Why Was Muvhango Actor Tebatso Mashishi Arrested? Charges Of Theft Making Headlines

Tebatso Mashishi is a Muvhango actor. ( Source : Kaya959 )

Tebatso Mashishi, the actor from Muvhango, was arrested on Saturday, June 18, 2022, for the theft charge made by his ex-girlfriend Nanamhla Dalisile on Wednesday.

The actor, rapper, and playwright is best known for his role as Kgosi. Mashishi has albinism, but it hasn't stopped him from being the man he's always wanted to be.

Why Was Muvhango Actor Tebatso Mashishi Arrested? Theft Charges

Tebatso Mashishi is the actor from Muvhango, detained by police for stealing his girlfriend's property as per the reports.

His ex-girlfriend, Nanamhla Dalasile, was the one who filed a theft case against him. According to the Sunday World, Mashishi went to her flat to get his clothing.

Muvhango actor arrested for theft.
Muvhango actor arrested for theft. ( Source : Sundayworld )

Nanamhla told the magazine that when she left his flat following their separation, she mistakenly placed some of his belongings into a bag. Tebatso has subsequently charged with snatching her laptop and smartphone.

The actress emailed Tebatso the new address of her flat after she relocated from Tembisa. Nanamhla claims she left him at her apartment because she needed to head to the gym.

Dalasile claims that when she returned home, she discovered that her cellphone and laptop were missing. Tebatso's phone stayed unanswered until he allegedly blacklisted Dalasile.

Nanamhla filed a theft complaint on Friday, and Tebatso is expected to appear in court to face theft allegations.

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Tebatso Mashishi Net Worth: How Rich?

Tebatso Mashishi looks to have a net worth of more than $100,000 dollars.

Likewise, he makes the most of his money as a professional actor and is living a comfortable life.

Tebatso Mashishi Was Arrested For Theft.
Tebatso Mashishi Was Arrested For Theft. ( Source : Nggossips )

Mashishi appears to be content with his decision to pursue an acting career and is well-known for his acting abilities. Mashishi's parents appear to be pleased with his accomplishments in the film business as well.

Tebatso hasn't revealed anything about his parents to the public yet and prefers to keep the knowledge to himself for the time being, although his parents appear to be supportive.

He was born to parents in Zebediela, Limpopo Province, in 1993. Mashishi is 28 years old as of now, although his actual birth date has yet to be published.

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Is Tebatso Mashishi Still Dating Nanamhla Dalasile?

Tebatso Mashishi was in a relationship with Nanamhla Dalasile, but they split up. Mashishi and Dalasile were lovers, but their love ended earlier this year, and they are no longer together.

Dalasile is a South African actress best known for her role in the medical drama series Durban Gen. Durban Gen is an ETV program based in Durban that depicts the everyday hardships of physicians and nurses at Durban General Hospital.

Nanamhla is one of the most well-known characters in the series. Nanamhla is presently in the limelight as a result of her arrest. Meanwhile, according to the actress, one of her co-stars just reported her laptop stolen.

A few images of Dalasile's incarceration have gone popular on Twitter. This is not the first time Dalasile has been detained in connection with a relationship with a man she dated.

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