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PJ Fleck Wife Heather Fleck Still Cherishes Hawaii Wedding Moments

P. J. and Heather are often seen together, managing the Gophers' football team as a couple.
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PJ Fleck wife Heather Fleck is a CEO of Fleckino and a mom to four children. PJ and Heather were married in 2016 in Hawaii.

The Minnesota Gophers head coach led the team to one of their best seasons in half a century since 1904. His smooth running career is backed up by his significant other, also known as the unofficial First Lady of Gophers football.

Mrs. Fleck participates in team management behind the scenes winning the hearts of each player and their folks.

This couple's constant effort for the Golden Gophers remains impressive, as well as their marriage story.

PJ Fleck Wife

Philip John married Heather on February 12, 2016, and had a wedding ceremony in Hawaii.

Their romantic adventures date back to 2013. They first met that year when both were struggling to overcome their divorces.

Their mutual friends had tried to set them up, but it started with something other than good heads on. Eventually, they started dating when Heather first took him on a faraway date at Grand Rapids.

PJ and Heather Fleck had their wedding photoshoot on a beach of Kihei, Maui.
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Who Is Heather Fleck?

Heather was a three-sport athlete, playing as a point guard in basketball, setter in volleyball, and shortstop or center fielder in softball.

She played during her time at Gobles High School outside Kalamazoo. 

The mother of Gophers previously worked at Ziegler Automotive Group in the city in 2013, while her then-unknown beau got his first head coaching job at Western Michigan. 

Heather Fleck is closely acquainted with the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team.
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Known for her friendliness and being an emotional mast aside from her experience in sports, Heather Marie Jackson is cited as a truly inspirational figure for coach Fleck.

She helped him overcome his divorce and has been a big help in raising his three children as a blended family. This head coach's wife is also involved in other managerial parts of the team, having earned the players' trust.

Moreover, talking through Twin Cities, her associates described her as a good business mind with strategic skills. The self-proclaimed CEO of "Fleckino," also worked at the local Ronald McDonald House board of directors starting in November 2020.

P.J. Fleck Children

Coach Fleck is a dedicated father to his kids and the Gophers football players.

His knack for connecting with young minds has enabled him to motivate them for bigger wins and opportunities. Thus, he is credited with being one of the most successful coaches in the Minnesota Golden Gophers football history.

Regarding his children, he is a birth father to four school-going youngsters; two sons and two daughters. Sadly, the 42-year-old lost one son, Colt, shortly after birth due to a heart condition.

The "Row the Boat" mantra was introduced to overcome the little one's passing away, which has extended to his coaching style. 

The blended Fleck-Jackson kids during their Disneyland tour in March 2022.
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PJ Fleck Sons

Fleck has a elder son named Carter. Coach lost a child a few years back.

Carter is still thriving and has already reached seventh grade in his school.

He has grown up fully understanding the loss of his brother and is respectful towards the "Row the Boat" chant. He, along with his other three siblings, lives in peace under the care of his dad and step-mom.

As a growing child, the eldest Fleck has evolved as a creative and family-loving person.

Gavin Jackson (left) and Carter Joseph (C.J.) Fleck during their surf boat session in July 2021.
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The blended household of the Flecks also includes the coach's stepson, Gavin Jackson. He is the son of Heater and her previous husband.

This teenager formerly lived in Michigan but later moved in with the Flecks after his mother married the Minnesota football coach. Among the four surviving babies, this tenth-grader is the eldest among his siblings.

His Instagram is @gavin.jackson5 while his siblings are still far from owing a social media handle.

PJ Fleck Daughters

The coach is also a girl dad having two young daughters in his big home. The eldest baby girl, Paisley Jane, also known as P.J., just like her daddy, was born on December 17, 2012, the same day Fleck was announced as the new coach at Western Michigan University.

However, her birth parents got divorced shortly after, and she now lives happily with her siblings and stepmother.

This 10-year-old is currently in fourth grade, a year senior to her little sister.

Paisley Jane and Harper Fleck are two daughters born from P.J.'s previous marriage.
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The youngest daughter and the youngest child of the Fleck household is Harper Marie Fleck. The little one was born on February 8, 2014, weighing 7 lbs 14 oz.

P.J. had announced her arrival through a Twitter post where he mentioned her as a five star recruit to his clan.

PJ Fleck Family Life

P.J. and Heather are attentive to their home as second parents to the kids. Since all their four offspring were born from their past marriages, the two make sure to live life as a family.

Both divorced spouses remain out of the limelight while the Fleck clan of six members shines bright in the collegiate football fraternity.

"Row the Boat" remains a big part of the clan, as they all do not forget to chant the mantra on any special occasion.

PJ Fleck and Heather looks after their four children in a blended household.
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Meanwhile, the six make sure to spend time together as much as possible, whether going to Disneyland or an outing for special outdoor activities, including surfing and motorboating.

The Fleck couple's activism to give back to the community has inspired the young minds very much.

Likewise, another big part of the household is the pet dog, Bella. The pet is a soft brown-colored Morki-Poo puppy and is mainly called Bella Bear by the six.

The fur baby of the house often appears on Mrs. Fleck's social media handles, mainly Instagram and Facebook.

Moreover, Bell has grown quite famous among the coach's fandom as they call her a model dog and demand for more pictures.