Are Nicole And Chad From Ex On The Beach Still Together?

Chad and Nicole were contenstants on Ex On The Beach
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No, Nicole and Chad from Ex On The Beach are no longer together. Nicole and Chad have gone separate ways and are seeing other people.

Nicole Ramos is a reality TV star, best known for appearing on the MTV show "Ex on the Beach."

The show features a group of single people who are sent to a tropical location and have to navigate through their romantic entanglements as their ex-partners arrive one by one.

Ramos was a cast member in one of the seasons and became known for her dramatic relationships on the show. 

Chad Johnson is a reality TV personality who rose to fame after appearing on the show "Ex on the Beach."

He was a cast member in Season 2 of the show, which aired in 2018.

Johnson is known for his charming personality and good looks. He has also appeared on other reality TV shows such as "The Bachelorette" and "Celebrity Big Brother."

Johnson has amassed a large following on social media and continues to be a popular figure in the reality TV world.

Are Nicole And Chad From Ex On The Beach Still Together?

Nicole and Chad from Ex On The Beach are not together. The couple broke up and have gone their separate ways.

Nicole Ramos and Chad Johnson were contestants on the reality TV program "Ex on the Beach".

They entered into a relationship while they were on the show, but their relationship was one of the shortest among all the couples who appeared on the program.

Despite some challenges, including Chad's pursuit of another ex, they eventually reconciled and got back together.

However, their relationship was unable to survive due to the significant distance between them as they lived too far apart.

Nicole and Chad are no longer together and have gone their separate ways
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This made it difficult for them to maintain a strong connection, ultimately leading to their breakup. 

While they were both contestants on the reality TV program "Ex on the Beach," Chad Johnson chose to focus on his friendship with Nicole Ramos over his ex-girlfriend Madeline.

Nicole appeared to be very devoted to starting a family with Chad at the time, but their relationship did not last.

Social media networks have sent off signals that their partnership has ended.

Chad appeared distressed in a promotional video for Part 1 of the show, and Nicole was seen attempting to comfort him.

 This behavior doesn't seem to be in line with that of a contented and happy relationship.

Additionally, Nicole's Instagram account revealed that she has been spending most of her recent postings alone, which shows that she is not dating Chad.

Nicole even released a teaser for the documentary she planned to make explaining why she broke up with Chad in an Instagram post.

She implied that Chad was speaking to other ladies while he was in LA in the movie trailer.

Nicole claimed to have screenshots to support her assertions and cited them as evidence for her accusations.

This suggests a severe incident between them off-camera, and Nicole was poised to tell her side of the story when "Ex on the Beach" reunited.

Where Are They Now?

Chad and Nicole went their separate ways after breaking off their relationship. Chad continued to pursue his reality television career even after ex on the beach.

Johnson was taken into custody in February 2020 on charges of robbery, involving his girlfriend. 

This led to the cancellation of most of his TV shows.

Nicole with her husband on her wedding day
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Afterward, he declared he would pursue a career in another industry. In August 2020, he agreed with the prosecutors where he admitted to one count of vandalism and intimidating a witness by pleading "no contest." 

He was sentenced to 36 months probation and ordered to attend classes on domestic violence.

Similarly, Nicole also found the love of her life in someone else.

She married a man whose name is Shawn Morrison, as shared by the reality tv star.

She posted a picture and video from her wedding on her official Instagram account.

How Did They Met On The Show?

Chad Johnson and Nicole Ramos were contestants on the MTV reality show Ex on the Beach.

They developed a strong connection while living in the house and started dating.

Chad's official Instagram account showcasing his personal and professional profile
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They had a close relationship and expressed their desire to start a family together.

However, the arrival of Chad's ex-girlfriend, Madeline Sullivan, caused a major issue between Chad and Nicole.

Madeline wanted to rekindle her relationship with Chad, which put a strain on Chad and Nicole's relationship.

This situation resulted in a love triangle, with Chad having to decide between his ex and Nicole.

Ultimately, Chad decided to stay with Nicole and the two left the beach house as a couple, professing their love for each other.