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Nicholas Cirillo Siblings Are Lauren Cirilo and Victoria Cirillo

Nicholas with his two sisters and mother (left) while playing football for the Eagles in 2014
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Nicholas Cirillo siblings are Lauren Cirilo and Victoria Cirillo. Lauren is a health counselor and Victoria is a North Carolina graduate.

The 25-year-old is an up-and-coming actor who played Barry on Netflix's Outer Banks. He has been around since 2016, working in Giants and Stranger Things.

It seems like 2023 may be his year, as he appeared on the Rest in Metal, Episode 4 of Poker Face.

The mystery program followed Charlie, a lady with an extraordinary ability to catch a liar, as she and her Plymouth Barracuda hit the road to encounter strange cases that need to be solved. 

Indeed, the protagonist meets Gavin, played by Nicholas, a drummer for the washed-up metal band Doxxxology with a passion for music.

He loses his life after his bandmate finds out he had plagiarised his song from the Benson theme. The episode aired on January 26 on Peacock.

Nicholas Cirillo Sisters Have Their Separate Lives

American actor Nicholas Cirillo grew up with his siblings, Lauren Cirillo Males, and Victoria Cirillo. All three Cirillos have a model-like physiques. 

Growing up in North Carolina, he got interested in the performing arts, keeping a strong foot in athletics.

His sisters were two peas in a pot, seldom fighting when alone at home. They have been his backbone since day one, sending congratulatory messages whenever they hear of a new project coming his way.

Victoria congratulated her brother for graduating high school in 2015
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When graduation came around, Victoria took to Instagram to congratulate her munchkin.

She added that she was proud of him for pursuing law, as she would be his first client after getting his law degree. 

Although he never followed the career path, she never faulted him, encouraging him to pursue his aspirations instead.

The Eldest Sister Lauren Is Married

Nicholo's eldest sister Lauren is an overachiever, happily married while sustaining a booming career. 

She got wedded to the love of her life, Vladimir Males, around March 2020 at the UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya.

The bride looked like an angel in her wedding gown, while her veil contrasted with her dark waves to create a halo.

Her groom took the unorthodox route and wore a blue suit, but his dashing looks made the outfit work.

Lauren on her wedding in 2020 surrounded by her family
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The ceremony was a significant event for the family, as she called it one of those moments you hear about but never fully understand until you experience it.

She feared her heel getting stuck in the wooden bridge while her brother walked her down the aisle.

Her shoes got stuck, but Nicholas came through like a night in shining armor to save her from the embarrassment.

Everything fell silent as she only saw Vlad while the guitarist played Spanish Guitar to Somos Novios.

Lauren at lunch with her husband and daughter in Nov 2022
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After they announced their pregnancy in 2022 as Isabella Sofia Maleš was born a few months later, the little lady has already taken the reigns, ruling every aspect of her parent's lives. 

But her gorgeous Instagram layout is not her only skill, as she is an AADP holistic health petitioner, a functional medicine counselor, and a health and wellness influencer.

With over one thousand followers on Instagram, she successfully runs a page with plant-based recipes and religiously helps others with tips and tricks for a meaningful life.

Victoria Loves To Eat Pizza

In contrast to her successful sister, Victoria leads a mundane life with an obsession with pizza. 

Victoria was the maid of honor for her sister for her 2020 wedding
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In December 2020, the eldest wished her happy birthday. The lengthy caption detailed years together, as she had to share her toys, pizza, cinnamon rolls, and makeup and let her in her room when friends came over.

But Victoria made her feel unconditionally loved, as there was someone to protect her and be there for her.

She never judged her decisions, making her laugh and ensuring she knew her potential was limitless.

The North Carolina State University graduate has spoken about a man in her life as they get spotted kissing and acting cozy with one another.

His Family Has A Background In Medicine

Nicholas Cirillo was born to parents Nicholas Cirillo Sr and Joyce. His father was a doctor and his mother was a researcher.

Indeed, his homeland is worth the praise as he often talks about returning home to Willkes whenever possible.

The natural beauty and scenery got prettier every time he dropped by, as watching plays at the Liberty Theater in North Wilkesboro has been one of his favorite pastimes. 

Although he was on his way to becoming a lawyer, life had other plans as he received actor training from the Actor’s Group in Winston-Salem.

His time at the institute was worthwhile, as he calls it the best training he had received thus far.

His Father Was A Gastroenterologist

The junior Cirillo is the son of a gastroenterology physician Dr. Nicholas Cirillo. He worked in Wilkesboro.

The son knew of his passion for medicine, saying he adored his patients at the Wilkes Medical Center.

Tragedy struck the family in 2006 when he passed away. He left a gaping mark after he suddenly departed, leaving the rest of the family.

Nicholas's dad dressed up as Barney for Victoria's birthday
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Victoria never recovered from his loss, celebrating his life in a sweet post in 2018 where she wished him on his birthday.

The Demi Lovato song Father triggered her memories, as she could never listen to it without letting a few tears slip past.

He was a remarkable man who got taken too soon. But most of all, he was a daring father, dressing as Barney for her birthday because he knew it was his favorite TV character. 

His Mom Was A Medical Researcher

Joyce was a clinical researcher consultant for Dr. Cirillo between 1997 and 2005.

Cirillo showed off her mother on her Instagram in 2017
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She categorizes herself as a hospital and healthcare professional in Wilkesboro on her LinkedIn.

After her beloved husband passed, she continued to live for the sake of her kids. Her daughter wished her on her 50th on July 2017, with her followers shocked at her beauty.

She still looks as radiant as ever, as the years have been kind to her.