Weird Al Yankovic Wife Suzanne Krajewski And Untold Truths About His Married Life

Weird Al Yankovic and his wife Suzanne Krajewski at the Grammys 2019.
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Weird Al Yankovic and his wife Suzanne Krajewski married in 2001 after being set up by their friend. Suzanne was working as a marketing executive when they met.

When Weird Al's debuted at number one on the Billboard chart after almost 40 years, he was exceptionally emotional. His wife then had to confront him and tell him, "It's just people loving you like they always have."

Yankovic is a musician and comedian best known for his funny songs that often poke fun at pop culture and frequently spoof certain songs by current musical performers.

Along with polka medleys, he also performs original songs that are style parodies of other artists' pieces, and the majority of these songs contain his distinctive accordion.

The comedian Weird Al Yankovic has released more than 12 million CDs, more than 150 original and parodic songs, and more than 1,000 live performances since his first comedy song debuted in 1976.

Weird Al Yankovic Wife Suzanne Krajewski Age

Suzanne Krajewski was born in the late 1950s, and her age is 62 years in 2022. Weird Al and his wife were both in their early 40s when they married.

Weird was born on October 23, 1959, and his current age is 63 years. He grew up in Downey, California, and Lynwood, California.

Weird Al Yankovic and his Wife Suzanne Krajewski are in their early 60s.
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Suzanne wished for her parents' 67th wedding anniversary in an Instagram post. She wrote, "Happy 67th Anniversary to my beautiful parents." I am so happy and grateful to celebrate with them! "You crazy kids." Her parents' ages are 86 and 92, respectively.

Krajewski and Weird Al have a 19-year-old daughter, Nina Yankovic. She goes by the name Nina Lou. Their daughter goes to Williams College and is expected to graduate in 2025.

Suzanne Yankovic Net Worth

Suzanne Yankovic has made a net worth of $5 million as a successful marketing executive. Suzanne was working with the 20th Century Fox when she married Weird Al.

Weird Al’s net worth is $20 million in 2022, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Suzanne Krajewski working out in her Hidden Hills home.
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Weird Al Yankovic and his wife, Suzanne Krajewski, live in a Hollywood Hills mansion. The house has a great history as it was previously owned by rapper Heavy D and Jack Margolis. 

The couple raised their lovely daughter, Nina, in the house. She used to play outside in nature and with animals. The family often camped on the property's deck and enjoyed the view of Los Angeles.

Suzanne Krajewski Career

Krajewski got promoted to senior VP of marketing, promotions, and publicity for 20th Century Fox Intl in 1998, according to Variety. Her job role included responsibilities in the pay-TV area and the management of marketing for new channel development.

As a senior marketing executive, Suzanne looked after the international creative advertising for the theatrical titles and Tv series.

Krajewski traveled to New York last Fall.
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Krajewski started her career at KOAF, Dallas, in 1984. She later transferred to Los Angeles in 1989 to the marketing department for 20th Century Fox’s domestic TV division. She moved to international television in 1992.

A 14-year veteran of 20th Century Fox, Krajewski began her career at KOAF in Dallas and was transferred to Los Angeles in 1989 in a marketing capacity for the studio’s domestic TV division. In 1992 she moved to international television.

Weird Al Yankovic And Wife Suzanne Krajewski Married Life

Weird Al fell in love with his wife, Suzanne Krajewski, way before meeting her in person. Bill Mumy introduced the two, and Suzanne was a little skeptical. They initially talked on the phone for weeks before going on their first date.

She was initially skeptical about her relationship with him as she only knew him by his eccentric on-stage personality. Krajewski then gave him a chance thinking that it is shallow to be judging people based on how they appear.

Suzanne was very surprised to know that Weird Al is a shy, private, polite, and very introverted person. Al and Krajewski clicked immediately and fell in love.

Weird Al, his wife Suzanne and their daughter watching a movie at home.
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They married a little late in life. Neither of them had been married before, and they were sure that they would not marry again. Although he enjoyed living a single life, Weird Al became even happier after his marriage.

After getting married, his wife changed around the house and donated many of his clothes to Goodwill. She helped him to stop hoarding stuff as he still had some shirts from high school in his early 40s.

Weird Al had to get rid of 40 boxes of fan mail. He had collected several mementos over his career, which he had to get rid of to enjoy an uncluttered life.