What Is Peter Shilton And His Wife Stephanie Hayward Age Difference? Facts On His Married Life

Peter Shilton has won two European Cups, a UEFA Super Cup, the First Division championship, and the Football League Cup. ( Source : Walesonline )

Peter Shilton OBE is a distinction-level player, having played over 1,000 league games in his entire football career.

He has been a part of notable clubs such as Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Derby County, Wimbledon, Bolton Wanderers, and West Ham United, among many others.

Aside from his league career, Shilton was also a part of the English national team at the FIFA World Cup in 1982, 1986, and 1990. His gameplay against Diego Maradona was the highlight of the 1986 game where the latter scored two famous goals against him.

The English football powerhouse holds the record for the most competitive appearances in world football, with 1,390 appearances.

Peter Shilton played for eleven teams from 1966 to 1997 in his club career.
Peter Shilton played for eleven teams from 1966 to 1997 in his club career. ( Source : Imdb )

Peter Shilton Wife Stephanie Hayward Age Difference

Peter Shilton is happily married to his wife, Stephanie Hayward Shilton, widely referred to as Steph. Steph is the record-holding footballer's second wife, who happens to be much younger than him.

The Shilton couple shares about two decades of age difference in their marriage. Peter is currently 72 years old as he was born on September 18, 1949, in Leicester, England.

Meanwhile, his beloved wife Steph is currently in her early 50s. Despite the huge age gap, the two enjoy a very understanding bond.

Peter credits Steph for helping him overcome his 45-year-long gambling addiction, thanks to their love and understanding.

This couple got engaged in 2014 and tied their wedding knot on December 10, 2016, at the Parish of St Peter and St Paul Church in West Mersea.

Likewise, the two also roll professionally aside from being life partners. The Sun confirms that the two lead the Peter & Steffi Shilton Consultancy, hoping to pass on their valuable experience in healthcare and football to businesses, brands, and services.

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Peter Shilton Wife Stephanie Hayward Net Worth Today

Peter Shilton and his wife Stephanie Hayward enjoy their content lives with their high amount of net worth figures. 

Both are millionaires citing their previous successful careers. Peter was one of the top goalkeepers of his time, while Steffi is a jazz singer.

However, Mr. Shilton had hit a low point in life at one time during his drinking and gambling addiction.

As he has found his soulmate and business partner, Peter and Steph are happy with their earnings and married life.

Aside from his role at Peter & Steffi Shilton Consultancy, Peter is also involved with the Government to raise awareness on issues such as mental health problems and gambling, which he learned from his mistakes.

The Mirror reports that Shilton had lost millions in his former drinking and gambling habit.

Hence, the millionaire couple has pursued a way to enlighten the community about their experiences in life and career.

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Who Are Peter Shilton Wife Stephanie Hayward Children? Meet The Shilton Family

Peter Shilton and his current wife, Stephanie Hayward, do not share any children from their marriage.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shilton is a father to two adult sons from his previous marriage with Sue Flitcroft. His elder son is Michael, while his younger son, Sam, was a professional football player just like him.

Peter Shilton with his whole family; first wife Sue and two sons in 1983.
Peter Shilton with his whole family; first wife Sue and two sons in 1983. ( Source : Ssplprints )

Sam Shilton played as a defender for many teams, Plymouth Argyle, Hartlepool United, Burton Albion, Hinckley United, Bedworth United, and others, during his career span from 1994 to 2013.

Peter and his wife Sue were together in a happy marriage with a sorted family life until their divorce in the early 2010s.

After four decades of togetherness, the former couple's separation was confirmed in December 2011. Peter was open about his "heartbreak" from the split, per The Mirror UK.

Now that he has moved on, Peter is happy with his new life with Stephanie Hayward.