Nicholas Galitzine Net Worth After Purple Hearts: How Rich Is The Actor Now?

Rising English Actor, Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galitzine ( Source : Instagram )

Nicholas Galitzine has been captivating his audience for over eight years and is one of the most well-liked actors in Hollywood. Because of this, he is one of the top paid actors, and his net worth is above a million dollars.

Galitzine is from England, and he is known for his work in High Strung (2016), Handsome Devil (2016), Cinderella (2021), and Purple Hearts (2022).

In the 2014 movie The Beat Beneath My Feet, Galitzine co-starred with Luke Perry in his debut performance. He also contributed vocals to numerous songs on the film's original soundtrack.

Nicholas Galitzine Net Worth After Purple Hearts

Nicholas Galitzine has earned a net worth of $5 million until now. His current blockbuster Netflix drama Purple Hearts has significantly increased his wealth.

Purple Hearts, the current top film on Netflix, debuted last Friday (July 29) and has since captured the interest of both critics and audiences.

The newest Purple Hearts, created by Ben Lewin and Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, centers on Cassie, a mediocre singer-songwriter who works nights in a bar to pay her medical bills after diabetes.

Besides he portrays Luke as a disturbed marine in the film, was chosen for his first significant TV role for Chambers, a Netflix horror drama series. Galitzine appeared in the drama movie Share in 2019.

He was chosen to play the fictional Prince Henry of Wales alongside Taylor Zakhar Perez in the film adaption of the romantic comedy Red, White, & Royal Blue in 2022.

Nicholas Galitzine Earning And Wealth: How Rich Is The Actor?

Nicholas Galitzine earns about $64,500 annually through acting in several Hollywood projects. He also accumulates substantial wealth through his music. 

Galitzine hit the big time in 2022 when his smash hit Purple Heart, and his song "Comfort" were both published, and he got picked up for future projects.

The actors had been getting reasonable payment from the producers. His movie Purple Heart cost $2.8 million, and $2,075,000 was the gross at the box office.

Besides, Nicholas portrayed the bisexual teen Timmy In The Craft: Legacy, a follow-up to The Craft. He also appeared in seven songs on the soundtrack of the movie Cinderella in 2021 while playing Prince Robert.

Nicholas Galitzine Partner And Relationship History

After being cast as Prince Charming, Nicholas Galitzine has lately developed a close relationship with his co-star Camila Cabello. There were rumors that the two were dating, given how frequently Galitzine posted cute pictures of the two on Instagram.

Galitzine is reasonably private when it comes to his current relationship and partner.

The Cinderella actor hasn't given any hints about his girlfriend on his social media accounts or in an interview. Therefore there is no evidence that he is engaged in an emotional bond.

Even though the actor appears to keep his relationships quiet, rumors suggest that Nicholas once dated Lilli Kay, his Chambers co-star.

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