Did Nicole Wallace Lose Any Weight Or Is She Just Sick? Here Are Before And After Pictures

On MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace hosts the New 4 PM, Weekday Show. ( Source : Deadline )

Nicolle Wallace is a political commentator for NBC News and the host of the weekday at 4 p.m. ET MSNBC program "Deadline: White House."

She routinely contributes to NBC News' "TODAY" and "NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt" to discuss the most recent events in politics and the White House.

The California native formerly worked as a co-host of ABC's "The View" before becoming an analyst for NBC News. She also served as President George W. Bush's White House Communications Director in the past.

Furthermore, Wallace (now 50) was employed for the McCain-Palin campaign as a senior adviser. Nevertheless, her political books Eighteen Acres, It's Classified, and Madam President have achieved bestseller status.

Nicole Wallace Weight Loss: Her Before And After Pictures

Nicole Wallace, the news anchor for MSNBC, appears to have dropped some weight. She seems to shed a few pounds to keep up an active lifestyle.

She appears fit and healthy while looking at her most recent photos. After her weight loss journey, her figure underwent a significant transformation.

Nicolle Wallace with her son
Nicolle Wallace with her son ( Source : Instagram )

When Wallace's before and after photos were compared, her supporters were astounded to see a significant improvement in her physique.

"If you're not on a diet, come any Sunday," she captioned one of her images in 2016, "'This is not a component of a low-fat dish!"

To keep her healthy, she has been eating a balanced diet. She has also avoided processed food and sugar to a great extent.

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Is Nicole Wallace Sick? Illness Details

Nicolle Wallace has stated unequivocally that she is healthy. She did, however, test positive for Covid in February.

Her viewers have been extremely curious about her absence from the show for several weeks. Later, she explained while asked about skipping the show on her Twitter page.

Wallace at the Conan & Dana! show
Wallace at the Conan & Dana! show ( Source : Instagram )

She led a healthy life while on COVID, adhering to the doctor's recommendations to get better and worsen her illness.

Wallace claimed that she missed everyone then and is grateful for the overwhelming love and support she received from her coworkers and admirers.

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Nicole Wallace Health Update 2022 

As Nicole Wallace had previously tested positive for Covid at the beginning of 2022, her fans were also worried about her health.

Wallace reassures her well-wishers that her health is okay right now. She is caring for herself by getting frequent exercise and eating well.

Nicolle Wallace with her co-host Brian Williams
Nicolle Wallace with her co-host Brian Williams ( Source : Instagram )

The favorite TV host also reported she has started exercising regularly after receiving a Covid diagnosis. Her post-covid routine has helped her in her quest to lose weight.

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