Analyst Peter Burns Joke Made Benjamin Watson Leave The ESPN Set

The Former tight end Benjamin Watson with his wife Kirsten.
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Peter Burns made Ben Watson leave the ESPN show after cracking a joke about his wife. Burns issued an apology after the incident.

Vanderbilt and Florida played in the opening match on ESPN's SEC Network on November 19. When frequent host Peter Burns made a joke about Benjamin Watson's wife, the heated environment in the studio quickly matched the tenseness on the field.

Although Peter showed his class and apologized, Ben's fans were very upset about his humor. It was a heated atmosphere considering the personal joke came to one of the most decorated American Football players.

Ben Watson is a former American football tight end. The New England Patriots drafted him 32nd overall in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2004. Moreover, he won Super Bowl XXXIX with the Patriots in his rookie year.

Peter Burns Joked About Ben Watson Wife

Peter Burns and Ben Watson were two of the four commentators in the match against Vanderbilt and Florida. During the halftime show, they talked about their appeal when Burns broke a joke about Watson's wife. 

According to sporting news, The analysts, Peter, Benjamin, Chris Doering, and Takeo Spikes, focused on their attire throughout the halftime show. First, the four of them began discussing their suits. Burns noted that the only person sporting a light-colored suit was Watson.

As long as my wife texts me and tells me I look fantastic, Watson added. "Send me the text, baby; send me the text." The awkward part came after Burns responded, "That's not the text she sent me."

It was only a joke from Burns's point of view, but it was something to take as a joke for the former tight end.

Cameras moved away from the crew but still captured each member's reaction. Doeren's call to enter the commercial break indicates that the joke certainly got a reply. Doeren and Spikes were the only pundits present when the show resumed recording. Watson quickly sat back down again.

The commentators Ben and Peter after Burn's joke about Ben's wife.
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Doeren asked Watson whether he advised Burns to keep his wife's name out of his tongue after Will Smith's outburst at the Oscars.

All Watson could muster was an agitated "Huh?" We'll see how Peter Burns is with that sharp tongue," Doeren attempted to lighten the mood while Spikes laughed in the background.

At the end of the episode, Watson could be seen agitated and was shy to show his disapproval. Further, he was unhappy with the pun as he has a serious and committed relationship with his wife, Kirsten Watson.

Benjamin and Kirsten Watson had been married for more than 17 years. The couple is married throughout Ben's playing career and shares seven kids. 

The couple frequently discusses their kids, and Kirsten is outspoken about her experience as a mother. She described her children to The Christian Post as "our greatest treasures."

Although Kirsten gained prominence after she married the professional American football player, she has gained some recognition since the couple now has their podcast.

Peter Burns' Apology To Benjamin Watson And Kirsten Watson

Peter Burns apologized via Twitter to Benjamin Watson and his wife Kirsten after a recent joke. They have shown class after their public patch-up.

After fans expressed their concerns, Burns later shared a picture of himself and Watson on Twitter to prove that everything was okay between them. The commentator attempted to rescue face later in the day by tweeting a photo of the two with the hashtag "#Friendship."

He appeared happy in the selfie, but the former tight end didn't seem pleased.

Later, ESPN said that the entire incident was a bit strange. The incident "wasn't that horrible," someone said on Twitter on Monday, to which Burns replied while retracting his joke.

Hours later, Watson checked in and appeared to confirm that he was unhappy with how things had turned out. Nevertheless, burns owe Mrs. Watson a "public apology," he continued.

Benjamin Watson accepts Peter Burns' apology on Twitter.
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In response to a joke that seemed to frustrate the former Georgia and NFL tight end, Peter Burns tweeted a "public apology" on Twitter to Benjamin Watson and his wife, Kirsten, on Monday evening.

Although it was a joke, Burns admitted that he had over the line. He claimed that he should never make fun of other's families; thus, he owes Ben & Kirsten a sincere apology. Watson "couldn't have handled it better with his comedy and class," he continued.

Burns remarked that they were all happy to call him a friend and employee.

Watson's response was to accept Burns' apologies and turn his attention to the upcoming regular-season finale. "Accepted apology. We are advancing, "Watson answered. "Hey, guy, see you Saturday. We need to talk about some major games!"

Everyone is happy that this drama is over, and both gentlemen are now friends again.