19 Pompadour Haircut Types For a Dapper Look

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Pompadour haircut is a timeless style that has transcended generations and continues to make a bold statement in the realm of men's fashion.

If you are asking what is a pompadour? Then, pompadour is a type of men's hairstyle where the front is blown up to form a pomp and locked in place by wax or cream, sides can be styled according to the needs or desire.

From the rebellious rockabilly era to the sleek and sophisticated looks of today, the pompadour has evolved into various types, each with its own distinctive charm. Whether you prefer a classic, voluminous pomp or a modern, textured version, there is always one style to suit your needs.

Let us jump straight into different ways of wearing a pomp for a dapper look.

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1. Classic Pompadour

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Classic Pompadour is a unique and iconic hairstyle featuring a high and thick quiff at the front. The hairstyle can be achieved easily with a visit to a barber as the first step involves trimming the hair neatly followed by applying hairstyling gels or cream to lock the hair in a standing-up position.

The pompadour hairdo follows in the footsteps of the king of rock and roll, Elvis, as he was the one who made it famous for men in the 1950s. However, as sophisticated and attractive as it looks, caring for and maintaining the style is equally difficult as it involves the use of a plethora of haircare products and brushing and trimming.

2. Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

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Modern Pompadour hair style eliminates the high volume and high top part of classic pomp making it more relaxed for day-to-day styling. The modern flair provides pomp with the ability to fit in both formal and casual situations with its low-key footprint.

Styling is a breeze, as all you need is a good pomade or wax to sculpt your hair into the desired shape. Maintenance is minimal, with occasional trims to maintain the perfect length and regular washing to keep it looking fresh. Embrace the Modern Pompadour and step into a world of timeless elegance and edgy charm.

3. Styled Pompadour

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The pompadour haircut style is a classic hairstyle that exudes a retro charm with a modern twist. It features a voluminous, swept-back look at the front, while the sides and back are kept short.

To achieve this style, start by blow-drying your hair upwards to add volume. Apply a pomade or wax to provide hold and texture. Comb the hair back, lifting it at the front to create the signature pompadour shape. Use a hairspray to lock the style in place. To maintain the look, regularly trim the sides and back, and touch up the front with some product as needed.

4. Pompadour With Taper Fade

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The Pompadour with Taper Fade is a captivating and suave men's hairstyle that effortlessly combines classic and contemporary elements. This sleek look features longer hair on top styled into a voluminous pomp, while the sides and back are expertly faded for a seamless transition.

Styling this haircut involves applying pomade or wax to the hair, combing it back and up, and using a blow dryer for added volume. Maintenance is relatively easy, requiring regular trims to maintain the taper fade and occasional touch-ups to keep the pomp in shape.

5. Pompadour With Drop Fade

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The pompadour with a drop fade is a classic hairstyle defined by its elevated front hair swept backward and a sharp drop fade on the sides and back. To create this look, hair is gradually trimmed shorter from the top towards the sides and back, achieving a distinct fade.

It pairs seamlessly with a well-groomed beard or retro sunglasses for an extra dash of style. Although regular trips to the barber are needed to maintain the clean fade, the pompadour with a drop fade radiates a timeless charm that effortlessly captures attention.

6. Pompadour With Skin Fade

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The pompadour with a skin fade is a timeless hairstyle characterized by its voluminous top hair slicked back and a sharp, clean skin fade on the sides and back. To create this look, the hair is trimmed short at the sides, gradually fading into the skin, while the top is left longer for styling.

The voluminous pomp at the top styled with haircare and styling products pairs effortlessly with the skin fade on the sides and back creating a sophisticated look. While regular visits to the barber are necessary to maintain the precise skin fade, the pompadour with a skin fade exudes an enduring elegance that effortlessly turns heads.

7. Pompadour Undercut

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The undercut pompadour is a striking hairstyle featuring long, voluminous hair on top that's slicked back, while the sides and back are buzzed very short or shaved. Achieving this look involves trimming the sides and back to create a distinct contrast with the top.

Pairing the shaved or buzzed down sides and back with a voluminous top adds attractiveness and sophistication. Maintenance mainly involves regular trips to the barber to maintain the sharp contrast, making it a bit high-maintenance.

8. Disconnected Pompadour

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Disconnected hairstyle Pompadour features a dense pomp on top with a shaved line following the head contour disconnecting the top with the sides and back. The disconnecting shaved line adds depth to the pomp on top and shorter sides making it look more sophisticated.

Getting perfect disconnected pomp is a tedious task but worth the effort, start by visiting your barber to get the shaved line all around and trimmings, now comes the turn of blowdrying your hair to add volume and prepare the pomp. Use wax or gel to lock everything in place. Maintenance involves applying haircare products on a regular basis and getting the defining line every now and then.

9. Brushed Up Pompadour

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The brushed-up pompadour is a chic hairstyle defined by its front hair swept upward and backward, creating a voluminous and stylish look. To achieve this, use a quality hair product to lift the hair upwards and back, creating a pomp shape.

While it requires some product for hold and occasional restyling, the brushed-up pompadour is relatively easy to maintain. It's a classic yet trendy choice that effortlessly radiates confidence and style.

10. Pompadour With Flat Top

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The pompadour with a flat top is a captivating hairstyle that combines the classic pomp's front volume with a flat, leveled top. The hair is expertly trimmed shorter on the sides, creating a gradual fade, while the top remains longer and flat-cut for a sleek finish.

Pairing the flat top style with pomp is an excellent idea as both go really well together to create a unique look. Regular trips to the barber are essential to maintain the sharp edges and fade, making it a bit demanding. However, the pompadour with a flat top embodies a unique blend of elegance and charisma that's truly attention-grabbing.

11. Short Pompadour With Beard

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The short pompadour with a beard is a suave and sophisticated hairstyle characterized by short, neatly styled hair on top, combed backward and complemented by a well-groomed beard. To achieve this look, start by trimming the sides and back shorter and leaving a bit more length on top for styling.

The pomp and well-groomed beard pair impeccably as the beard adds length to the haircut from the bottom. While maintaining this hairstyle requires regular trips to the barber for trims and beard care, it's a classic choice that effortlessly exudes a polished and confident appearance.

12. Parted Pompadour

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The parted pompadour is a classic hairstyle defined by its distinctive part in the hair, creating a clean separation while maintaining the signature pompadour shape. To achieve this look, start by creating a precise part on the side of your hair, then style the longer top section into a sleek pompadour.

This style pairs exceptionally well with a well-groomed beard, such as a stubble or full beard, adding balance to the overall appearance. While it requires regular styling and some maintenance to keep the part sharp, the parted pompadour embodies a timeless and polished look that effortlessly exudes confidence.

13. Curly Pompadour

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The curly pompadour is a captivating hairstyle known for its voluminous, curly top hair that's elegantly swept back. To achieve this look, start with well-moisturized, naturally curly hair. Apply a curl-defining product and comb your curls backward for the iconic pompadour shape.

This style pairs wonderfully with a neatly trimmed beard or goatee, creating a balanced and fashionable appearance. Maintaining the curly pompadour requires regular moisturizing and occasional trims to keep the shape intact, making it moderately demanding.

14. Perm Pompadour

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Perm Pompadour is a classic style to adopt if you want curly hair with a sophisticated look and design. Perm pompadour involves first introducing curls to your hair with the chemical process of perming and later styling the front hair into a pomp held together by hair wax or cream.

The pompadour pairs exceptionally with perm style as the curly hair provides texture and breaks the sweepy monotonous look. However, maintaining a perm pomp is not easy, as it requires the use of haircare products for your perm and gel or wax to keep the pomp in top shape.

15. Pompadour With Mohawk

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The Pompadour with Mohawk is a daring and edgy hairstyle that perfectly balances classic sophistication with modern rebellion. This unique fusion showcases a voluminous pompadour at the front, smoothly transitioning into a sleek and bold Mohawk at the back. 

Styling this masterpiece requires precision and attention to detail, as it involves careful sculpting and styling of the hair to achieve the desired height and shape. Despite its intricate nature, the Pompadour with Mohawk is surprisingly low maintenance, as regular trims and occasional touch-ups will keep it looking sharp and stylish.

16. Textured Top Pompadour

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The Textured Top Pompadour is a trendy and versatile hairstyle that is guaranteed to turn heads. With its voluminous and textured top, this hairstyle exudes confidence and style. The carefully styled hair is swept back and upward, creating a classic pompadour look that is modernized with a textured finish.

To achieve this effortlessly cool style, simply apply a texturizing product to damp hair and blow-dry it while using your fingers to create volume and texture. With minimal maintenance required, this hairstyle is perfect for individuals who want to look effortlessly stylish without spending hours on their hair.

17. Slicked Back Pomp

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The slicked-back pompadour is a classic and sophisticated hairstyle characterized by the hair being combed back and styled with high-volume pomp at the front. This look can be created by applying a hair pomade or gel, combing the hair backward, and using a blow dryer to create the desired lift at the front.

It pairs exceptionally well with a well-groomed beard, adding a touch of rugged elegance to the overall appearance. Maintaining the slicked-back pompadour requires regular grooming to keep it in shape, but the timeless charm it brings to your style makes the effort worthwhile.

18. Messy Pomp

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The messy pompadour is a dynamic hairstyle characterized by its intentionally tousled and voluminous appearance. To achieve this effortlessly cool look, start with a medium-length top and shorter sides and back. Use a styling product to create a textured, disheveled effect on top, gently pushing the hair back.

This style pairs perfectly with a well-trimmed beard, offering a balanced contrast between the structured top and the rugged beard. While maintaining the messy pompadour requires a bit of daily styling, it's relatively easy to maintain and delivers a carefree yet stylish vibe that's sure to impress.

19. Salt And Pepper Pomp For Seniors

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The salt and pepper pompadour men for seniors is a dignified and distinguished hairstyle that combines gray and white hair with a classic pompadour. To create this look, maintain the natural salt and pepper hair color and style the top into a voluminous, slicked-back pompadour.

This style pairs gracefully with a well-kept beard or a neatly trimmed mustache, enhancing its sophisticated charm. While maintaining the salt and pepper pomp requires regular grooming and styling, it's relatively easy to care for and projects a timeless, confident image that's perfect for seniors looking to embrace their natural hair.