jazz and Contemporary music.

Some of the notable alumni of the institution are Charlie Puth, John Lewis, and Josu de Solaun Soto among others.

Manhattan School of Music campus looks beautifully lit at night.
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Programs Offered

Manhattan School of Music offers numerous programs at Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral levels. Here is a list of selected programs at the institution.

  1. Bachelor of Music
  2. Master of Music
  3. Master's Degree in Orchestral Performance
  4. Master's Degree in Contemporary Performance
  5. Doctor of Musical Arts
  6. Artist Diploma

Fee Structure

Manhattan School of Music has a yearly tuition fee of $53,500 for attending a degree. However, the total cost for a year can be up to  $74,705 for a student living on campus. Here is a breakdown of the fee details from the School's website.

General Student Fee$1,100
Meal Plan (Gold)$5,950
Housing (Double Room)$11,400
MSM Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)$2,755

2. Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College is a university in Brooklyn offering dozens of undergraduate and graduate courses in music and performing arts.

The institution ranks among the top colleges in New York. Brooklyn College was founded in 1930 as the first coeducational liberal arts college in New York City.

Brooklyn College campus seen surrounded by green trees and a beautiful lawn.
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Music Programs Offered At Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Composition, Music Education, Musicology, and Performance. Here is a list of a few selected programs from the institution,

  • Music Composition, B.Mus.
  • Music Education, B.Mus.
  • Music, B.A. (Multiple Completion Tracks Available)
  • Performance, B.Mus.
  • Music Composition, M.Mus.
  • Music Performance, M.Mus.

Fee Structure

Attending Brooklyn College for a music degree as a full-time undergraduate student will cost $3,465 per semester or $305 per credit for part-time students.

Graduate degrees at Brooklyn College costs  $5,545 per semester for full-time New York State residents and $470 per credit for part-time students.

3. The Juilliard School

The Juilliard School is arguably the best institution for studying music in New York City. Juilliard has a history of over 100 years.

The school is located at 60 Lincoln Center Plaza in western Manhattan. It offers academic courses at Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral levels as well as vocational and diploma courses.

Entrance of the Juilliard School in Manhattan.
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Programs Offered

Here is a list of selected programs available at the institution.

  • Bachelor of Music (Jazz, Vocal Arts, Composition)
  • Master of Music (Jazz, Vocal Arts, Composition, Historical Performance, Conducting)
  • Doctor of Musical Arts (Historical Performance, Composition)
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, and Artist Diploma

Fee Structure At The Juilliard School

The total cost of attendance at The Juilliard School is estimated at $83,892 for the 2023-2024 session. The tuition fee alone is $53,300 per year.

Here is a title-by-title estimate of the fees and estimated total cost of attendance for the Juilliard School.

Particulars Fee
Double Room, including Meal Plan$21,340
Student Health Insurance (Estimate)$3,000
Orientation Fee$250
Books, Supplies, Personal Expenses$4,000
Estimated Total Cost of Attendance$83,892

4. Bronx School for Music

Bronx School for Music provides lessons on different musical instruments and vocals for all ages. The institution does not offer any academic degrees in music.

The school is located at 3348 Perry Avenue, Bronx, New York 10467 and it is committed to providing a rich learning environment for students of all ages and backgrounds. Bronx School for Music was established in 2020.

Students of Bronx School for Music performing piano rehearsal outdoors during sunset.
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Programs Offered

Here is a list of selected programs offered by the facility,

  • Private Lessons for Piano, Violin & Viola, Cello, Guitar & Bass Guitar, and Voice.
  • Free Musical Development Courses covering Music Theory & Ear Training, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Music Appreciation, and Choir.
  • Group Instrumental Lessons

Fee Structure

The Bronx School for Music offers private classes at $55 per 60-minute session for the 7-week-long summer semester.

The tuition fee for the Fall & Spring Semester also costs $55 per 60-minute lesson but students need to sign up for 17 weeks long semester.

5. Aaron Copland School of Music

Aaron Copland School of Music is located in Queens, New York is among the best school for musical education at affordable cost. It is part of the Queens College (CUNY).

The oldest department of Queens University is located in the heart of Queen Borough of New York City and offers a quiet atmosphere and rich environment to students for fostering their musical learning and skills.

Student performing at the grand theater in Aaron Copland School of Music.
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Programs offered At Aaron Copland School of Music

Here is a list of programs offered at Aaron Copland School of Music,

  • BA (Bachelor of Arts): General Music Program
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education
  • Bachelor of Music in Performance Program
  • Master of Music in Conducting
  • Master of Music in Jazz Studies
  • Master of Music in Composition
  • Master of Arts in Musicology
  • Master of Music in Jazz Performance

Fee Structure At Aaron Copland School of Music

Aaron Copland School of Music offers Undergraduate programs for full-time students at $3465 per semester for New York State natives and $620 per credit for outside students.

Similarly, the graduate programs cost $5545 per semester for full-time students from New York State and $855 per credit for students coming from outside NY.

6. Staten Island Conservatory of Music

Staten Island Conservatory of Music is located at Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island, the southernmost borough of New York.

The institution focuses on providing high-quality education to children and adults alike and expects young talents to put in the effort to polish their skills and harness new techniques as well.

A young girl playing beautifully painted piano at Staten Island Conservatory of Music.
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Programs Offered

The institution offers only private lessons for a variety of instruments and added classes on Musical Theory. Here is a full list of instruments taught at the facility.

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Flute
  • Recorder
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • French Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Drums
  • Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Voice

Fee Structure

Staten Island Conservatory of Music has not published its fee structure for the upcoming 2023-2024 session yet.

However, requesting their full fee breakdown via their website might be helpful for prospective students of the institution.

7. Music Institute of Long Island (MILI)

Music Institute of Long Island is also known as MILI. One of the best music schools in Long Island, it offers musical education in different disciplines.

The school has over 30  years old rich history and a long list of alumni who have joined prestigious conservatories or are accomplished professionals after graduation.

MILI TRIO performs Mozart's Piano Trio, Andante, K. 564 at Weill Recital Hall, NYC
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Programs Offered At MILI

The institution offers learning in the following categories and instruments

  • Music Theory
  • String Instruments (Violin, Viola, Cello)
  • Piano
  • Vocals
  • Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone)
  • Chamber Music

Perks of Attending MILI

Apart from group and personal lessons, the school also offers numerous opportunities and platforms for students for showing their talents.

The school organizes an End of Term Gala every year where all students over 5 years old get a chance to showcase their worth by giving a beautiful performance. Similarly, the school also organizes Master Classes by inviting renowned professors and professionals from around the world to evaluate the students.

8. Bronx Conservatory of Music

Bronx Conservatory of Music was founded by Elizabeth Thode Hoard as a non-profit facility to provide training for kids and adults of The Bronx.

As one of the best music schools in the Bronx, the conservatory provides private lessons to students to polish their skills in several musical instruments and vocals.

An instructor at Bronx Conservatory of Music carefully examining the techniques of his student.
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Programs Offered At Bronx Conservatory of Music

The institution does not offer any academic programs or degrees in music, but they provide professional and private music lessons. The institution offers courses in several musical instruments.

Bronx Conservatory of Music offers private lessons for instruments listed below,

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Guitar
  • Voice

Fee Structure At Bronx Conservatory of Music

The table below shows the tuition rates for attending the Bronx Conservatory of Music.

30-Minute Private Lessons (Bronx resident)$390 for 15-week term
30-Minute Private Lessons (Bronx non-resident)$430 for 15-week term
60-minute private lesson (Bronx resident)$780 for 15-week term
60-minute private lesson (Bronx non-resident)$870 for 15-week term

9. Brooklyn Music School

Brooklyn Music School is a 114-year-old institution providing music education to everyone. The school offers lessons for both adults and kids.

Although the institution does not offer any academic degree or courses to children or adults, it has a wide range of vocational training courses for everyone. The century-old school operates from its own four-story building at 126 St Felix Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217.

Brooklyn Music School Campus in Brooklyn, New York.
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Programs Offered At Brooklyn Music School

Brooklyn Music School offers both private and group lessons for a variety of musical instruments and styles, here is a list of selected programs from the institution.

  • Early Childhood Program (kids between 10 months old to 4 years old)
  • Private Lessons (All Ages)
  • Youth Musical Theatre Program
  • Music Therapy
  • Youth Music Ensembles Program
  • Youth Group Music Classes

Fee Structure At Brooklyn Music School

Private lessons for all ages cost $89 for a 60-minute session, $75 for a 45-minute session, and $65 for a 30-minute session.

However, costs and fees for other courses are not disclosed on their website and interested candidates must contact the school for additional information.

10. Further Music School - Forest Hills

Further Music School in Forest Hills, Queens, is one of the many locations of the school. Further Music School is a multi-location training facility.

The school was established in 2007 and now offers services and lessons from five locations in the United States of America, one in the United Kingdom, and online as well. The institution has over 5,000 students enrolled in different locations and lessons as of 2023.

Young Kids and Adults taking piano lessons together at Further Music School in Forest Hills, Queens.
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Programs Offered

  1. Private Lessons (piano, violin, viola, drum, vocals, guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, cello)
  2. Group Lessons (piano only)
  3. ABRSM Exam Preparation Classes
  4. Early Childhood Music Classes

Fee Structure

Further Music School in Queens offers three packages for students for private and semi-private lessons.

  • A bundle of 6 private lessons will cost $330 for 30-minute lessons, $400 for 45-minute lessons, and $460 for 60-minute lessons.
  • A bundle of 16 private lessons will cost $620 for 30-minute lessons, $780 for 45-minute lessons, and $1020 for 60-minute lessons.
  • A bundle of 16 semi-private lessons for two people will cost $770 for 30-minute lessons, $920 for 45-minute lessons, and $1180 for 60-minute lessons.