Nashville Entrepreneur Darrell Freeman Passes Away At 57- How Much Was His Net Worth At Death?

Darrell Freeman Speaks Truth to Power ( Source : Tntribune )

A statement from Darrell Freeman's family was released to confirm his passing. He was a well-known businessman and community leader in Nashville.

Darrell was born on December 23, 1964, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is a renowned philanthropist.

Freeman had previously served on the boards of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and Middle Tennessee State University. He is also a member of the Nashville Entrepreneurs' Hall of Fame and was the chairman of S3 Recycling Solution. 

The businessman was passionate about mentoring the next generation of Black entrepreneurs in Music City. In a 2021 interview with Business Journal, he stated that he has seen a number of successful African American businesses come and go.

Darrell Freeman collecting donation to help college students
Darrell Freeman collecting donation to help college students ( Source : Instagram )

He also added that he has learned so many lessons from those who came before him and from his own experience in business that he is able to teach these guys so that they do not have to go through some of the same difficulties.

What Was Nashville Entrepreneur Darrell Freeman's Net Worth At Death? 

Darrell S Sr Freeman had an estimated worth of around $1.69 million until December 2021, as per Wallmine.

He was a businessman who was known for his successful entrepreneurial venture. With his earnings in the past year, he might have collected a value of almost $2 million at the time of his death. 

Mr. Freeman owns over 1,000 shares of Cross Country Healthcare stock worth more than $1,510,185, and he has sold CCRN stock worth more than $0. He also earns $180,000 as an Independent Director at Cross Country Healthcare.

Freeman founded Zycron Inc, one of Nashville's largest technology services companies, which he sold in April 2017 for more than $20 million. Since then, he has been a prominent member of Nashville's business community, investing in everything from real estate to the city's restaurant scene.

Moreover, he was a 50 percent real estate partner with the trio Slim and Husky's Pizza Beeria, as well as the co-founder and executive committee chairman of Brentwood-based Reliant Bank.

The businessman must have made a substantial sum of money before his death from his long career.

Darrell Freeman's Family Shared Obituary Of His Passing At Age 57

Businessman Darrell Freeman, age 57, of Nashville passed away on Tuesday, as per the Obituary notice sent by his family this morning. 

The family stated, that on the evening of June 28, 2022, our cherished father and husband fell ill and ultimately passed away. 

The businessman's family mentioned that he wants to spend the majority of the rest of his life giving. He wants to use his voice, reputation, and resources to find people and help them improve.

Juan, a friend of Darrell Freeman, also announced his death, saying, "I woke up this morning to the very sad news that my friend and business mentor Darrell Freeman has passed away." Words cannot express how I feel.

What Happened To Darrell Freeman? Cause Of Death

The cause of death is yet unknown. He passed away following a prolonged illness, according to his family.

The last post on his Instagram account was of his family, indicating that he was missing them at the time of his death.

Darrell Freeman with his family
Darrell Freeman with his family ( Source : Instagram )

Furthermore, friends, colleagues, officials, and veterans have sent condolences and tributes to his family in respect of his death. Everyone will miss him terribly.

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