Who Is Paul Gleeson? Facts To Know About The Cast Of Thirteen Lives

Paul Gleeson: Cast of Thirteen Lives ( Source : Upi )

Paul Gleeson is a famous television and film actor from America who viewers are currently looking for after he made an appearance in the movie Thirteen Lives.

Previously known for his roles in The Thin Red Line, released in 1998, and Men's Group in 2008. Paul's character in the movie 'Thirteen Lives' is Jason Mallinson, and fans are curiously waiting for the actor's performance in the movie, which is all set to be released on August 5, 2022.

Thirteen Lives is an action, adventure, and biography movie that explains a rescue effort organized for a young group of boys and their football coach trapped in a network of flooding underground tunnels in Thailand.

Who Is Paul Gleeson? Wikipedia Bio

Paul Gleeson is an actor from Australia who is currently in the limelight for appearing as Jason Mallinson in the upcoming action movie Thirteen Lives. He is yet to be featured in the Wikipedia bio.

Paul Gleason has previously appeared as 1st Lt. Band in making the 1998 movie The Thin Red Line. The movie was released on January 15, 1999, and portrays the story of the struggles during the Second World War.

Likewise, the actor later appeared in the movie Men's Group, where he played the character, Paul. Presenting the story of six strangers meeting each week to discuss, Paul discovered that they are not the only ones dealing with these challenges. As their friendships develop, secrets are disclosed, but when tragedy occurs, they realize that it is their job to take charge of their own lives.

Since he has not been featured in a Wikipedia bio yet and his biography on IMDB defines very little information regarding his personal life history, no further information is available on the public platform.

It has been assumed that with the release of his upcoming movie Thirteen Lives, Paul will make a public appearance and more of his details will be available.

Thirteen Lives Cast: Paul Gleeson's Age

The actor Paul Gleeson has not released his official date of birth on the public platform, and as per his photographs and work in movies, he is guessed to be around 55–60 years old.

The actor has been actively working in the television industry since 1986 and has acted in numerous television series since then. He has been actively working on different movies but has not yet gained proper recognition.

The actor has devoted more than 35 years of his life to the American television and entertainment industries, as per the list of TV shows and movies available on his IMDB profile

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Wife Of The Actor Paul Gleeson And Dating History

Paul Gleeson has yet to reveal the identity of his wife to the public.

As per his photographs, he is in his late 50s, so it is assumed that he is married and has children, but none of the information is available on the public platform.

Likewise, not much information is available on the topic of the dating history and relationship history of the actor Paul. So nothing can be said regarding his current relationship and past dating history.

Neither social media platforms nor online news portals have any further information regarding this matter.

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Paul Gleeson Net Worth In 2022 And Career Earnings

Paul Gleeson is expected to have an approximate net worth of $7-8 million, which he has accumulated from his career spanning 35 years in the entertainment industry in the United States of America.

The average annual income for a television personality in the United States is expected to be around $48,496 a year, and it is guessed that Paul has accumulated a decent sum of money throughout his career.

Cast of the movie along with Shooting of Thirteen Lives
Cast of the movie along with Shooting of Thirteen Lives ( Source : Nytimes )

Very little information is available about the actor on any medium, so not much can be said about the actor and his career earnings. Also, the actor is not available on any social media platform.