Officer Adam McNeil From New Mexico Arrested- Detective Face Charges Of Illegal Videos Possession

Logo Of Conway Police. ( Source : Kark )

Officer Adam McNeal was filed in federal district court, and detained on suspicion of federal child pornography.

Federal agents detained William Adam McNeal of Conway, on April 14 after receiving a complaint charging him with possessing illegal child-based videos and accessing them with the intent to watch.

McNeal was detained as part of an ongoing investigation that started after the arrest of a man in North Carolina. Who investigators there believed had taken part in group chats in an online chat room dedicated to the exchange of child pornography. 

Officer Adam McNeil From New Mexico Arrested

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kristin Bryant said in court on Friday that McNeal, arrested for child porn case, has worked for the Conway PD for nine years, and had indicated suicidal thoughts after his detention.

Likewise, he was under a great deal of stress because of the behavior he is accused of.

Great Seal of Arkansas in a court room in Washington County.
Great Seal of Arkansas in a court room in Washington County. ( Source : Arkansasonline )

The victim's objections to release were supported by a pretrial services report and worries about Mr. McNeal's eligibility for pretrial release stemmed from remarks his wife made to police on the day he was detained that he would represent a threat to himself.

In determining his likelihood of failing to appear, the court "may take into account the probability of his injuring himself," Bryant said.

In this situation, Mr. McNeal is likely to lose his employment, he can no longer live with his family, and he has previously exhibited suicidal thoughts. I believe the court can take these factors into account when deciding whether he poses a flight risk.

The whole hearing, McNeal, was carried into the courthouse from the Pulaski County jail by federal marshals. He sat with his head down and showed no sign of eye contact or interaction with his relatives who were seated in the audience.

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What Are The Charges Of Illegal Child Videos Sharing?

McNeal could have had a significant charging incident. Mr. McNeal is likely to lose his job in this situation.

He will no longer be able to live with his family, and the court may take into account the fact that he has previously stated suicide thoughts when evaluating whether or not he poses a flight risk.

While U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Volpe was requested to take into account McNeal's prior work in law enforcement. She stated that it increased the chance that he would possess the knowledge necessary to evade the U.S. Probation Office's efforts to monitor him.

"So you're claiming that he could injure himself in the absence of [pretrial detention]?" were her precise words. asked Volpe. That's intriguing, huh. 

The release plan presented by McNeal's lawyer, Lott Rolfe IV of North Little Rock, called for giving McNeal to his wife's mother and her spouse in Forrest City, which is roughly two hours away from Conway.

Michael Grisham stated in his testimony that he and his wife were prepared to act as third-party custodians while McNeal awaits trial. Grisham and his wife had known McNeal for around three years.

Meet Jennifer McNeal: Officer Adam McNeil's Wife

Jennifer McNeal, McNeal's wife, testified that releasing her husband to the Grishams would satisfy any potential safety worries.

She firmly believes that her spouse is innocent and does not deserve to experience something so heinous.

Jennifer said in court on Friday that she "felt it may be a bit better for Adam to not be in Conway based on him being a police officer and it being all over the news." She comes across as a really devoted wife.

Similar to the last case, not much is known about her since she was only present in court. She believes her spouse is not involved in the case and is innocent. He is only playing the victim in this situation. McNeal allegedly resided in a tiny outbuilding on the property that he referred to as his wife's shed.

He has all he needs in a 10-foot square facility that is furnished with a bed, a shower, a toilet, and a sink.

The April 15 affidavit states that McNeal's name came up as a result of a North Carolina inquiry that turned up an internet chatroom that looked to be predominantly utilized for the dissemination of child pornography.

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